You don't know jazz

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You Dont Know Jazz

Or Maybe You Do You Dont Know Jazz

The purpose of this class is to introduce you to the musical genre called jazz and to help you find something in that genre that you like. The Purpose of this class

Joe King Oliver, 1881-1938

Jazz New Orleans Genres

Eubie Blake, 1887-1983

Jazz Popular musicRagtimegenres

Jelly Roll Morton, 1890-1941


RagtimeJazzJazz BluesDixielandSwing Styles included

Bessie Smith, 1894-1937

BluesJazz Blues Genres

Duke Ellington, 1899-1974

JazzBig Band Jazz OrchestraClassical/ Jazz FusionSound Tracks Genres

Louis Armstrong 1901-1971

Creole JazzDixieland JazzBig BandHot Jazz PopGenres

William Count Basie, 1904-1984

Big BandJazzBlues Genres

Billie Holiday, 1915-1959

Blues JazzGenres

Ella Fitzgerald, 1917-1996

SwingBee BopTraditional PopVocal Jazz Blues Genres

Thelonious Monk , 1917-1982

JazzCool JazzBee BopHard BopGenres

Dizzy Gillespie

JazzBebopAfro-Cuban Jazz Genres

Nat King Cole, 1919-1965

Vocal JazzSwingTraditional PopGenres

Charlie Bird Parker, 1920-1955

JazzBee BobGenres

Charles Mingus, 1922-1979

JazzHard BopBebopAvant-garde JazzPost bop Third Stream Orchestral JazzFree Jazz


Miles Davis, 1926-1991

Avant-guarded JazzHard Bee Bop Modal Jazz Free Jazz


John Coltrane, 1926-1967

BluesBebopCool JazzFusion Genres

Sarah Vaughan, 1927-1990

Vocal JazzBebop Smooth JazzTraditional PopBosa NovaGenres

Sonny Rollins, 1930-

JazzHard Bop Genres

Dave Brubeck QuartetWynton Marsalis & and the Live from Lincoln Center OrchestraChick CoreaHarry Connick Jr.Seth McFarlaneRod StewartPaul McCartney

Honorable mentions