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  • 1. You Dont Know What You Dont KnowPresented by: Stacy Hamer

2. Can you believe its been 3 years?2010Lets talk about stu.. 2011 ?2012 3. Today we are going to cover Future PresentPast 4. Battle #1.That feature can do that?? 5. Serialized Coupons for Discounting 6. Once a week, upload new serial numbers 7. Report on which stores have usedand how much.. 8. MLP for automatic employee discounts 9. Battle #2 10. Petty Cash Module 11. Moving History - Customer 12. Moving History Employee History 13. Battle #3Best money makerfeature 14. Collections Module 15. Heres how it works Customer CustomerEmployee pays withBuys Phonesells in RQ4 integrated credit card 16. What if customer charges back?Corp oce Employeereconciles Commission Done C.B.clawed back Not anymore. 17. Charge Back Summary Report 18. Link Products for Refund 19. Battle #4Best hidden rightclick 20. Graphed Report - Show Data Grid 21. Min/Max Right Click 22. Battle #5. EmployeeCommission helper 23. Import EmployeeCommission in excel 24. Milestones to track tiered commission? 25. Imagine this tellingyour sta when they reached theirnext tier calculation 26. Battle #6.Personal storywith afeature at the end 27. Has anyone been to Starbucks before? 28. This is my Mom 29. One day she sent me this email. 30. So a few days went by. 31. Remember, RQ4 has an email module 32. Moral of the story is 33. Out with old & in with the new 34. Starting o small. 35. Multi-Category PickerEXAMPLES: Run sales reports for New Activations & Upgrade categoriesOr Count 2 categories together 36. New Option on product setup 37. Message prompt on products 38. Example Message on SaleDont forget to remind customer ifthey buy 2 accessories they qualifyfor an extra discount! 39. Example Message on Refund Double check charger is with the phone being returned!!!! 40. Thats not the only new inventory attribute 41. Refund to used status - Refunding 42. Unique Pricing for used phones 43. Share Custom Reports 44. Coupons included in reports 45. Apple Care Integration 46. Apple Care? 47. A brand new invoice editorthat actually allows you to. 48. Just kidding, youll have to wait until tomorrow tohear those details 49. | 1.866.iQmetrix 2011 iQmetrix. All right reserved. iQmetrix, the iQmetrix logo, RQ4 and other trademarks, service marks, anddesignsreferenced in this materialare the exclusive property of iQmetrix Software Development Corp. and/or its subsidiaries.