I know and I don't know

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Text of I know and I don't know

  • 1. When speaking of Sichuan, whats the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it lovely pandas, beautiful sceneries or delicious spicy food? But today, Ill say the earthquake.
  • 2. I dont know much about the disaster, but I know thousands of people have lost their one and only shelter.
  • 3. I dont know what the house looks like before devastation, but I know deep down inside his heart there is desperation.
  • 4. I dont know for whom shes shedding tears, but I know shes overwhelmed with fears.
  • 5. I dont know whether his beloved one is well, but I know there must be a long story to tell
  • 6. I dont know how many schools collapsed, but I know many students couldnt escape .
  • 7. I dont know to whom this schoolbag belong, but I know its sad to be left alone.
  • 8. I dont know where they are heading, but I know theres something unknown awaiting.
  • 9. I dont know whether these hands can still feel the warmth of their family, but I know they once stretched out for hope so badly.
  • 10. I dont know whats going wrong, but I know they need a shoulder to cry on .
  • 11. I dont know how many people will sleep on the ground, but I know they long for going home safe and sound.
  • 12. I dont know whether they still have sweet dreams, but I know they are dreaming of their sweet homes.
  • 13. I dont know what the man is searching, but I know he has no sense belonging.
  • 14. I dont know how long he has been buried under the stone pile, but I know life can be fragile.
  • 15. I dont know how many people are still under the ruin, but I know theyll never stop trying.
  • 16. I dont know whether this little kid survived, but I know life is too precious to be deprived.
  • 17. I dont know whether these poor babies have their mamas who can read them a fairy tale, but I know there will be a Nightingale.
  • 18. I dont know their destiny, but I know there is always hope and possibility.
  • 19. I dont know whether she means victory by this gesture, but I know we will win the battle against nature!
  • 20. Give a helping hand and you can make a difference