You don't know me better than I know myself

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We can track almost anything we want, and we are being tracked by others much more then we care to acknowledge, both in the digital realm and in the physical one. In the dark matter of the data shadows created from our tracked activities comes 'Ambient personalisation' and with it anticipatory services, not all these services are new, some we have been using and rely upon every day. What happens when our 'smart' things can anticipate our needs before we know what we want?. Talk given at: UCD2013 London World Usability Day 2013 Bristol

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  • 1. YOU DONT KNOW ME BETTER THAN I KNOW MYSELF Oli Shaw | FJORD | Service Design Lead1

2. LIVING SERVICES@olishaw 2What is it about? Its a talk about our relationship with living services and in turn the invisible systems which empowers them. Looking at how these services are personalising how we interact with them, with a view to understand the implication for design. 3. RELATIONSHIP DESIGN@olishaw 3Is the design of these living services more about relationship design rather then traditional forms of interaction or experience design? 4. EMOTIONS OF PERSONALISATION@olishaw 4As Designers we need to consider the emotional aspects of what it means to have a service personalised to the individual. 5. TODAY, TOMORROW, & BEYOND5Im going to be talking about the Today: What is currently happing in this space, Tomorrow: What the near future for is likely to be and Beyond that; into the aspirational possibilities and how they may play out both in a utopian and dystopian journey. 6. LENSES OF HUMAN & DESIGN 6Looking at these concepts, Im particularly interested in the human and design lenses we see them through. 7. DESIGN CHALLENGES TODAY 7Designing products and services today has an exponential amount of challenges to overcome from kick-off to delivery, there is a mountain of technological devices where the experience can be had, there is an ever increasing amount of content to be navigated and consumed. 8. RESPONSIVE, ADAPTIVE, AGNOSTIC, AND SOON ANTICIPATORY IN SOME CASES AMBIENT ATTRIBUTES. 8Being a designer today demands that your work is appropriately considerate of: Responsive, adaptive, agnostic, and soon anticipatory in some cases ambient attributes. 9. SMART 9The designs created have a need to be smart - even thou I hate the use of that word; smart tvs, smart phones, smart website, smart app, 10. SMART FRIDGE...10Smart Fridge... 11. A FRIDGE HAS ONE JOB. 11a fridge has one jobanother rant for another time. 12. THE FUTURE IS GONNA BE AWESOME! 12The future is gonna be awesome! 13. The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed William Gibson13To expand on the quote The future is already here it's just not evenly distributed (William Gibson), 14. The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed14the future we where sold about jet packs, space travel and ray guns might not be real, but while we where busy wondering where our jetpack are, an entirely different future began to emerge, we have been living in a largely invisible an immaterial future now. 15. 15Rewinding back to the 70s & 80s I want to show you this Burger King advert [video of bk advert] The service lets you personalise their product to your own tastes, just tell us what you would like. Which at the time was a differentiator worth advertising, 16. 16[video nikeID] today we have services which take that concept much further from just having your choice of burger topping, like Nike ID where you can personalise your next pair of trainers to express your own creativity. But this is today, I want you to consider what tomorrow and beyond will bring. Imagine a service which personalises itself to you, without you having to tell it you dont want pickles on your burger, or what colour combination your are going to want on your next trainers, it is already anticipating your desires and preparing them for you. 17. DRIVE-THRU MEAL PREDICTION17How about; a restaurant that can anticipate which burger you will want without you even asking? What about a restaurant that can anticipate when youll be coming in to eat? And has your desired meal ready for you within moments of your arrival. All without you having to do anything, you dont even need to wait; you only action needed is to pay for your meal. Which might not even need to happen with the future of contact less payments and geofencing. 18. Imagine setting up a rule in Nike+, he says, to have the app order you a new pair of shoes after you run 300 miles Ebays Head of Strategy - John Sheldon18For a dierent example which was explored by Ebays Head of Strategy - John Sheldon, in wired: Imagine setting up a rule in Nike+, he says, to have the app order you a new pair of shoes after you run 300 miles. Taking it further, it doesnt just order the same pair again it uses your prole to personalise the Nike ID shoes, to an individual and unique style tailored to your expressed style and tastes. 19. MARKETING FUNNEL19Services like the ones I just described bring into question the notion of the traditional marketing funnel. With these new types of living services, for consumers, its no longer necessary go through the stages of: awareness, interest, consideration, conversion and loyalty. 20. NO MORE DECISIONS NEEDED20The consumers dont have to make choices any more, there ambiently selected by the service on behalf of the user. 21. Ambient commerce is about consumers turning over their trust to the machine. Ebays Head of Strategy - John Sheldon21When consumers are no longer having to think about what the should chose, traditional marketing becomes less relevant, instead consumer decision is based on which company is providing the best service which really gets them, the services which really knows what I'm into. What I want, when I want it, maybe even before I do. 22. ANTICIPATED POSSIBILITIES FROM SERVICES OPERATING IN THE PRE-NOW 22As consumers begin to live in a new tomorrow, the services they use are providing anticipated possibilities not in real-time, these services are operating in the pre-now, 23. CHOICE IS REPLACED BY TRUST @olishaw 23and choice is replaced by trust. 24. Mentalism is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. 24Looking backwards and to a more human example of prediction & intuition: Mentalists, the individuals able to know what your thinking, it is a performing art in which its practitioners, known as mentalists, appear to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. The good mentalities have honed their craft to a point that it appears like magic, that they have supernatural powers. Are the services Im describing going to be a digital equivalent? Possibly But much like the art of mentalism there are good mentalists who can reveal your thoughts and secrets with an uncanny accuracy, and then there are the average / crappy mentalists who can fumble their way to guessing your last meal. 25. WONDER & DELIGHT25What a good takeaway from this art for the digital services we design is the wonder when they perform and the delight in the audience by experiencing their intuitive powers. 26. WHAT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO BUY26Today. We have the average; in some cases crappy mentalism come recommendation services. Amazon tells us what else we might like to read or buy, 27. WHO YOU MIGHT KNOW27Facebook & LinkedIn tell us whom we might know 28. WHAT YOU MIGHT LIKE TO WATCH28and Netix tell us what we might like to watch. 29. EXAMPLE OF TOMORROWS LIVING SERVICES:29In tomorrows living services we might encounter scenarios like these examples: 30. If you pay an extra 50 a month youll end your mortgage 3 years earlyMORTGAGE30Say I have a mortgage, I login to my mortgage service, it oers me a suggestion; that if I pay an extra 50 a month overpayment on my mortgage I could pay it o 3 years earlier. And you know, Ill consider that and I might just do it, more then that I'd be happy with the service making that suggestion to me. 31. If you pay an extra 50 a month youll end your mortgage 3 years earlyMORTGAGE Looking at your current account, you could spend 50 a month less on Dominos Pizza and put it towards your mortgage31Take the same scenario an push it a bit further, I have a mortgage, the service suggest I pay an extra 50 a month, but this time the service goes a bit further, the service has in the background reviewed my current account and has identied that Im regularly spending money on dominos pizza, its seen that Im ordering once or twice a week. Using this insight the service has suggested that I could have one less take away from dominos each week, I'd have that 50 to put towards my mortgage. In essence the service is now telling me that I could be better spending my money on my Mortgage then on a luxury of a pizza each week. In principle this suggestion is coming from a place of good, I probably shouldnt be eating so much take out and if I can pay my mortgage o fast I probably should. 32. DO I WANT THE SERVICE MAKING THAT SUGGESTION TO ME?32But do I want the service making that suggestion to me? Take it a step further still, say I agree with the service and I let it know that Ill not spend on pizza and put it towards my mortgage. Now its late one evening; I decide that you know what to hell with it, Ill get a pizza, but then the order is declined, the payment wont go though the service has decided that I shouldnt be ordering pizza, which I had agreed with and it is helping me by preventing me!!!!. Now I need an override button, but you know that it isnt going to be easy to nd, all in the name of helping me, help myself. 33. You see Coke and I see PepsiTV SHOW EPISODE33Say Im watching an episode of my favourite show, and when the ad break comes on all the adverts are actually relevant an personalised to me, which isnt to much or a stretch of the imagination, with more content being streamed and the ability to target the ad made simpler from an infustracture point of view. But what about taking that concept even further, with more product placement happening in lms and shows now, how about all the products that are interacting with the characters are personalised to me, the show you watch is dierent from the show I each, in that i