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  • Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH)

    Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) Lessons Learnt


    Constraints Issues Recommendations


    Inherited Data Specifications Categories of Technical Publications Hard Copy Requirements Time

  • Inherited Data

    EC & ECD Combined Data Module Requirements List (DMRL) for HAP Tiger (Bilateral Program)

    EC DTDs and Stylesheets (Adept SGML) Linked HAP Tiger S1000D Data Modules

    in French

  • Specifications

    DEF (AUST) 5629A AAP 5030.001 & 5030.002 AECMA S1000D

  • Categories of Publications

    Australian Aircraft Publications Technical Data Modules in a Common

    Source Data Base (CSDB) for an IETP to S1000D

    Foreign Source Data issued externally to Defence but authorised for use

  • Hard Copy

    Aircrew Manuals Flight Manual and Aircrew Check List Flight Test Schedule Weapons Delivery Manual

    Weapons Loading Manual and Check Lists Technical Maintenance Plan Planned Servicing Schedules

  • Time

    Requirements Analysis, TIL and TIAL LSAR and Technical Publications parallel

    activities Translation and Edit (Grammatical & Technical) Hard Copy Requirements from IETP Retrospective IETP authenticity maintenance

    policy, LSAR, LORA, RPSL and S&TEPL Configuration Differences


    ILS (ACQ) SOW - Contract looked for AA initiative

    EC CSDB & Viewer (DocMust & X-Indoc) not obtainable

    New SGML Package (Epic) and Stylesheet Customisation

    Australian CSDB & Viewer (ADGs R4i) Development and Functionality - Costs

    Paradigm Shift

  • ILS Statement of Work

    ILS (ACQ) SOW specified TI Deliverables Relevant CALS Compliant standard Technical Information Repository Technical Publications Identification Production of Technical Publications as per Approved

    ISP & TIL with any new DTDs and FOSIs Technical Publications Validation and Verification Other Technical Information (excludes Tech Pubs)

    TI Payment Deliverables CDR(ACQ)-ILS-008 TIL payment milestone to IETP

  • DocMust and X-Indoc

    DocMust - EC Proprietary Software X-Indoc Still being developed Software Tools and Content in French

  • SGML Package

    Adept to Epic Editor Epic v Framemaker Stylesheet availability (DTDs & FOSIs) and

    necessary customisation Technical Writer Training

  • Australian CSDB & Viewer

    Seeking a Developer CSDB Development in return for S1000D

    experienced resources (personnel) Progressive Improvements Dynamic ARH S1000D Guidance

    Document (Business Rules) and ARH Tiger specific DMRL

    Pioneering in New Territory

  • Paradigm Shift

    Technical Publications (CALS compliant) written in accordance with DEF(AUST) 5629A

    Technical Data Modules written in accordance with AECMA S1000D

    IETM (ATA 100 & 2100) v IETP (AECMA S1000D)


    Contract Deliverable Requirements List (CDRL) Requirements Analysis Aircraft Specific S1000D Guidance Document

    (Business Rules) Data Module Requirements Analysis (DMRL) Progressive Build-up of IETP Entire IETP

  • CDRL

    Technical Publications Plan ISP S1000D Guidance Document Technical Information Repository - DMRL

    and TIL/TIAL (List of non-IETP) CSDB & Content (DMRL & LOAP)

  • Requirements Analysis

    Technical Publications Identification -LOAP

    Technical Publications Plan (including Technical Data Management)

    Development Strategy LSAR Schedule Hard Copy Requirements Specify Layout

    DEF(AUST) 5629A/AAP 5030 v S1000D Validation and Verification

  • Business Rules

    Customer/Subcontractor Collaboration CSDB Functionality Infoset Content Data Delivery and Acceptance

  • DMRL

    Planning List Perceived Existing, New, Tailored Data Modules

    Maintenance Concept LSAR, LORA Output CSDB Driver Historical Trail

  • Progressive IETP Build-up

    Validation and Linking of Technical Content

    Payment Milestones Progress against DMRL

  • Entire IETP

    What Constitutes an Entire IETP? When the CSDB contains ALL the Technical

    Data Modules specified in the Aircraft DMRL Does the Entire IETP Satisfy the Entire

    Aircraft Technical Publications Requirement? Not necessarily, hence the need for the

    Requirements Analysis and TIL/TIAL