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Enterprise Social Media What is it and how do technical communications fit in?Sherry McMenemy - STC Toronto Education Day, April 30, 2011


1. A story to startSherry McMenemy 2011 2. A few observationsTechnical communication is still mostly one-wayTechnical communication is still more about process than peopleTechnical communication is still more about being complete than being responsiveSherry McMenemy 2011 3. Enter social mediaMedia designed to be disseminated through social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques WikipediaAny form of content or presence featuring or allowing multi-directional conversations and content developmentPeople + process + platformsSherry McMenemy 2011 4. So whats different?Social is about tools, but its also about:Genuine opportunities to interact with customers up close & personalFlexible, responsive, iterative processesMultidirectional, crowd-sourced contentBringing people & their job one to the forefrontExplicit contributions of technical content to brand, sales pipeline, support processSherry McMenemy 2011 5. What can you use it for?Learning more about your customersImprove your contentSharing contentWriting contentCustomer communitiesInternal communitiesBringing people to your contentConnecting people to other contentSocial business/social supportMeeting customer needsSherry McMenemy 2011 6. Mission statementContent is appropriate for users when it helps them accomplish their goals. It is perfectly appropriate for users when it makes them feel like geniuses on critically important missions, offering them precisely what they need, exactly when they need it, and in just the right form.--A List ApartThe right contentSherry McMenemy 2011To the right peopleAt the right timeVia the right channels 7. The 5 CsSherry McMenemy 2011Who, when, where?Technical, just-in-timeOne-stop shoppingInternal, externalE.g., product recall 8. You are hereSherry McMenemy 2011Enterprise 2.0, Social Communications 9. Social businessStrategy: make organizations more adaptable & responsive, increase revenues, reduce costsTactics: Process: when socialized, is interactive and iterativeCommunity management: to ensure productivityTechnology: the tools in the toolboxCommunity Roundtable Report, 2011Sherry McMenemy 2011 10. Social supportSherry McMenemy 2011 11. Youre not in controlihatedell.netfutureshopsucks.compaypalsucks.com microsoftsucks.orgmac-sucks.comfordreallysucks.com ihaterogers.caihatebell.ca comcastsucks.orgwalmartsucksorg.blogspot.com deltareallysucks.comdeltaisevil.blogspot.com southwestsucks.com mcsucks.comgeicoblows.com googlesux.comgooglesearchsucks.combushandcheneysuck.combarackobamasucks.net stephenharpersucks.blogspot.com Sherry McMenemy 2011 12. Social media functionsSherry McMenemy 2011 13. Who the what now?Sherry McMenemy 2011 14. Some termsAvatarCrowd-sourcingEnterprise/open sourceGeolocationHashtagLurkersMashupMemeP2P (Peer to Peer)TaggingTweetwallViral contentSherry McMenemy 2011 15. Getting startedListen & observeParticipate, as a memberFind existing communitiesBe up front about your interests, and what you dont knowAsk questions, ask for commentsTry thingsSherry McMenemy 2011 16. Listen & observeSherry McMenemy 2011Find out who is talking, and about whatLurking is okayUse filtering toolsCommunities, Twitter, forums, support calls, Facebook 17. Build a pictureTypical profiles of your usersWhat they talk aboutTheir pain pointsTheir job oneSherry McMenemy 2011 18. Ask questionsThats what your customers are doingOkay to ask direct questionsSherry McMenemy 2011 19. EngageStart small ask for comments, ask for ratingsDo something with whatever you getSherry McMenemy 2011 20. EngageIdentify yourselfEverything is publicInvolve others as needed 21. Once you start, you need to keep going, so be readySherry McMenemy 2011 22. Keywords and hot topicsSherry McMenemy 2011 23. Curation = valueAggregate relevant contentSave community members time & moneyAssociates thought leadership to youYou dont have to write all original content yourselfVia blog, feeds, linksSherry McMenemy 2011 24. Curated contentSherry McMenemy 2011Articles created by users 25. Ratings indicate useful/popular content 26. Excellent model for internal knowledge sharing