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I started as a direct marketer, then a database marketer, then a CRM marketer and now a customer marketer. The common thread throughout, is data and analytics. It has always been the heart of understanding customers and prospective customers.

I became Doctor Data because I have always been outside the envelope trying to create deeper and richer understanding of customers. In my book, I created a customer data strategy and turned it into a consulting practice. I have expanded insight with syndicated data, survey data, demographic data and lifestyle data all fused with customer or prospect data. The result is a predictive and descriptive profiling that drives response and creative efforts. I have even created a One Day In the Life for creatives to understand target audiences.

Now, I have translated the data strategy to integrate the click to identification process by getting to PII level of persona sooner rather than later. I have included this in my thought leadership section

My job as a customer marketer is employing four key building blocks:DataInsightStrategyEnabling TechnologyAt the end of the day, the result must be a response, a lead, a prospect and a customer. I live by response of click, response of inquiry, cost of customer as well as many other measures.

I can demonstrate how I have used multiple channels and touch-points to create response. I recently created a dynamic targeting approach for the digital marketing efforts of the largest US auto manufacturer.hope they stay in business!

Did you know..A marketer needs a minimum of 10 unique data elements to drive each channel and touch-point? With an average of 20 points of interaction that can mean 200 key data points you may not be capturing!

I Have full use of both right and left brain.

I am able to write and talk gooder well, erbetter

I Possess mad people skills

Its scary, but I actually get turned on by datawell actually not data but understanding customers.once I actually went to a Toys R Us when I was doing insight work and tried to match up the shoppers with the analysisdidnt match and I went back to work. The only reason we do analytics is to get to a result that drives something

I write and talk.good. I am a good communicator and like face to face when possibleI even know nurolinguistics. I have about 5 speaking engagements a year and I even wrote a bookI have good presentation skills and am not hung up on being right all the time. As a consulting leader, my main job is to develop and manage relationships with clients and partners. I am a relationship person. I hope you get the sense that I can have fun as well as be serious.

I know a little French, so you cant stump me with je ne sais quoiIm going with sophistication and stylishness.but more importantly is oozing respect and earning respect.CEOs listen to me on a regular basis

I Get my geek on.

I am in touch with my inner Spock

I Own at least black turtleneck

Remember I said digital dynamic targeting system and on-line loyalty.I live with enabling technologies! I up on most of the Microsoft products including office.understand Excelbut I dont get pivot tables, yetdo you?

I am logical and like to think out of the box, as well. I live in both brains with my analysis capability. I like solving puzzles about customers for clients.Im an marketing guy.I really like working with creative types.and they like working with me. I bring them insight they can use. Remember my One Day in the Life.

I Organize like Martha

I Keep it together under the gun

Speaking of deadlines

Which Martha?...The good or bad Martha?Im always multi-tasking. Im a consultant.thats what we do!

Did I mention I have my PMI CertificationAnalytics, insight and presenting the above require a good attention to detail and as mentioned in Martha, the ability to handle a lot of stuff at one timeIm used to long hours and even working at home. I take my job and results very seriously!

I Play a strong point guard

I Appreciate the web like a fine wine or a FlufferNutter sandwich

I Have a sense of humor

I get it! I work and play well with others.your about what.30 people or so? I would anticipate I need to work well with all of them. I also take direction well, too!I hope you get the fact that I can have fun and work hard!This is actually probably one of your most important required characteristics. I will broaden the answer to digital conventions beyond web 2.0.

However, I got to brush up on the rules.most of which should be broken.except those which have to do with privacy and trust!

Rob JacksonE-Mail: rob@rrjackson.comWeb Site: Mobile: 630-240-6217