Social Selling - leveraging social media for enterprise sales

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  • 1.SOCIAL SELLING February 6, 2014

2. PHILOSPOPHY 3. The Challenger Sale A Challenger is defined by the ability to do three things: Teach Tailor Take control Build a pitch that leads to your solution, not with it. 4. The Challenger Sale Before even talking about your capabilities, teach customers about a problem they didnt even know they had - one that you can solve better than your competitors. 5. Here is your challenge Your customer has changed the way they communicate with the world. What are you doing to change the way you communicate with them? 6. B TO B SOCIAL 7. BtoB Social 8. BtoB Social 9. BtoB Social 10. BtoB Invented Social Support forums Webinars Message boards User communities 3:1 ROI on advertising 11. BtoB & BtoC Social The differences between B2C social and B2B social are also the strengths of B2B social: Smaller audiences More focused conversations Higher revenue per conversion Users more rational than emotional 12. BtoB Social 13. BtoB Social 14. BtoB Social 15. BtoB Social 16. Social role in BtoB funnel 17. Social role in BtoB funnel 18. BtoB Social Path to success Leverage spending to gain an advantage whileit is still cheap Move quickly Content is cheap, attention is expensive, socialis your medium of choice to arbitrage yourself to success 19. BtoB Social Channels 20. Communication channels VISIONPLANEVALUATESELECTWhite Papers Analyst Reports Blogs Podcasts Solution Directory High-Level Collateral Detailed Collateral Demonstrations Webcasts Case Studies Industry / Company Websites Direct Mail / Email Campaigns Business RequirementsFunctional RequirementsSource: KnowledgeStorm 2007Short List 21. STORY 1 22. Story 23. Story 24. Story 25. Education 26. Global Social Media AOR 27. STORY 2 28. Story 2 29. Story 2 30. Result 2 31. JOES TOOLS 32. Blog 33. LinkedIn 34. Twitter 35. Facebook 36. Google+ 37. Slideshare 38. YouTube 39. DOES IT WORK? 40. Yes! 41. Yes! - now at 275+ Likes 42. Yes! real time after post 43. Yes! 44. Yes! social referrals by far biggest 45. Follow me: 46. THANK YOU