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  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    A ampere


    A area

    a.k.a. also known as

    a/d analog-to-digital

    A/E architect-engineer


    ampere per square foot

    a/h air over hydraulic

    A/m ampere per meter

    a/o atomic percent

    a/w accordance with

    aa arithmetic average

    aA attoampere

    AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science

    AABD accident analysis basis document

    AAP accident analysis profile

    AB auxiliary boiler

    ABORT analytical boron reactivity transient

    abs absolute

    ABT automatic bus transfer

    ABWR advanced boiling-water reactor

    AC air-cooled

    ac alternating current

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ACB air-operated circuit breaker

    acc accumulator

    acct. account

    ACE automatic checkout equipment

    ACEC Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi

    ACF automatic control feature

    ACI American Concrete Institute

    ACI autoclosure interlock

    ACM Association for Computing Machinery

    ACP auxiliary control panel

    ACR advanced control room

    ACRS Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards

    ACS auxiliary cooling system

    ACTS automated calibration test source

    Ad ampere demand meter

    ADA advanced demo assemblies

    adamp adampere, absolute ampere

    adc analog-to-digital-converter

    ADDS applied digital data system

    ADF advanced design features

    ADFCS advanced digital feedwater control system

    ADMS advanced document management system

    ADRC advanced digital reactivity computer

    ADS automatic depressurization system

    ADV atmospheric dump valve

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    AEA Atomic Energy Authority (United Kingdom)

    AEB auxiliary equipment building

    AEC Atomic Energy Commission

    AECL Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

    AEG Allgemeine Elektricitaets-Gesellschaft

    AEOD analysis of operational data

    af audio frequency

    AF auxiliary feedwater

    AFD axial flux distribution

    AFPCS advanced feedpump control system

    AFW auxiliary feedwater

    AFWP auxiliary feedwater pump

    AFWS auxiliary feedwater system

    AGDS American Gage Design Standard

    AGR advanced gas-cooled reactor

    Ah ampere hour

    Ahm ampere-hour meter

    AHP analytical hierarchical process

    AHTG ad hoc technical group

    AHU air-handling unit

    AI artificial intelligence

    AI Atomics International

    AICC adiabatic isochoric complete combustion

    AIChE American Institute of Chemical Engineers

    AIF Atomic Industrial Forum

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    AIFB Atomics International Fast Breeder Group

    AIME American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers

    AISC American Institute of Steel Construction

    AISI American Iron and Steel Institute

    AISP advanced isotope separation process

    ALARA as low as is reasonably achievable

    ALM acoustic leak monitor

    ALMS acoustic leak monitoring system

    alt altitude

    ALWR advanced light water reactor

    AM amplitude modulation

    AMCR advanced main control room

    AME angle-measuring equipment

    AMG aging management guideline

    AMP aging management program

    AMR aging management review

    AMS alarm management system

    AMSAC ATWS mitigation system actuation circuitry

    ANC Advanced Nodal Code (Westinghouse computer code)

    ANI Authorized Nuclear Inspector

    ANL Argonne National Laboratory

    ANS American Nuclear Society

    ANSI American National Standards Institute

    ANSYS finite element analysis computer code

    ANTI-Cs anti-contamination clothing

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    antilog antilogarithm

    AO abnormal occurrence

    AOE automated order entry

    AOP abnormal operating procedure

    AOR analysis of record

    AOT allowed outage time

    AOV air-operated valve

    AP1000 a larger megawatt version of the AP600

    AP600 Advanced Passive 600 MW pressurized water reactor

    APA Alpha Phoenix ANC (Westinghouse computer code)

    APA American Physics Association

    APC American Power Conference

    APDA Atomic Power Development Association

    APDMS axial power distribution monitoring system

    APL Arkansas Power & Light Company

    approx approximately (~)

    Apr April

    APS Arizona Public Service Company

    APS auxiliary power supply

    apt. apartment

    APTS automated plant tagging system

    APWR advanced pressurized water reactor

    aq aqueous

    AR Appropriations Request

    ARC Advanced Reactor Corporation

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ARC auxiliary relay cabinet

    ARGUS alarm response guidance and usage system

    ARI all rods in

    ARMS airborne radioactivity monitoring system

    ARPI advanced resources development

    ARPIS analog rod position indication system

    ARQ as required

    ART adjusted reference temperature

    ARV atmospheric relief valve

    As standard atmosphere

    ASA American Standards Association

    ASAP as soon as possible

    ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers

    ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

    ASE automatic stabilization equipment

    ASEC American Standard Elevator Codes

    ASHRAE American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-ConditioningEngineers

    ASIC application-specific integrated circuits

    ASLAB Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Board

    ASLAP Atomic Safety and Licensing Appeal Panel

    ASLB Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

    ASM American Society for Metals

    ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

    ASNDT American Society of Nondestructive Testing

    ASP administrative site procedure

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ASP auxiliary shutdown panel

    ASQC American Society for Quality Control

    ASSS Alternate Safe Shutdown System

    ASTG advanced tube support grid

    ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials

    ASWG American Steel Wire Gage

    at wt atomic weight

    At ampere turn

    at. no. atomic number

    at/w atomic hydrogen weld

    ata atmospheres absolute

    ATC automatic turbine control

    atm atmosphere

    ATP acceptance test plan

    ATP acceptance test procedure

    ATP authorized to proceed

    ATR advanced test reactor

    ATRC Advanced Tooling Readiness Center

    ATWS anticipated transient without scram

    ATWT anticipated transients without trip

    Aug August

    AUP Alterungsberwachung Programme (aging management program)

    AUTODIN automatic digital network

    aux auxiliary

    AVB anti-vibration bar

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    avdp avoirdupois

    Ave. avenue

    avg average

    AVT all volatile treatment

    AWARE advanced alarm management system

    AWG American Wire Gage

    AWS American Welding Society

    awu atom weight unit

    AZ Arizona

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    Be degree Baum

    b bit

    B byte

    B&P bid and proposal

    B&PV boiler & pressure vessel

    B&S Brown & Sharp Wire Gage

    B&V Black & Veatch

    B&W Babcock & Wilcox Co.

    B&W Babcock & Wilcox Co.

    BA burnable absorber

    BAC boric acid concentrator

    BAMS break and ADS measurement system

    BART Best-Estimate Analysis of Reflood Transients Code

    BAST boric acid storage tank

    BAT best available technology

    BATEA best available technology economically available

    bbl barrel

    bcc body-centered-cubic

    BCD binary coded decimal

    BCI balance of conventional island

    BCMS boron concentration measurement system

    BDAS boron dilution alarm system

    BDD baseline design document

    BDMS boron dilution mitigation system

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    BDS steam generator blowdown system

    B Baum

    BEC Business Expansion Council

    BEF best-estimate flow

    BELOCA best estimate loss-of-coolant accident analysis

    BFRT containment vessel

    BG&E Baltimore Gas & Electric

    Bh Brinell hardness

    BHEP basic human error probability

    BHN Brinell hardness number

    bhp brake horsepower

    bhp-hr brake horsepower hour

    BHSP basic human success probability

    BISI bypass & inoperable status indication

    BIT boron injection tank

    bklt booklet

    BLCS base line control system

    bldg building

    BLHL broken loop hot leg

    BLPB branch line pipe break

    Blvd boulevard

    BM bill of material

    BMI Batelle Memorial Institute

    BMI bottom-mounted instrumentation

    BNCS Board on Nuclear Codes and Standards

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    BNES British Nuclear Energy Society

    BNFL British Nuclear Fuels plc

    BNI balance of nuclear island

    BNL Brookhaven National Laboratories

    BNWL Battelle Northwest Laboratory

    BOC beginning-of-cycle

    BOCREC bottom of core recovery

    BOL beginning-of-life

    BOP balance-of-plant

    BOR boronometer

    bp boiling point

    BP burnable poison

    BPA burnable poison absorber

    BPRA burnable poison rod assembly

    bps bit per second

    BPV ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

    BPVC ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

    Bq becquerel

    Br Std British Standard

    BRS boron recycle system

    BS building and structure

    BSI British Standards Institution

    BT broached tube

    BTFA benzoyltrifluoroacetone

    BTI bypass testing instrumentation

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    BTP branch technical position

    BTR boron thermal regeneration

    BTRS boron thermal regeneration system

    Btu British thermal unit


    British thermal units per hour per square foot

    Btu/hr-ft-F British thermal units per hour per foot per degree Fahrenheit, orBritish thermal units per hour per square foot per degreeFahrenheit per foot

    Bu burnup

    BVPC Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code

    BWC bat wing coldleg

    BWE Babcock & Wicox, Espana

    BWG Birmingham Wire Gage

    BWH bat wing hotleg

    BWR boiling water reactor

    BWR90+ advanced boiling water reactor design developed by (W) Atom and

    Finnish utility TVOBWROG Boiling Water Reactor Owners Group

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    C degree Celsius

    C degree Centigrade

    c centi (10-2)

    C coulomb

    c cycle

    C heat capacity

    C hundred

    c.m. center of massC/kg coulomb per kilogram

    CA California

    CAA Clean Air Act

    CAD computer-aided design

    CAE computer-aided engineering

    CAGR compound annual gross rateCAI computer-aided instruction

    cal calorie

    cal/g calories per gram

    cal/g-C calories per gram per degree Centigrade

    cal/sec-cm2 calories per second per square centimeter

    cal/sec-cm-C calories per second per centimeter per degree Centigrade, orcalories per second per square centimeter per degreeCentigrade per centimeter

    calc calculated

    CALS computer-aided acquisition and logic support

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CAM computer-aided manufacturing

    CAOC constant axial offset control

    CAP600 600 MV reactor combining the work of W and China NationalNuclear Corp.

    CAPA commercial atomic power activities

    CAPs Corrective Action Process

    CAR Corrective Action Request

    CARM cost accumulation reporting management

    CAS codes and standards

    CAS compressed and instrument air system

    CASE computer-assisted software engineering

    CASS cast austenitic stainless steel

    CAT chemical addition tank

    CATD Contract & Technical Data Document

    CAV cumulative absolute velocity

    CB containment building

    CB control board

    CB&I Chicago Bridge & Iron

    cc carbon copy

    CCB configuration control board

    CCDF complementary cumulative distribution function

    CCF counter-current flooding

    CCFL counter-current flow limitation

    CCFP conditional containment failure probability

    CCI core-concrete interaction

    CCP centrifugal charging pump

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CCR central control room

    CCS component control system

    CCS component cooling water system

    CCTF cylindrical core test facility

    CCTV closed circuit television

    CCW component cooling water

    CCWS component cooling water system

    cd candela

    CD compact disk

    CD component design

    CD cooldown

    CD corrective due to degraded condition

    CDA core disruptive accident

    CDF core damage frequency

    CDM certified design material

    CD-R compact disc-recordable

    CD-ROM compact disk-read only memory

    CDS condensate system

    CE Combustion Engineering

    CEA Commissariat a lEnergie Atomique (France)

    CEA control element assembly

    CEAC control element assembly calculation

    CEDM control element drive mechanism

    CEDMCS control element drive mechanism control system

    CEGB Central Electricity Generating Board (United Kingdom)

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CEMS corrosion erosion monitoring system

    CENPII CE Nuclear Power International Incorporated

    CEO chief executive officer

    CEOG CE Owners Group

    CERN Centre Europen pour la Rcherche Nucleaire

    CESCE Compania Espanola de Seguros a la Exportacion

    CESSAR Combustion Engineering Standard Safety Analysis Report

    CET containment event tree

    CF capacity factor

    CF corrective due to failure

    CFC certified for construction

    CFCU containment for coil unit

    CFE contractor-furnished equipment

    cfm cubic foot per minute

    CFMS critical function monitoring system

    CFO chief financial officer

    CFP contractor-furnished property

    CFR Code of Federal Regulations

    CFR Code of Federal Regulations (US)

    CFW condensate and feedwater

    CGE Compagnie Generale dElectricite (France)

    CGI common gateway interface

    CGNPC China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Company, Ltd.

    cgs centimeter-gram-second

    CHAMPS chemical area manufacturing process system

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CH/SI charging/safety injection

    CHCS containment hydrogen control system

    CHF critical heat flux

    CHIEF chemical emergency planning geographic information system

    CHT cold hydro test

    CI conventional island

    Ci curie

    CIM computer-integrated manufacturing

    CIP cost improvement program

    CIV combined intermediate valves

    CIV containment isolation valve

    CL cold leg

    CLB current licensing basis

    CLCV cold-leg check valve

    CLEE (Committee on) Cyclic Life and Environmental Effects

    CLIRA closed loop in reactor assembly

    CLOFA complete loss-of-flow accident

    CLP cask loading pit

    cm centimeter

    cm chemical milling

    CM corrective maintenance

    Cm heat capacity per mole


    square centimeter


    cubic centimeter

    CMT core makeup tank

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CNFD Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division

    CNNC China National Nuclear Corporation

    CNRB Company Nuclear Review Board

    CNS containment system

    CO Colorado

    coeff coefficient

    COIN construction service

    COL Combined Operating License

    COLR Core Operating Limit Report

    COLSS core operating limit supervisory system

    COMPRO Westinghouse computerized procedure

    COMS cold over-pressure mitigation system

    COMSAT communications satellite

    cont. continued

    COO chief operating officer

    COPS chemical operating procedures

    COREN Combustili per Reattori Nucleari, SPA (Italy)

    corp. corporation

    CORS catalytic oxygen removal system

    cos cosine

    COS Cray OS

    cot cotangent

    counts/min counts per minute

    counts/sec counts per second

    cP centipoise

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CP chemically pure

    CPACS Coded Pulse Anticutter System

    CPC core protection calculator

    CPI Cost Price Improvement

    CPM critical path method

    cpm cycles per minute

    cps counts per second

    cpse counterpoise

    CPSES Commanche Peak Steam Electric System

    CQ commercial quality

    CQAR Contract Quality Assurance Requirements

    CQD Code Qualification Document

    CR circulation ratio

    CRCTA composite reactor component test assembly

    CRDD control rod disconnect driveline

    CRDM control rod drive mechanism

    CRDR control room design review

    CRDS control rod drive shaft

    CRGR Committee for Review of Generic Requirements

    crit critical

    CRLF carriage-return linefeed character

    CRS control rod system

    CRT cathode ray tube

    CRT core reflood tank

    CS Commercial Standard

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CS core support (structures)

    CSA channel statistical allowance

    CSAU code scaling, applicability, and uncertainty

    CSB core support barrel

    CSD computer software development (MHI)

    CSF critical safety function procedure

    CSI cumulative susceptibility index

    CSN Nuclear Safety Council (Spain)

    CSOC Customer Support & Operations Center (Computer Help Desk)

    CSS containment spray system

    CSST containment spray storage tank

    cSt centistoke

    CST condensate storage tank

    CT computer tomography

    CT Connecticut

    CTL complementary transistor logic

    CTM cost time management

    CTR controlled thermonuclear reaction

    CTSF centralized temporary storage facility

    cu cubic

    CUF cumulative usage factor

    CV check valve

    CVAP core vibration assessment program

    CVCS chemical and volume control system

    CVDL compatibility verification data list

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    CVS chemical and volume control system

    CVTR Carolinas-Virginia tube reactor

    CW circulating water

    CW cold-worked

    cwfm continuous wave frequency modulated

    CWP cask washdown pit

    cwp circulating water pump

    cwt hundredweight

    CY calendar year

    CYAPC Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company

    CYW City Water System

    CZ Canal Zone

    CZP cold zero power

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    degree (temperature)

    D darcy

    d deci (10-1)

    D deuterium (heavy hydrogen)

    D&M diagnostic and monitoring

    d/a digital-to-analog

    D2O heavy water

    da deka (10


    )DAC design acceptance criteria

    dac digital-to-analog converter

    DAF document application form

    dag dekagram

    dam dekameter

    DART defense application resource teamDAS data acquisition system

    DAS diverse actuation system

    dB decibel

    DB design basis

    DBA design basis accident

    DBD design basis documentationDBE design basis earthquake

    dbhp drawbar horsepower

    dbl act double acting

    dbl double

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    dblf double face

    dbm decibel referred to 1 milliwatt

    dbm decibels referred to 1 milliwatt in 600 ohms

    DBMS database management system

    dbrn decibels above reference noise

    dbv decibels referred to 1 volt

    DBVP Design Baseline & Verification Program

    dbw decibel referred to 1 watt

    DC design change

    DC Design Commitment

    dc direct current

    DC District of Columbia

    DCH direct containment heating

    DCP design change proposal

    DCTL direct-coupled transistor logic

    dda digital differential analyzer

    DDCS double-delta channel seal

    DDE dynamic data exchange

    DDI drawing data input form

    DDS data display and processing system

    DDS design drafting spec

    DDT detonation transition

    DE Delaware

    Dec December

    dec decimal

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    decal decalcomania

    DECLG double-ended cold-leg guillotine

    deg degree (angle)

    DEG double-ended guillotine

    DEHL double-ended hotleg

    DEHM digital electro-hydraulic master control system

    DEISS Design Engineering Interface Support Services

    Del Delaware

    Delta T temperature change

    DEPS double-ended pump suction

    dept department

    DER double-ended rupture

    DESFAS digital engineered safety features actuation system

    dev eql deviation equalizer

    dev development

    dev deviation

    DF decontamination factor

    DF differential flow

    DFBN debris filter bottom nozzle

    DFFB dispersed flow film boiling

    DFMS digital flux mapping system

    dg decigram

    DG diesel generator

    DGR Division General Research

    DHEC South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    DHG data highway gateway

    dhp developed horsepower

    DHR decay heat removal

    DHRM decay heat removal monitoring

    dia diameter

    diag diagonal

    diag diagram

    diagr diagrammatic

    DIAS discrete indication and alarm system

    diff different

    diff differential

    dim. dimension

    dio diode

    dis/sec disintegrations per second

    DISS design information schedule summary

    distr distribute

    distr distribution

    distr distributor

    div divergence

    dl deciliter

    dm decimeter

    DM design modification

    DM Deutsche mark


    square decimeter

    dmc digital microcircuit

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    DMD Document Management Directory

    dmg damage

    DMIMS digital metal impact monitoring system

    DMIMS digital metal impact monitoring system

    dms digital microcircuit

    DN deviation notice

    DNB departure from nucleate boiling

    DNBR departure from nucleate boiling ratio

    DNDR deviation (defect) notice-disposition request

    DO data out

    doc document

    DOD Department of Defense

    DOE Department of Energy

    DORO Division of Regulatory Operations

    DOS Department of State

    DOS Division of Responsibility

    DOS standby diesel and auxiliary boiler fuel oil system

    DOT Department of Transportation

    doz dozen

    dp differential pressure

    dpa displacement per atom

    DPC Document Production Center

    DPCS dual-unit PCs

    DPH diamond hardness number

    dph diamond-pyramid hardness

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    dplr Doppler

    dplxr duplexer

    DPM decades per minute

    DPPS digital plant protection system

    dpr design power ratio

    dpr double pulse range

    DPRI digital rod position indicator

    DPRK Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea)

    DPS decontamination process system

    DPS disintegrations per second

    DPS diverse protection system

    dpst sw double-pole single-throw switch

    dpst double pole single throw

    DPT differential pressure transmitter

    DPU distributed processing unit

    DR design requirements

    DR deviation report

    dr dram

    D-RAP Design Reliability Assurance Program

    DRL Division of Reactor Licensing (NRC)

    DRMS digital radiation monitoring system

    DRPI digital rod position indication system

    DRR document release record

    DRS Division of Reactor Safeguards (NRC)

    DRTL diode resistor transistor logic

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    DRWM dynamic rod worth measurement

    DS design specification

    DS documentation specification

    ds&r data storage and retrieval

    dsbl disable

    DSER draft safety evaluation report

    DSF document submittal form

    D-Spec design specification

    dspm double strokes per minute

    DSR drop status record

    DSS diverse scram system

    dstl distill

    dstlt distillate

    DSU disk storage unit

    dt decay time

    dt differential temperature

    dta differential thermal analysis

    DTD document type definition

    DTL diode transistor logic

    DTP desktop publishing

    DTS demineralized water treatment system

    dtvm differential thermocouple voltmeter

    DVI direct vessel injection

    dvm digital voltmeter

    dvtl dovetail

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    DW dead weight

    dw distilled water

    dw double weight

    dwg drawing

    dwl dominant wave length

    dwl dowel

    DWS demineralized water transfer and storage system

    dwt deadweight

    dwt pennyweight

    dy/cm2 dyne per square centimeter

    dyb dynamic braking

    dyhr dehydrator

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    E East

    e elementary charge

    E emitter (electron device)

    e exponential

    e&i equip and install

    e.g. for example (exempli gratia)

    ea each

    EAP Employee Assistance Program

    eax electronic automatic exchange

    EBITDA earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization

    EBS emergency boration system

    EC Energy Center

    EC export controls

    ECA Export Credit Agency

    ECC emergency core cooling

    ECC Energy Center Complex

    ECC error correction code

    ECCS emergency core cooling system

    ecd estimated completion date

    ecdc electrochemical diffused collector

    ECEPDI East China Electric Power Design Institute

    ECL emitter-coupled logic

    ECN engineering change notice

    eco electron-coupled oscillator

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ecp engineering change proposal

    ECR emergency control room

    ecr engineering change request

    ECS extended character set

    ECS main ac power system

    ECT eddy current testing

    ed edition

    ED Emergency Director

    EDEP Employee Development through Education Policy

    EdF Electricit de France

    edgw edgewise

    EDM electrical discharge machining

    EDP electronic data processing

    edr equivalent direct radiation

    EDS Non-Class 1E dc and uninterruptible power supply system

    edt electrical discharge tube

    educ education

    EEI Edison Electric Institute

    ef emitter follower

    EFPH effective full-power hours

    EFS communication system

    EFWS emergency feedwater system

    EGCR experimental gas-cooled reactor

    egd electrogasdynamics

    EGS grounding and lightning protection system

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    egt exhaust gas temperature

    ehf end half

    ehf extremely high frequency

    ehp effective horsepower

    ehp electric horsepower

    EHR electric hydrogen recombiner

    ehw extreme high water

    EIA Environmental Impact Assessment

    EIS Environmental Impact Study

    el elevation

    elev elevate

    elex electronics

    elf. extremely low frequency

    elhyd electrohydraulic

    elig eligible

    ELS plant lighting system (SPWR)

    emf electromotive force

    emi electromagnetic interference

    ENDESA Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A.

    ENEL Ente Nazionale per LEnergia Elettrica

    eng rm engine room

    eng engine

    eng engineer(ing)

    Eng English

    ENSA Equipos Nucleares, S.A.

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ensi equivalent-noise-sideband input

    ENUSA Empresa Nacional Die Uranio, S.A.

    eoc edge of cutter

    eod elements of data

    EOE estimate of effort

    EOF Emergency Operations Facility

    EOL end-of-life

    eolm electro-optical light modulator

    EOP emergency operating procedure

    eop end of part

    ep electrically polarized (relay)

    Ep potential energy

    EP1000 European Passive Plant (based on the AP600 and AP1000)

    EPA Environmental Protection Agency

    epd electric power distribution

    EPDM ethylene propylene diene terpolymer

    EPP European Passive Plant

    epr electron paramagnetic resonance

    epr exhaust pressure ratio

    EPRI Electric Power Research Institute

    ept external pipe thread

    epu electrical power unit

    epwr emergency power

    EQ environmental qualification

    EQ environmentally qualified

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    EQ equipment qualification

    Eq. Equation

    ERD electronic reference document

    ERDA Energy Research and Development Agency

    ERDS emergency response data system

    ERF emergency response facility

    ERG emergency response guideline

    ern engineering release notice

    ES Energy Systems

    ES equipment supply

    ES NSD Engineering Services

    ES&T CNFD Engineering Services & Technology

    ESD electrostatic discharge

    ESF emergency safety features

    ESF engineered safety feature

    ESFAC engineered safety feature actuation cabinet

    ESFAS engineering safety feature actuation system

    eshp equivalent shaft horsepower

    E-Spec Equipment Specification

    E-Spec equipment specification

    esr electron spin resonance

    esr equivalent series resistance

    ess electronic switching system

    ESS Engineering Support Service (KOPEC conract)

    est estimate(d)

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ESWGR emergency switchgear rooms

    et al and others (et alii)

    ETAPS electronic training and procedure system

    etc. and so forth, and the like (et cetera)

    ETCG elapsed-time code generator

    ets endless tangent screw

    EU European Union

    EUR European Utility Requirements

    eV electronvolt

    evm electronic voltmeter

    evom electronic voltammeter

    EVP evaporator

    EW equivalent weight

    ewo engineering work order

    Eximbank Export-Import Bank of the United States

    expo experimental order

    ext extension

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    F degree Fahrenheit

    F farad

    f femto (10-15)

    F fermi

    f force

    F franc

    f frequency

    f fuelF/D fixed detector

    F/L full length

    F/T flow & temperature

    FA ratio fuel-air ratio

    fa final assembly

    fa free apertureFA fuel assembly

    fac field accelerator

    FAC flow accelerated corrosion

    FACT fully automatic compiler-translator

    fao finish all over

    FAR Field Action Requestfax facsimile

    FBFC France-Belgium Fuel Company

    FBR fast breeder reactor

    fc foot candle

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    fcc face-centered cubic

    FCG fatigue crack growth

    FCLD functional control logic diagrams

    fct filament center tap

    FCV flow control valve

    fdb forced draft blower

    fdbk feedback

    FDDI fiber-distributed data interface

    FDI fuel duty index

    fdm frequency division multiplex

    fdp full dog point

    FDR Field Deficiency Report

    FDR Field Deviation Report

    fdw feedwater

    FE field elements

    Fe iron

    FEA Federal Energy Administration

    Feb February

    Fed Federal

    FES field-emission spectroscopy

    FET field-effect transistor

    FF forcing function

    ffd field forcing (decreasing)

    ffi field forcing (increasing)

    FHM fuel-handling machine

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    fhp fractional horsepower

    FHS fuel handling system

    FHS fuel-handling system (fuel-handling and refueling system)

    FID fixed in-core detector

    FIDAS fixed incore detector amplifier system

    fig. figure

    figs. figures

    fip fuel injection pump


    fissions per cubic centimeter

    fissions/sec fissions per second

    FIV feedwater isolation valve

    FIV flow induced vibration

    FL Florida

    flg flange

    FM frequency modulation

    fm titanium tetrachloride

    FMC fissile material containers

    FMEA failure modes and effects analysis

    FMECA failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis

    FMR field material request

    FOAKE first-of-a-kind engineering

    FOSAR foreign object search and retrieval

    FOTA full open test assemblies

    FP fire protection

    FPC Federal Power Commission

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ft-L footLambert

    ft-lb foot pound

    FTP file transfer protocol

    FTS fuel transfer system

    ft-sec foot-second

    FTZ foreign trade zone

    FUDDL fuel design data list

    F-V Fussell-Vesely

    fw feedwater

    FW formula weight

    FWCS feedwater control systems

    fwdct fresh water drain collecting

    FWI feedwater isolation

    fwp feedwater pump

    FWRV feedwater regulations valve

    FWS feedwater system (main and startup feedwater system)

    FY fiscal year

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    G gauss

    G giga (109)

    g gram

    g gravity (force)

    G&A general & administrative (expense)


    gram per cubic centimeter

    GA general arrangement (drawing)

    GA Georgia

    gal gallon

    GAO Government Accounting Office

    g-atom gram atom

    Gb gilbert

    Gc gigacycle

    Gc/sec gigacycle per second

    gcal gram-calorie

    GCFBR gas-cooled fast breeder reactor

    gcmps gyrocompass

    gcn gage code number

    GCR gas-cooled reactor

    GDC general design criteria

    GDT gas decay tank

    GE General Electric Company

    ged gasoline engine driven

    GESSAR General Electric Standard Safety Analysis Report

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    Gev gigaelectron volt

    GFC generic flow control

    gfe government-furnished equipment

    GFI group format identifier

    GHz gigahertz

    GIA Government & International Affairs

    GIF graphics interchange format

    GLRP General License Renewal Program

    GMT Greenwich mean time

    GPa gigaPascal

    gph gallons per hour

    gpm gallons per minute

    GPS global positioning system

    GQA graded quality assurance

    gr gross (12 dozen)

    grad gradient

    GRCA gray rod cluster assembly

    grd ground

    GRI Gas Research Institute

    GRWP General Radioactive Waste Plan

    GS gas stripper

    GSI generic safety issue

    GSRMS gas stripper radiation monitoring system

    GSS gamma scintillation system

    gswr galvanized steel wire rope

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    GT guide tube

    GTAW gas tungsten arc welding

    GTCC greater than class-C waste

    GTR generic technical report

    GU Guam

    GUI graphical user interface

    GV governor valve

    gva graphic kilovolt-ampere meter

    GW gigawatt

    GWh gigawatt per hour

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    h quarter-hard

    h half-hard

    H enthalpy

    h hecto (102)

    h height

    H henry

    H/L hotleg

    H2 hydrogenH3 tritium

    HA hardware address

    ha hectare

    HA hot assembly

    HACTS head area cable tray system

    HAJI Hankook Jungsoo Industrial Co., Ltd.HANJUNG Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.

    HAZ heat-affected zone

    HAZMAT hazordous materials

    HB Brinell hardness number

    hc hexachlorethane

    hc high carbonHC hot channel

    HCDA hypothetical core disruptive accident

    HCLPF high-confidence, low probability of failure

    hcs high-carbon steel

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    HCV hand control valve

    hd cr hard chromium

    hdbk handbook

    HDH hydride/dehydride

    HDLC high-level data link control

    HEC header checksum

    HEPA high efficiency particulate air (filter)

    HEX heat exchangers

    hf high frequency

    HF human factors

    HFE human factors engineering

    HFM heat flux meter

    hfo high-frequency oscillator

    HFP hot full power

    HHI Hyundai Heavy Industries

    HHSI high-head safety injection

    hi fi high fidelity

    HI Hawaii

    HIC high-integrity containment

    HICO Hyosung Industrie Company, Ltd.

    HICO Hyosung Industrie Company, Ltd.

    HJTC heated junction thermocouple

    HL hot leg

    HLW high-level waste

    hm hectometer

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire



    square hectometer

    HMO Health Maintenance Organization

    HODSP high-order domain specific port

    HP high pressure

    hp horsepower

    hp-h horsepower-hour

    HPI high-pressure injection

    HPME high-pressure melt injection

    HPNPP high-priority next port pointer

    HPSI high-pressure safety injection

    HPTHT high-priority token hold timer

    hr hour

    HR Human Resources

    HRA human reliability analysis

    HRE homogeneous reactor experiment

    hrs hours

    HSI human-system interface

    HSR Historian WEStation

    HSSC high safety significant component

    HT heat transfer

    HTGCBR high temperature gas-cooled breeder reactor

    HTGR high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

    HTML Hypertext Markup Language

    htnsl high tensile

    HTP high-thermal performance

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    HTR high temperature reactor

    HTX heat exchanger

    HU heatup

    HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

    HWBLWR heavy water moderated boiling light water reactor

    HWOCR heavy water moderated organic cooled reactor

    HWR heavy water reactor

    hwy highway

    HX heat exchanger

    Hyd hydraulic

    hydro hydrostatic

    Hz hertz (1 cps)

    HZP hot no load condition

    HZP hot zero power

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    %impd percent impedance

    i&c installation and checkout

    I&C instrumentation and control

    i&m installation and maintenance

    i&o inlet and outlet

    i.e. that is (id est)

    i/o input-output

    IA international angstrom

    IA Iowa

    IACS International Annealed Copper Standard

    IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

    IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency

    iagc instantaneous automatic gain control

    IASCC irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking

    IAT income after taxes

    iat indicated air temperature

    iavc instantaneous automatic volume control

    ibid. in the same place

    IBT income before taxes

    IC integrated circuit

    IC Incident Commander

    ICC integrated control cabinet

    ICCMS inadequate core cooling monitoring system

    ICD initial core design

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ICI in-core instrumentation

    ICRP International Commission on Radiological Protection

    ICRR inverse count rate ratio

    ICT International Critical Tables

    icw interrupted continuous wave

    ID Idaho

    ID identification

    id inside diameter

    IDC interest during construction

    IDP integrated data processing

    IDS Class 1E dc and uninterruptible power supply system

    IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    IFBA Rods integral fuel burnable absorber

    IFM intermediate flow mixer

    IGA intergranular attack

    IGFET insulated-gate field-effect transistor

    IGS Interactive graphic simulator

    ihp indicated horsepower

    IHP integrated head package

    IHST integrated head storage tank

    IHX intermediate heat exchanger

    IIF internals indexing fixture

    IIS incore instrumentation system

    IL Illinois

    illus illustrate

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ILRG internals lift rig

    ILRT integrated leak rate test

    imc instrument meteorological condition

    impd impedance

    IMQP Integrated Manufacturing Quality Plan

    IN Indiana

    in. H2O inch of water (pressure)

    in. Hg inch of mercury

    in. lb inch-pound

    in. inch

    in./hr inch per hour

    in./min inches per minute


    square inch


    cubic inch

    inc. incorporated

    ind indication

    INDE industry and defense

    info information

    INITEC Empresa Nacional de Ingeneria y Technologia, S.A.

    inj inject(ion)

    INPO Institute of Nuclear Power Operations

    insp inspection

    int interior or internal

    intl international

    intro introduction

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    IO international operations

    IPA integrated plant assessment

    IPB illustrated parts breakdown

    IPC integrated protection cabinet

    IPCEA Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association

    IPCR integrated protection cabinet rooms

    IPE individual plant examination

    ipm interruptors per minute

    IPMO Integrated Project Management Organization

    IPP inspection point plan

    ips inch per second

    IPS integrate project schedule

    ips interruptions per second

    IR Industry Report

    IR interface requirements

    IRC inside reactor containment

    IRI incomplete rod insertion

    IRR internal rate of return

    IRWST in-containment refueling water storage tank

    ISA Instrument Society of America

    ISA integrated safety assessment

    ISBN International Standard Book Number

    ISE Integrated Safety Evaluation

    ISFSI independent spent-fuel storage installation

    ISI in-service inspection

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ISO International Standards Organization

    iso isolation

    IST in-service testing

    IST International Standard Thread

    ITA inspections, tests, analyses

    ITAAC inspection, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria

    itae integrated time and absolute error

    itlk interlock

    ITTC Former acronym for Westinghouse 286 site

    IVMS internal vibration monitoring system

    IVSWS isolation valve seal water system

    IWD interconnect wiring diagrams

    IX plant ion exchangers

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    J joule

    j&p joists and planks

    J/(kgK) joule per kilogram kelvin

    J/K joule per kelvin

    J/kg joule per kilogram

    J/m2 joule per square meter

    J/m3 joule per cubic meter

    JAERI Japan Atomic Energy Research InstituteJan January

    JAPC Japan Atomic Power Company

    JAPEIC Japan Atomic Power Engineering and Inspection Corporation

    jato jet-assisted takeoff

    JCAE Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

    jct junctionJEXIM Export-Import Bank of Japan

    jkt jacket

    JOA job order activity

    jpft joiner pilaster fume tight

    jpnt joiner pilaster nontight

    jr. juniorJSD joint system design

    jtsn jettison

    just. justification

    jw jacket water

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    JW joint work

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    K kelvin

    K carat

    k kilo

    k kip (1000 lbs.)

    k thousand (electrical quantity)

    k kilohm

    Km/W kelvin meter per watt

    Km/W kelvin square meter per watt

    KAERI Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

    KAFD Korean advanced fuel design

    KAIF Korean Atomic Industrial Forum

    kB kilobyte

    kc kilocycle

    kcal kilocalorie

    kcal/mole kilocalories per mole

    kd kiln dried

    ke kinetic energy

    KEDO Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization

    KEPCO Korea Electric Power Corporation

    KEPRI Korea Electric Power Research Institute

    keV kiloelectron volt

    keV thousand electron volts

    kg kilogram

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    kgm kilogram meter


    kilogram square meter

    kg/(Pasm) kilogram per Pascal second meter

    kg/(Pasm2) kilogram per Pascal second square meter

    kg/J kilogram per joule

    kg/m kilogram per meter


    kilogram per square meter


    kilogram per cubic meter

    kg/s kilogram per second

    kgf kilogram-force

    KHIC Korea Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd. (HANJUNG)

    kHz kilocycle per second (kilohertz)

    kHz kilohertz

    kine kinescope

    KINS Korea Institute Nuclear Society

    kip thousand pounds

    kip-ft thousand foot pounds

    kJ kilojoule

    kl kiloliter

    klbf kilopound-force

    km kilometer

    kM kilomole

    km/h kilometer per hour

    km/s kilometer per second


    square kilometer

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    kmc kilo-megacycles (109)

    kN kilonewton

    KNDG Korea Nuclear Design Group

    KNFC Korea Nuclear Fuel Company

    KNGR Korea Next Generation Reactor, 1400 Mwe in size

    ko kickoff (relay)

    k-ohm thousand ohms

    KOPEC Korea Power Engineering Company, Inc.

    kPa kiloPascal

    KPS Korea Power Plant Services Company, Ltd.

    KS Kansas

    ksi kips per square inch

    KSNP Korea Plant Service & Engineering Company, Inc.

    kt kiloton

    kV kilovolt

    kVA kilovolt-ampere

    kVAh kilovolt-ampere hour

    kVAhm kilovolt-ampere hour meter

    kVAm kilovolt-ampere meter

    kVAr reactive kilovolt-ampere

    kVp kilovolt peak

    kW kilowatt

    kWe kilowatt electrical

    kWh kilowatt-hour

    kWhm kilowatt-hour meter

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    kWr kilowatts reactive

    KY Kentucky

    kybd keyboard

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    lb/bhp hr pounds per brake horsepower hours

    lb/ft pound per foot

    LBB leak before break

    LBD licensing basis document

    lbf pound of force

    lb-ft moments or torque

    lb-ft pound-foot

    lb-in. pound inch

    LBLOCA large-break LOCA

    lbp length between perpendiculars

    lb-wt pound-weight

    LC inductance-capacitance

    lc lower case

    lcg longitudinal position of center of gravity

    LCL lower control limit

    lcm least common multiple

    LCO limiting conditions of operation

    lcp left-circular polarization

    LCR inductance-capacitance-resistance

    lcsw latch checking switch

    lct long calcined ton

    ldb light distribution box

    ldc line-drop compensator

    ldt long dry ton

    LED light-emitting diode

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    lej longitudinal expansion joint

    LER License Event Report

    LERF large, early release frequency

    lf low frequency

    lfo low-frequency oscillator

    LHSI low-head safety injection

    lic license

    LIC licensing

    LIC linear integrated circuit

    lin ft linear foot

    litho lithograph

    ll low level

    LL low-low (alarm)

    LLL low-level logic

    LLLP low-leakage loading pattern

    LLR large load rejection

    LLRT lead leak rate test

    LLRT local leak rate testing

    llt long lead time

    LLW low-level waste

    lm lumen

    LMD Large Motor Division

    LMFBR liquid-metal fast breeder reactor

    ln logarithm (natural, base e)

    LO low (alarm)

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    loamp logarithmic amplifier

    LOCA loss-of-coolant accident

    LOFA loss-of-flow accident

    LOFT loss-of-fluid test

    log logarithm

    lol length of lead (actual)

    LOLT loss-of-load transient

    LOMF loss-of-main feedwater

    long. longitude

    LOOP loss-of-offsite-power

    los line of sight

    lp low point

    LP low power

    LP low pressure

    LPA lower plenum flow anomaly

    LPCI low-pressure core injection

    lpcw long pulse continual wave

    LPMS loose parts monitoring system

    lpo low power output

    LPP large passive plant

    LPSI low-pressure safety injection

    lpw lumen per watt

    LPZ low-population zone

    LR license renewal

    lr load ratio

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    LRA license renewal application

    LRB licensing review basis

    lrc load ratio control

    LRF large release frequency

    LRPS locked rotor protection system

    LSBR large seed blanket reactor

    LSD log-normal standard deviation

    LSHI large-scale hybrid integration

    LSI large-scale integration

    LSSC low safety-significant component

    LTA logic task analysis

    LTC long-term cooling

    LTCC long-term core cooling

    ltdn letdown

    LTOP(S) low temperature overpressure protection (system)

    lv low voltage

    LVDT linear voltage differential transformer

    lvp low voltage protection

    LWBR light water breeder reactor

    LWR light water reactor

    lx lux

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    m bending moment

    M gram molecular weight (mole)

    m maganflux

    M mass

    M mega (106)

    m meter

    m mile

    m milli (10



    M molar (with number)

    M thousand

    M&E material and equipment

    m&r maintenance and repair

    M&R manufacturing and repair

    m&s maintenance and supply

    M megohm

    m millimicron

    m milliohm


    cubic micron

    M/CATS milestone cost analysis tracking system

    M/D movable detector

    m/o mole percent

    m/s meter per second


    meter per second squared

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire



    square meter

    m2/s square meter per second


    cubic meter

    m3/J cubic meter per joule

    m3/s cubic meter per second


    meter to the fourth power

    MA Massachusetts

    mA milliampere

    m milliangstrom

    MA multiple access

    MAAC Mid-Atlantic Area Coordination Group

    MAAP material access authorization program

    MAC medium access control

    MAD maintenance, assembly, and disassembly

    MAELU Mutual Atomic Energy Liability Underwriters

    magamp magnetic amplifier

    magmod magnetic modulator

    mag-thor magnesium-thorium

    male multiaperure logic element

    MAN metropolitan area network

    MAP manufacturing automation protocol

    MAP methodology assessment program

    MAPCON maintenance and planning control

    MAPP Mid-Continent Area Power Pool

    MAQP manufacturing and quality plan

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    MAR Management Assessment Review

    Mar March

    MARAD Maritime Administration

    mars multiaperture reluctance switch

    maser microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

    math mathematical

    math mathematics

    max maximum

    MB megabyte

    mb millibarn

    mbd motor belt drive

    MBP monobutyl phosphate

    Mbtu million British thermal units

    MC manipulator crane

    Mc megacycle

    mc millicycle

    mc&g mapping, charting, and geodetic

    MCB main control board

    MCBD measurement channel block diagrams

    MCC motor control center

    MCCB molded-case circuit breaker

    mcf thousand cubic feet

    mcm magnetic core memory

    mcm thousand circular mils

    MCO moisture carryover

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    MCP main control panel

    MCP master control panel

    MCR main control room

    MCS material control system

    MCT material compatibility test

    MD Maryland

    mD millidarcy

    MDAFWP motor-driven auxiliary feedwater pump

    MDEFWP motor-driven emergency feedwater pump

    mdf main distributing frame

    MDF mechanical design flow

    MDL minimum detectable limit

    mdm maximum design meter

    MDM metal disintegration machining

    mdm metal-dielectric-metal (filter)

    mdn median

    mds minimum discernible signal

    ME Maine

    MEA Materials Engineering Associates

    MED microelectronic device

    megohm million ohms

    megv million volts

    MEL master equipment list

    MEL material and equipment log (computer programming)

    MELCO Mitsubishi Electric Company

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    memo memorandum

    mep mean effective pressure

    MERITS methodically engineered, restructured, and improvedtechnicalspecifications

    MeV megaelectronvolt

    MeV million electron volts

    mezz mezzanine

    mf main feed

    mf medium frequency

    MFES mobile fuel evaluation system

    mfg spec manufacturing specification

    mfg manufacturing

    MFIS main feedwater isolation signal

    MFIV main feedwater isolation valve

    MFN most favored nation

    MFP main feedwater pump

    MFW main feedwater

    MFWLB main feedwater line break

    MFWV main feedwater valve

    mG milligauss

    mg milligram

    MG motor generator

    mgr manager

    mgt management

    mH millihenry

    MHA maximum hypothetical accident

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    mhcp mean horizontal candlepower

    mhd magnetohydrodynamic

    MHE materials handling equipment

    mhf medium high frequency

    MHI Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    MHR Monthly Highlight Report

    MHS mechanical handling system (SPWR)

    MHTGR modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor

    MHTS main heat transport system

    MHz megahertz

    mHz millihertz

    MI Michigan

    mi mile

    MI mineral insulated (cables)

    MIC microbiologically influenced corrosion

    MIC monolithic integrated circuit

    micr magnetic ink character recognition

    MIE Ministry of Industry and Energy (Spain)

    mike microphone

    MILSPEC military specification

    MIL-STD military standard (book)

    MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

    min minimum

    min minute

    MIS Management Information Systems

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    misc miscellaneous

    MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)

    MJ megajoule

    m-kg meter-kilogram

    ml millilambert

    ml milliliter

    mldg moulding

    MLW mean low water

    m-m man-month

    mm millimeter


    square millimeter


    cubic millimeter

    MMF minimum measured flow

    MMI man-machine interface

    MMIS man-machine interface system

    MMPA Magnetic Materials Producers Association

    MMS multiple-systems related

    MMSC medium maintenance-significant component

    MN Minnesota

    MNF Mitsubishi Nuclear Fuel

    mnfm mainframe

    MO Missouri

    MOA memorandum/memoranda of agreement

    MOC middle of cycle

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    MOCIE Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy

    mol wt molecular weight

    MOL middle-of-life

    moly molybdenum

    MOP maintenance optimization process

    MOPs modified operating procedures

    MOPS manufacturing operating procedures

    MOR monthly operations report

    MOS metal-oxide semiconductor

    MOSFET metal-oxide semiconductor field-effects transistor

    MOST metal-oxide semiconductor transistor

    MOST Ministry of Science and Technology

    MOTA materials open test assemblies

    MOU memorandum/memoranda of understanding

    MOV motor-operated valve

    MOVATS motor-operated valve analysis and test system

    MOX mixed oxide

    MOXF mixed oxide fuel

    MP maintenance procedure

    MPa megapascal

    MPC maximum permissible concentration

    MPC multi-purpose canister

    mpe maximum permissible exposure

    MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group

    MPFF maintenance-preventable functional failure

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    mpg miles per gallon

    mph miles per hour

    mphps miles per hour per second

    mpi magnetic particle inspection

    MPR molten plutonium reactor

    MPS monitoring and protection system

    MPX multiplexer

    MR Maintenance Rule

    MR material requisition

    MRI material receiving instruction

    MRPC motorized rotating pancake coil

    MRR metering, relaying, and regulation

    MRRP Maintenance Rule Review Panel

    MS main steam

    ms manuscript

    ms millisecond

    MS Mississippi

    MSA master service agreement

    MSB main steamline break

    MSBR molten salt breeder reactor

    mscp mean spherical candlepower

    MSCR molten salt cooled reactor

    msec millisecond

    MSFES mobile spent fuel evaluation system

    MSHIM Mechanical shim

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    MSICV main steam isolation check valve

    MSIS main steam isolation signal

    MSIV main steam isolation valve

    MSL main steamline

    MSLA main steamline accident

    MSLB main steam line break

    MSR material status report

    MSR molten salt reactor

    MSS main steam system

    MSS Manufacturing Standardization Society (valves and fittings)

    MSSR mixed spectrum superheat reactor

    MST multiple stud tensioner

    MSV mean square voltage

    MT magnetic particle testing (nondestructive testing)

    mt maximum torque

    Mt megaton

    MT Montana

    MTBF mean time between failure

    MTC moderator temperature coefficient

    mtf mechanical time fuse

    mtg meeting

    MTR materials test reactor

    MTS main turbine system

    MTTR mean time to repair

    MTU metric ton of uranium

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    MTU metric ton unit

    MUX multiplexer

    MV megavolt

    mV millivolt

    mv multivibrator

    MVa megavolt-ampere

    MVP mechanical vacuum pump

    MVS multiple virtual storage

    MW megawatt

    MWd megawatt-day

    MWe megawatt-electric

    MWh megawatt-hour

    MWO manufacturing work order

    MWt megawatt-thermal

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    (n) number of bits

    n electron (n)-type semi-conductor material

    n nano (10-9


    N national form (thread)

    N newton

    N normal (concentration, with a number)

    N north

    N/A not applicable


    newton per square centimeter

    N/kg newton per kilogram

    N/m newton per meter


    newton per square meter

    Ns/m2 newton-seconds per square meter

    Nm newton meterNm/m newton meter per meter

    N2 nitrogen

    nA nanoampere

    na naval architect

    NABU Nuclear Automation Business Unit

    NACE National Association of Corrosion EngineersNAP nuclear application program

    NARA National Archives and Records Administration

    NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

    NAS National Academy of Science

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    naut nautical

    nb narrow band

    NBS National Bureau of Standards

    NBS New British Standard (imperial wire gage)

    NBSR National Bureau of Standards Reactor

    NC North Carolina

    NC numerical control

    NCA National Coal Association

    nca nickel copper alloy

    ncombl noncombustible

    ncp normal circular pitch

    NCR nonconformance report

    NCRPM National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

    NCS nuclear criticality safety

    NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications

    ND North Dakota

    NDCA Nuclear Development Corporation of America

    NDE nondestructive examination

    ndp normal diametral pitch

    NDRC National Defense Research Committee

    NDT nondestructive testing

    NDTT nil-ductility transition temperature

    NE Nebraska

    NEA Nuclear Energy Agency

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    NEA Nuclear Engineering Associates

    NEC National Electric Code

    NEC Nuclear Energy Commission

    NECS National Electrical Code Standards

    NEE nuclear equipment engineering

    NEF National extra fine (thread)

    neg negative

    NEI Nuclear Energy Institute

    NEIR Nuclear Energy Research Initiative

    NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association

    NEO nuclear engineering and operations

    NEPA National Evironmental Policy Act

    NES Nuclear Energy Systems

    NESC National Electric Safety Code

    NESF normal engineered safety feature

    NESP National Environmental Studies Project


    neutrons per square centimeter (neutron flux)

    neutrons/cm2-sec neutrons per square centimeter per second

    nf nanofad

    NF National fine (thread)

    NFBU Nuclear Fuel Business Unit

    NFPA National Fire Protection Association

    ng narrow gage

    NGO National gas outlet (thread)

    NGPWR next generation PWR

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    nH nanohenry

    NH New Hampshire

    NH nose height

    NI nuclear island

    NIC Nuclear Industry Check Valve Group

    NIMS NSSS integrity monitoring system

    NIOBE numerical integration of the Boltzmann equation

    NIRL negligible individual risk level

    NIS nuclear instrumentation system

    NJ New Jersey

    nm nanometer

    NM New Mexico

    NMAC Nuclear Maintenance Assistance Center(Electric Power Research Institute)

    nmi nautical mile

    NMIS nuclear materials information system

    NMM network management module

    NMRG Nuclear Managers Review Group

    NMS National Measurement System

    NMSS Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, Office of (NRC)

    NNS non-nuclear safety

    NNSA National Nuclear Safety Administration

    NO normally open

    No. number

    NOG Nordic Owners Group

    NOK Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (Switzerland)

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    NR nonconformance report

    NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission

    nrcp nonreinforced concrete pipe

    NRHR normal residual heat removal

    NRL narrow-range span

    NRTS National Reactor Testing Station

    NRU National Research Univeral

    ns nanosecond (10-9


    NS National special (thread)

    NSA Nuclear Science Abstracts

    NSBU Nuclear Services Business Unit

    NSC National Security Council

    NSF National Science Foundation

    NSP Northern States Power

    NSR non-safety related

    NSSS nuclear steam supply system

    NTAB Nuclear Technical Advisory Board (ANSI)

    ntc negative temperature coefficient

    NTCP near-term construction permit

    NTIS National Technical Information Service

    NTOL near-term operating license

    ntp normal temperature and pressure

    nts negative torque signal

    NUIS non-unit information system

    num numeral

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    num numerical

    NUMARC Nuclear Management and Resources Council

    NUMEC Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation

    NUPLEX nuplex 80+ control system

    NUPPSCO Nuclear Power Plants Standards Committee

    NUREG NRC technical report designation

    NUREG/BR NUREG brochure

    NUREG/CP NUREG conference proceedings

    NUREG/CR NUREG contractor report

    NUREG/GR NUREG grantee report

    NUREG/IA NUREG international agreement report

    NUS Nuclear Utilities Service

    nv neutron flux

    nv neutron volts

    NV Nevada

    nvr no voltage release

    nW nanowatt

    NWG National Wire Gage

    NWPA Nuclear Waste Policy Act

    nwt nonwatertight

    NYASDA New York Atomic & Space Development Authority

    NY New York

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire





    O&M operation and maintenance

    o&r overhaul and repair

    O2 oxygen

    OA operating authorization

    oba oxygen breathing apparatus

    OBE operating basis earthquake

    obj object

    obst obstacle

    oc outside circumference

    oc overcurrent

    ocb override control bits

    oco open-close-open

    OCR organic cooled reactor

    ocr overcurrent relay

    OCS operation and control center system

    Oct October

    od outside diameter

    ODSCC outside diameter stress corrosion cracking

    Oe oersted

    OE Office of Enforcement (NRC)

    OEC Oregon Environment Council

    OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

    Oe-cm oersted-centimeter

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    orig original

    ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    OSA operational sequence analyses

    OSC operations support center

    osc oscillate (oscillator)

    oscg oscillating

    OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Administration

    ot&e operational test and evaluation

    OTA open test assembly

    OTDT over-temperature delta-T

    OTS Operational Technical Specification

    ovhd overhead

    ovhg overhanging

    ovhl overhaul

    ovld overload

    ovpwr overpower

    owf optimum working frequency

    oz in. ounce-inch

    oz ounce

    oz-in. moments or torque

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    3p sw three-pole switch

    3p three-pole

    3pdt sw three-pole double-throw switch

    3pdt three-pole double-throw

    3pst sw three-pole single-throw switch

    3pst three-pole single-throw

    4p sw four-pole switch

    4p four-pole

    4pdt sw four-pole double-throw switch

    4pst sw four-pole single-throw switch

    P Max maximum pressure

    p hole (p)-type semi-conductor material

    p page

    p pico (10



    P poise

    P&CC Planning and Control Cost Department

    p&d distr power and lightning distribution

    P&I proportional and integral

    P&ID piping and instrument diagram

    p&l power and lightning

    P&MC procurement & material control

    p&o pickled and oiled

    P/L part length

    p/o part of

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    P+T partitioning and transmutation

    P+T partitioning and transmutation

    Pa pascal

    PA Pennsylvania

    pA picoampere

    Pas pascal second

    PAC program administration & control

    pam pulse amplitude modulation

    PAMS post-accident monitoring system

    PAMS post-accidnet monitoring system

    PAR passive autocatalytic recombiner

    PAR procurement advisory release

    parv paravane

    PAS process automation system

    PASNY Power Authority of the State of New York

    PBL pressure break line

    PBMR Pebble Bed Modular Reactor

    PBNC Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference

    PBS power breakdown structure

    PC personal computer

    pc&h packing, crating, and handling

    pcb power circuit breaker

    PCCAWS passive containment cooling ancillary water storage tank

    PCCWST passive containment cooling system water storage tank

    pci peripheral command indicator

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    pcm pulse code modulation

    pcn position control number

    PCP payment control point

    PCRV prestressed concrete reactor vessel

    PCS passive containment cooling system

    PCS plant control system

    PCT peak cladding temperature

    pcu power control unit

    pcv pressure control valve

    PCWG Power Capabilities Working Group

    PCWS passive containment cooling water storage

    PDA plant data acquisition

    PDAS plant data acquisition system

    pdf portable document format

    pdm pulse duration modulation

    pdr power directional relay

    PDS Purchasing Department Specification

    perl Practical Extraction and Reporting Language

    perm permanent

    PERT performance evaluation and review technique

    pF picofarad

    pf pulse frequency

    PFMP powef generation systems planning

    PFR prototype fast reactor

    PGS plant gas system

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ph brz phophor bronze

    pH hydrogen ion concentration (negative logaritm)

    PHCU pressurizer heater control unit

    phcv-sd phase conversion and step/down

    phen phenolic

    phh phillips head

    phm phase meter

    phos phosphate

    php pound-force per horsepower

    php pounds per horsepower

    phr pound-force per hour

    phrhd pump, hydraulic ram, hand-driven

    PHS Public Health Service

    PHWR pressurized heavy water reactor

    pi point of intersection

    PI polarization index

    PI process instrumentation

    PI programmed instruction

    pic polyethylene-insulated conductor

    PID proportional integral derivative

    pim pulse interval modulation

    pin. positive-intrinsic-negative (transistor)

    PIP project information package

    pip project information package

    PIRT phenomena identification ranking table

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    piv peak inverse voltage

    piv post indicator valve

    pk peck

    pkg package

    pl parting line (castings)

    PLAP Plant Life Assessment Program

    plc power-line carrier

    PLC programmable logic controller

    PLCS pressure level control system

    PLEX plant life extension

    PLIM plant life management

    PLIOFF plant-level impact of functional failure

    PLS plant control system

    PLS precautions, limitations, and setpoints

    plsn pulsation

    pltg plating

    pm post meridiem (afternoon)

    pm pound-force per minute

    pm pounds per minute

    PM preventive maintenance

    PMA process measurement accuracy (calculations)

    pmd program monitoring and diagnosis

    PMD Project Master Document

    PME precision measuring equipment

    PMNP platform-mounted nuclear plant

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    PMO plant maintenance optimization (optimizer)

    PMP Performance Management Process

    PMP preventive maintenance process

    PMS plant monitoring system

    PMS protection and safety monitoring system

    PNL Pacific Northwest Laboratory

    pnp positive-negative-positive (transistor)

    PNS project numbers system

    PO purchase order

    POGE power generation

    POR plant overview room

    PORC plant operating review committee

    PORV power-operated relief valve

    POS plant operating system

    potw potable water

    ppb parts per billion

    PPCS pressurizer pressure control system

    pph pounds per hour

    PPIP primary plant instrument panels

    PPIT product and process improvement team

    ppm parts per million

    ppm pulse position modulation

    PPP point-to-point-protocol

    PPS plant protection system

    PPS programs, products, and services

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    PQP Project Quality Plan

    PR Puerto Rico

    PR purchase requisition

    PR.P pressurizer pressure

    PRA probabilistic risk assessment

    prb parabola

    PRC Peoples Republic of China

    prc point of reverse curve

    prefab prefabricated

    prelim preliminary

    prep preparation

    prep prepare

    prf pulse repetition frequency

    PRHR passive residual heat removal

    PRM project review meeting

    prod. product

    prod. Production

    PROF probability of failure

    prof professional

    PRPS primary reactor protection system

    prr pulse repetition rate

    PRT pressurizer relief tank

    prt pulse repetition time

    prv peak reverse voltage

    PRV pressure relief valve

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ps chloropicrin

    ps polystyrene

    PS power systems

    PSA probabilistic safety assessment

    PSAR Preliminary Safety Analysis Report

    PSDAR Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report

    psf pound-force per square foot

    psf pounds per square foot

    psi pound-force per square inch

    psi pounds per square inch

    PSI preservice inspection

    psi protosynthex index

    psia pound-force per square inch absolute

    psia pounds per square inch absolute

    psig pound-force per square inch gage

    psig pounds per square inch gage

    PSP Power Systems Planning

    psr plow-steel rope

    PSS primary sampling system

    pst point of spiral tangent

    psu power supply unit

    pswbd power switchboard

    PTAW plasma transferred arc welding

    ptfe polytetrafluoroethylene

    ptm pulse time modulation

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    PTML pnp transistor magnetic logic

    ptmtlg pitometer-log

    pts pneumatic test set

    PTS pressurized thermal shock

    ptwt photo-type traveling wave tube

    pu pickup

    Pu plutonium

    PUC Public Utility Commission

    PV pressure vessel

    PVRC Pressure Vessel Research Council

    pvt pressure-volume-temperature

    pW picowatt

    PWHT post-weld heat treatment

    PWR pressurized water reactor

    pwrh powerhouse

    PWRS pressurized water reactor system

    PWRSD Pressurized Water Reactor System Division

    PWS primary water storage

    PWSCC primary water system stress corrosion cracking

    PXS passive core cooling system

    pyro pyrotechnic

    pzr pressurizer

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    q&a question and answer

    QA quality assurance

    QAPD Quality Assurance Program Description

    QAR quality action request

    QC quality control

    QCR quality control reliability

    QCI quality performance improvement plan

    QDPS qualified data processing system

    qdrnt quadrant

    qod quick-opening device

    qov quick-opening valve

    QP quality procedure

    qtr quarter

    qtrs quarters

    qty quantity

    qtz quartz

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    R degree Rankine

    Re degree Reaumur

    rd quarter round

    rd half-round

    1red first reduction

    2red second reduction

    R Rankine

    r ratior roentgen

    R&C review and comment

    R&D research and development

    R&T research and technology

    r/hr roentgens per hour

    r/r readout and relayr/w right of way

    ra reduction of area

    RABL reflood assist bypass line

    rad radian

    RAD radiation design

    radiac radiation detection indicating and computationradl radiological

    radmon radiological monitoring

    RAI request for additional information

    ralw radioactive liquid waste

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    RCPCCW reactor coolant pump component cooling water

    RCPS reactor control and protection system

    RCPSSS RCP shaft speed sensing system

    RCS reactor coolant system

    rcs remote control system

    RCTL resistor-capacitor-transistor logic

    RCV radiation control valve

    rcv receive

    rcvd received

    RD requirements document

    rd root diameter

    rdm recording demand reader

    rdout readout

    rdt&e research, development, test, and evaluation

    rdx cyclonite

    Re Reaumur

    rec receive

    recirc recirculate

    RECON remote console

    redox oxidation-reduction

    ref reference

    rei request for engineering information

    reimb reimburse

    reinf reinforce

    rem roentgen equivalent, mammal

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    rem roentgen equivalent, man

    reorg reorganization

    rep roentgen equivalent, physical

    req require

    reqd required

    RESAR Reference Safety Analysis Report

    retro retroactive

    rev revise

    rev revision

    rewk rework

    rf radio frequency

    RF refueling outage

    RFB request for bid

    rfc radio-frequency choke

    RFC request for comments

    rfi radio-frequency interference

    rflx reflex

    RFP request for proposal

    RFQ request for qualification

    rfw reserve feedwater

    RG Regulatory Guide

    RGE Rochester Gas & Electric

    RH residual heat

    rhp reduced hard pressure

    rhr reheater

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    RHR residual heat removal

    RHRS residual heat removal system

    RHX residual heat exchanger

    RI reactor internal

    RI Rhode Island

    rifi radio interference field intensity

    ril red indicating light

    RIL rod insertion limit

    riot. real-time input-output transducer

    RIP rod internal pressure

    RL resistance inductance

    RLC resistance inductance capacitance

    RM radiation monitoring

    RM refueling machine

    rm room

    RMR Revised Methodology Report

    RMS radiation monitoring system

    RMS radiation monitoring system

    rms root mean square

    rms square root of mean square

    RMW reactor makeup water

    RNB return to nucleate boiling

    rndm random

    RNS normal residual heat removal system

    ro/ro roll on/roll off

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    ROI return on investment

    ROK Republic of Korea (South Korea)

    ROM read-only memory

    ROSA robot-operated service arm

    RPCBS reactor power cutback system

    RPCP reactor plant control panel

    rpd renewable parts data

    rpm revolutions per minute

    RPQ request for price quotation

    RPS reactor protection system

    rps revolutions per second

    RPV reactor pressure vessel

    RR rapid refueling

    RRS reactor regulatory system

    RRS Repair and Replacement Services

    RRW risk reduction worth

    rs&i receipt, storage, and issue

    RSB reactor systems branch

    RSG reactor steam generator

    RSG replacement steam generator

    RSI relative susceptibility index

    RSIC radiation shielding information center

    RSO NSD Resource & Support Operations

    RSP remote shutdown panel

    RSPT reed switch position transmitters

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    RSR remote shutdown room

    rss root sum square

    RSW remote shutdown workstation

    RT radioactive testing (nondestructive)

    RT radiographic testing

    RT reactor trip

    RTD resistance temperature detector

    RTDP revised thermal design procedure

    RTF run to failure

    RTL resistor-transistor logic

    rtm recording tachometer

    RTM release to manufacture

    RTN reconstitutable top nozzle

    RTP rated thermal power

    RTRP reduced temperature return to power

    RTS reactor trip switchgear

    RV reactor vessel

    rv relief valve

    RVF reactor vessel failure

    RVI reactor vessel internal

    RVI remote visual inspection

    rvm reactive voltmeter

    rvp reid vapor pressure

    RWG Roebling Wire Gage

    RWST refueling water storage tank

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    RXS reactor system

    rz return-to-zero

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    s second (combination form)

    S siemens

    S south

    S&A surveillance and accountability

    s/a subassembly

    s/r send and receive

    SA safety analysis

    sa spectrum analyzer

    sa stress anneal

    SABE system engineer

    SACE semiautomatic checkout equipment

    SAE site area emergency

    SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

    SAFDL specified acceptable fuel design limit

    SAFE safeguards automated facility evaluation

    SAFR sodium advanced fast reactor

    SAID safety analysis input data

    SAIGE Societdi Architettura Industriale per Gli Impiantidi Generazionede Energia, SpA (Italy)

    SAL safety analysis limit

    sal salinity

    sal salinometer

    SALE safeguards analytical laboratory evaluation

    salv salvage

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    SAM substitute alloy material

    SAMA Scientific Apparatus Makers Association

    SAMDA severe accident mitigation design alternative

    SAMIS structural analysis and matrix inversion system

    SAO Station Administration Order

    SAP Safety Assessment Principle

    SAR Safety Analysis Report

    sat. saturate

    satfy satisfactory

    satl satellite

    SAW submerged arc weld

    sb sideband

    sb sleeve bearing

    sb solid body

    sb stilb

    sb stove bolt

    sb synchronization bit

    SBCS steam bypass control system

    SBLOCA small-break LOCA

    sbm submersible

    SBO station blackout

    sbstr substrate

    sc scale

    SC secondary chemistry

    sc shaft center

  • 8/10/2019 Dictionnaire Technique Franco_Anglais Nucleaire


    sc single contact

    SC South Carolina

    SC steam system

    SC structures and components

    scalo scanning local oscillator

    scav scavenge

    scc single conductor cable

    scc steam corrosion cracking

    SCC stress corrosion cracking

    scdp steel cadmium plated

    scf standard cubic feet

    SCF stress concentration factor

    SCFBR steam cooled fast breeder reactor

    scfh standard cubic feet per hour

    scfm standard cubic feet per minute

    sch socket h