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  • Issue 57 July 2010

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    Dear Readers,

    June 2010 has been an especially proud month in thehistory of Thetford, a time to celebrate with our flags flyingas we had the privilege to take part in the Welcome HomeParade. The television crews were here in quick succession,twice within one week. The town was also alive for theunveiling of the Captain Mainwaring statue when thetelevision cameras made their first appearance. Storiesand pictures galore this month. Happy Reading - Marje


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  • Cheering and Flagwaving welcomed our

    boys home.Hundreds gathered and lined the streets, more headsand hands appeared from upstairs windows, someclapping, some waving flags, to create a truly fantasticwelcome, and show of appreciation, as D Squadronmarched through the town centre. Children andteenagers from local schools, many organisation, groups,and war veterans were among the crowds who were sokeen to show their gratitude.

    D Squadron, from nearby RAF Honington, who recentlyfinished their tour of duty in Afghanistan arrived atMelford Common. Led by IRTR Pipes and Drums and theBand of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell, D Squadronmarched along Castle Street, across past the MarketPlace where their Group Captain Nick Bray took thesalute as they marched past and on into King Street.Official photographs were taken on the steps outsideKings House, with the public giving one last show of theirsupport, before D Squadron were greeted with a civicreception for them and their proud families, in thepicturesque Kings House garden.

    What a wonderful day and opportunity for the whole ofThetford Community to say, thank you for making us soproud to be British and Welcome Home.

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    Many thanks must go to Thetford Town Manager, SusanGlossop and to Thetford Town Council for the organisationof this wonderful home coming parade. On the eve ofArmed Forces Day, the Welcome Home Parade gaveeveryone a chance to fully show their appreciation of thebravery and sacrifice which throughout the year areupmost in our minds.

    Every opportunity is taken by many organisationsthroughout the town to support our Heroes through thecharity Help for Heroes, many of these events have beenfeatured in About Thetford and it would be impossible tolist them all. One example was the recent very wellsupported St Georges Day Concert, and another suchevent held by the Rugby Club is on page six.

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  • Thetford Rugby ClubAfter the successful Help for Heroes day held at Thetfordrugby club last year, the club wanted to make the eventeven bigger this year, by involving more local clubs. Weasked Thetford Town football club and Thetford golf clubto be part of the event and together we raised 3486.62

    After pre-match photos, the game kicked off at 1200 toa good turnout at the Thetford Town. A great game wasplayed by both teams. The combined side from RAFHonington and Marham put out a good performance butlost to the better side Thetford town, final score 5-2

    The rugby then kicked off at 1500 after warming upsession, and pre-match photos. The first half was playedwith Great Spirit of the event and was evenly matchedthroughout; at half time RAF team from Honington andMarham was just in the lead by 5 points. The second halfwas played very well by both sides, again very evenlymatched. The Thetford side gave everything they had, tobring back 3 points against the combined side. The finalscore was 5-3 to RAF Honington and Marham.

    The Golf then tee off at 1530 at Thetford Golf club, bothteams were in great sprits before the round started, butThetford rugby clubs golf team soon found out that theywere in grave danger of a thrashing. They put everythingthey could in against the combined side but soon foundout that they were no match. Final score was 9-8 to thecombined side.

    After all the games Thetfords rugby club President, BillSmith presented the BAE system trophy and thespeeches were made, thanking everybody for theirsupport, and for why we where here raising the money.With the presentation over we started the raffle andauction this raised 730. With the support from Aircadets collecting monies on the day, Shadwell sponsoringthe rugby match, monies raised from companies and thepublic we raised a final grand total of 3486.62.

    We would like to thank everybody for their supportthroughout this years event and we are looking to makenext years event even bigger, if you or your club wouldlike to joins us next year and think that you could takeon the combined RAF teams and help raise money forHelp for Heroes, we would like to hear from you. Pleasecontact Thetford Rugby Club.

    Roger Cash - Event organiser

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    Thank YouI would like to thank every-one who came out andsupported the homecoming parade on Friday 25th Juneof D Squadron Joint Chemical Biological and NuclearRegiment from their six month deployment in HelmandProvince it was especially pleasing to see all of the schoolchildren waving their flags.

    The parade started at 11.00am from Melford Commonand was accompanied by a full marching band from theRoyal Air Force College Cranwell and the Pipes andDrums of IRTR. The air was full of pride and emotion asthe parade came into view along Castle Street on theirway to the Market Place where RAF Honington Stationcommander Group Captain Nick Bray and Lt-Col GavinThompson took the salute.

    The parade continued into King Street to the sound ofloud cheering, and onto White Hart Street to fall out inWhite Hart Street car park.

    Then the official photographs were taken outside KingsHouse where again the cheering and warmth for theseyoung soldiers spilled out.

    The soldiers and their families were then given lunch inKings Hou