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Adriana Mahurunning for

MCVP Sales in AIESEC Romania

Deliver on promises.

I appreciate that AIESEC desires to strive for the best, to reach performance in what they do. If they keep up the good work and their contagious enthusiasm, AIESEC members could be among the leaders of the next generation.Adela JansenHR Manager BRD

HOW DO I ENVISION AIESEC IN THE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT?Through the partnership developed by RBS with AIESEC Romania we want to invest in the education of young people and promote the concept of sustainable development, with all three components: environment, social and economic Georgeta Bora Sustainable Coordinator RBS

The AIESEC members that we interacted with, have been extremely proactive and adapted to all of our needs, in a way in which all the events that we have participated to, have been beneficial for our organizationMonica Toni, HR Manager A&D Pharma

Enthusiastic. Integer. Performing. Leaders of the next generationBeneficialAdaptableStrong connection with the external environment. Deliver on promises. HOW DO I ENVISION AIESEC IN THE CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT? AIESEC Romania is seen in the corporate environment through the eyes of our partners.

Our partners see us through the delivery of our partnership and through our members.

2012-2013Building capacityDevelop partnershipsPositioning AIESEC Romania Customized initiatives with partnersImplementation--------------------61 600 cash + 21 000 cash +52000 incomes

2013-2014Strong long term partnershipsNetwork of alumni and partners Strong AIESEC Romania brand-----------------

2014-2015Solutions providersSelling benefitsGrowing networkAwareness--------------------


Deliver on promises.

Empowering the NGPExpanding the NGP Setting clear criteria and benefits for the NGP- Concrete benefits delivered through a structured NGP Creating customized packages with each partner from NGP Resigning and improving partnerships- Increase Delivery and Company satisfaction

Reconnecting with old partners Signing new partnerships based on Mc Budget- Better achievement of sales target Expand in domains- Relevant partners for our needsSmart selling- Endorsements from close partners, from alumniPresence in the external environment- Events participation and organization

Deliver on promises.

Building products according to the resources in the local markets and to the needs on the MC market

Assessment on our partners needs, capitalizing on close partners feedback to develop new products

Create initiatives with our partners

Product Packaging on Incoming GIP for each market

Products based on key benefits

MC Level Develop our existing products and make them more valuable:*external track for students, projects made by the participants, media and online advertising

Develop a new productAnnual thanking event- close partners, alumni and companies we want to partner with

Products for all the key benefits-Access to a international talent pipeline: Incoming GIP Project -Access to a national talent pipeline, Increase your employer brandingDirect connection with students and pupils: More exclusive partnerships with companies for initiatives and projects consisting in workshops with students and internships; customised Change IT

Increase your brand awareness, Action on the CSR by developing young people: Project with other NGOs

LC Level

Deliver on promises.

NGPDevelop the NGP Accounts, tracking on them and on the delivery

Hot AccountsDevelop the relationships with the accounts that have potential to sign

Account Management PlanAccount Managers from the MC

Customer Care Plan and involvement of partners in AIESEC activitiesActivities done with/for partners

Events participation and organization


New benefits