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  • 1. MEMORANDUMTO:MAC WAREFROM:ZACH HIMLERCLASS:CSM 3191SUBJECT: FINAL REPORT DATE:11/5/2013SUMMER INTERNSHIP FINAL REPORT My name is Zach Himler, and I am a senior at The Ohio State University. I am currently taking my internship at Park Enterprise Construction, Inc. in Marion, Ohio which is about an hour north of Columbus. This report will discuss details about my internship including information about the company, supervisor contact information, how I found the internship, some of the tasks that I have had to do, and pictures. BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Park Enterprise Construction is a family owned and operated company that has been in the Marion area since 1989. Their current location is at 560 Barks Road W., Marion, Ohio, 43302. The company is an ODOT Prequalified Company, so we have completed several projects for ODOT. We are currently working on a massive road project for ODOT on State Route 95 in Marion. This project involves widening the road, putting in bike lanes on both sides of the road, more drainage tile, sidewalks on each side, and taking out some traffic signals. The project is scheduled to last four months and to be done in phases. It is a $2,370,958 project that is scheduled to be done in November. Park Enterprise Construction does several different tasks when it comes to construction. On the construction management side of things, we havethe man power and resources to do all of the trades that are needed to finish a project. Not only can we do the project, but we can finish the project in a timely manner as well. We manage the projects contracts and are the primary contact for our clients. We also complete the scope of work which allows us to have the control and responsibility to complete our projects on time and under the budget. In order to fulfill all of these tasks, we have our own excavation service. This allows us to dig utilities, roadways, sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewers, ponds, etc. We can demolish multi-story buildings whether it is selective parts of the building or total demolition. Park Enterprises owns their own fleet

2. of dump trucks and semis to transport equipment and materials like limestone or soil. These are just a few things that we can do here at Park Enterprise Construction. INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT I had some trouble finding an internship for this summer. I applied at a few companies that were closer to the Marion area because I did not want to drive too far every day for the internship. I ended up applying to some companies that arent located near Marion because I was running out of time before I needed to get started for the summer. I was talking to a friend at church who just happens to be the inspector for the City of Marion. We were talking about how I needed an internship for over the summer. He tried getting me in with the city, but they didnt have room within their budget for me to do it there. He then referred me to Eric Park of Park Enterprise Construction. I took Erics number and gave him a call. We scheduled an interview and started the internship from there. The only downfall about doing the internship here is that it is not paid. Because of this, I was forced to keep working at my other job at Menards in order to still make money. Therefore, I could not be at Park Enterprise as often as I would have liked. Eric was fine with this because he understands that I have bills to pay and have to make money, so I thank him for understanding that. SUPERVISOR CONTACT INFORMATION Eric Park o Company President Phone: (740) 225-0662Email:epark@parkenterpriseconstruction.comTim Klingel o Estimator Phone: (740) 223-7275Email: tklingel@parkenterpriseconstruction.comJeff Fairchild o Project Manager Phone: (740) 223-7275Email: jfairchild@parkenterpriseconstruction.com2 3. Eric is very busy since he is the president of the company, so he was rarely around the office because he was out at the job sites working and making sure everything was going smoothly. Because of this, Tim and Jeff were my main supervisors during my internship. They were the ones telling me where to go, what to do, who to call, etc. Jeff and Tim are the two that I learned the most from because they were around the most to answer my questions and show me little things about construction. I owe them a big thanks as well as Eric. MY TASKS Since I couldnt be there as often as I would have liked, I wasnt able to accomplish as many tasks as I had hoped. I still had tasks that needed done though. One of these tasks involved driving around several times to pick up certain items. I made several trips down to Columbus to pick up blue prints, parts to equipment, a front bucket for an excavator, and other items. One trip consisted of picking up pallets full of grass seed and fertilizer and taking it to a job site to plant grass that had been killed or torn up. Another task was dropping off bids for projects and staying for the opening of the bid. I was only available to take two bids, but out of the two, we won one of the bids. Dropping of these bids was an interesting experience for me. I have always wondered what the bidding process was like and how it worked, and I was able to find out first hand. Not only did I see the process, but I also was able to experience a bid that we won. A few miscellaneous tasks that I did was write contract fee agreements, filed paperwork, do small take-offs, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word work, and several other tasks. SIGNIFICANT ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND LEARNING EXPERIENCES One learning experience that I encountered was turning in bids. I have already covered this so I wont again. Another experience I have gone through is learning about road construction and how it works. It is a different side of construction that gainsmy interest as a possible job for after college. It is very dangerous with traffic passing by just a few feet away from where the work is taking place. A significant accomplishment is gaining my OSHA 30 card. I took the four day class to obtain the card. This was probably my biggest accomplishment during my internship. RECOMMENDATIONS If I could go back in time and change some things for my internship, I would. One thing that I would change is the amount of time I left myself before the summer started to find an internship. I did not leave me much time to find my internship and essentially3 4. ran out of time before finding one. Because of the lack of time, I felt like I had to take whatever I could find compared to getting the one that was best for me and more of exactly what I wanted. My recommendation is to give yourself plenty of time to search and find the internship that is right for you. The next recommendation that I would give is to get your name out into the construction world. Go to internship fairs and career fairs and pass out resumes to companies. Let them know what you can do and that you are looking for an internship or job position. Again, do it early enough that you have time to find the right internship for you. It is important to keep in touch with the people that you do meet whether it is at the internship fair, career fair, or at work. It is important to keep in touch with them because you never know when you may be able to use them as a reference or for a job opportunity. Another recommendation is to use your time wisely when you are at the internship. You are there most of the day, so you may as well use the time to learn as much as you can. Be a sponge and soak up as much information as possible. Remember, your supervisors are always watching you and your work ethic. If you get your work done on time and in an efficient manner, they will remember that and may offer you a job after college. WEEKLY TRACKING OF HOURS Week 1 (5/1/13 5/3/13) 22.5 Hours Week 2 (5/6/13 5/10/13) 38 Hours Week 3 (5/13/13 5/17/13) 35.5 Hours Week 4 (5/20/13 5/24/13) 27 Hours Week 5 (5/27/13 5/31/13) 30 Hours Week 6 (6/3/13) 5 Hours 6/4/13 to 6/14/13 Family Vacation Week 7 (6/17/13 6/21/13) 34 Hours Week 8 (6/24/13 6/28/13) 20.5 Hours Week 9 (7/1/13 7/5/13) 17 Hours Week 10 (7/8/13 -7/12/13) 25 Hours4 5. Week 11 (7/15/13 7/19/13) 23.5 Hours Week 12 (7/22/13 7/26/13) 33 Hours Total hours so far: 311 Hours with a few weeks left until school starts back up. PICTURESBlue print that I did a take-off on.My little office area and desk.5 6. State Route 95 ProjectTim Klingel, Estimator6 7. The yard back at the office.The office.7 8. Jeff Fairchild, Project Manager8 9. A paving project we have done.9 10. Another paving job.Pictures were taken by Zach Himler. cts.pdf, Retrieved on 7/24/2013.10