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  • CESP Training SeminarNairobi, Kenya2014

  • JET INC.Corporate Headquarters USA.If you want to experience honest, dependable, responsive, service-oriented wastewater treatment specialists, you want Jet a company founded on innovation and anchored by service.Corporate Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio USA

  • ABOUT JETWe have been providing quality and affordable advanced wastewater treatment since 1955.Manufacturer of:

    Residential Wastewater Treatment PlantsCommercial Wastewater Treatment PlantsBIO JET-7 Environmentally Friendly AdditiveWastewater Disinfection DevicesIllumiJet UV DisinfectionJ500PLT / J800PLT Plastic Tank

    Systems are installed in 40 States and over 30 Countries Worldwide


  • PLANT DESCRIPTIONS AND TREATMENT PROCESSESCommercial PlantsExtended AerationMBBR ProcessesResidential PlantsFixed Film MediaJ500-J1500PLT500 PLT800

  • JET RESIDENTIAL VIDEOResidential PlantsFixed Film MediaJ500-J1500PLT500 PLT800

    Jet Animations\Jet BAT Home Plant Process .WMV

  • RESIDENTIAL WASTEWATERGENERAL SPECIFICATIONSOverall Plant Capacity - 1,200 Gallons (4.5m3)Precast Concrete

    3 Yards2 1/2 thick wallsApproximately 10,000 lbs. Divided Into Three Compartments

    PretreatmentTreatmentSettlingMultiple Units for IncreasedFlow RatesFlow Equalization Chambers

  • PRE-TREATMENT COMPARTMENT500 Gallon (1.89m3)capacityInorganic material is settled out

    It remains in this compartmentAnaerobic Bacteria (live in the absence of oxygen) process similar to a septic tankByproduct is hydrogen sulfide gas due to lack of oxygen.A layer of finely divided solids builds up on the bottom of the tank. As new influent enters the tank, it drops down and breaks up this layer. This causes the fine particles to rise and move to the treatment compartment via the transfer tee.

  • TREATMENT COMPARTMENT600 Gallons (2.26m3)Jet Aerator Provides Two Functions

    AerationMixingUses Fully Submerged Fixed Film Media for Biologically Accelerated TreatmentJet BAT ProcessThe 1500 Series Plants use technology called Biologically Accelerated Treatment (BAT). This is described as a constantly submerged, attached growth treatment method which performs the combined functions of bio-solids filtration and biological degradation.

    A 500 GPD BAT Pack provides 502 square feet of area for micro-organisms to develop biomass.

    The Fixed Film biomass consists of aerobic bacteria and other higher organisms.

  • SETTLING COMPARTMENT125 Gallons (.47m3)Wastewater is transferred from treatment compartment between hanging baffle and sloping wallUntreated solids settle to the sloped back wall and are transferred back to the treatment compartment for additional processingWastewater is held in quiescent state - enhancing settlingHighly treated wastewater flows from the outlet


    Pretreatment500 Gallons(1.89m3)

    Clarifier230 Gallons(.86m3)Treatment680 GallonsTreatment680 GallonsTreatment680 GallonsTreatment680 Gallons(2.57m3)Length:123 (3.12m)Width:62 (1.57m)Height:73 w/o Riser (1.85m)Height:86 with Riser (2.18m)Inlet Height: 59 at invert (1.49m)Outlet Height: 56 at invert (1.42m)Invert Drop: 3 (.076m)Functional Capacity: 1410 Gallons (5.32m3)Total Capacity: 1929 Gallons (7.29m3)Freeboard: 12 Inches (.30m)Nominal Wall Thickness: .625 Inches (.015m)Weight: 1050 Pounds (476 kilogram)Treatment 680 Gallons

  • BENEFITS OF BATSimple and inexpensiveConsistent effluent quality3 day start upNot temperature sensitiveHigh DO, low SS, and BODReduced SludgeAerobic condition is maintained during aerator downtimeTested and meet NSF Standard 40 Criteria for a Class 1 NSF Listing.

  • BOD LOADING CALCULATION500 GPD (1.89m3) Jet Plant:Convert daily flow from gallons to cubic meters:500 x .003785 = 1.8925 Avg. BOD strength from NSF test : 172 mg/l.32551 kg BOD/day = 172 x 1.8925

    1000Multiply by 2.2046 to convert kg to lbs..7176 lbs. BOD/ day is the capacity of a 500 GPD BAT Plant

  • BOD LOADING CALCULATION750 GPD (2.83m3)Jet Plant:750 x .003785 = 2.83875.488265 kg BOD/day = 172 x 2.83875

    10001.076 lbs. BOD/ day is the capacity of a 750 GPD BAT Plant

  • BOD LOADING CALCULATION1500 GPD (5.67m3)Jet Plant: 1500 x .003785 = 5.6775.97653 kg BOD/ day = 172 x 5.6775

    10002.152 lbs. BOD/ day is the capacity of a 1500 GPD BAT Plant


    Jet Model 952 UV Disinfection SystemsUses ultraviolet light to kill pathogens in wastewaterSimple to install and maintain Standard 4 FittingsStandard 120 / 220 Volt PowerAlarm systems integrated to ensure peak performance at all times

  • UV AT WORKUV light penetrates and permanently alters the DNA of the microorganisms in a process called thymine dimerization.The microorganisms are inactivated and rendered unable to reproduce or infect. Analogy: a broken zipper.

  • UV BASICSUV light is comprised of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths ranging from 10 to 400 nanometers (nm). UV-A: 315-400 nm UV-B: 280-315 nmUV-C: 200-280 nmVacuum UV: 10-200 nmUV light is not visible to the human

  • CALCULATING UV DOSEUV Dose is a product of:Intensity(quantity of UV light per unit area falling on a surface) and Residence Time(contact time in the UV chamber)UV Dose is expressed in:milli-Joules/square centimeter (mJ/cm2) micro-Watt seconds / square centimeter (Wsec/cm2 )Example:40 mJ/cm2= 40,000 Wsec/cm2


    16 mJ/cm2 - An added level of confidence for safe water supplies.30 mJ/cm2 - Accepted standard for most industrial applications using safe water supplies.40 mJ/cm2 - Dose required to assure the safety of water from potentially unsafe water supplies, such as wells, lakes and rivers. EPA and NSF standard; regulated requirement in certain states and provinces.

    UV Transmittance

    (UVT)UVT is a measure of how well the water is able to transmit UV light (water clarity). It affects the intensity of light reaching pathogens.Turbidity and Color are a factor in wastewater system effluent

  • JET UV SYSTEMSAdvantagesNatural and safe no chemicals added to the waterNo disinfection byproductsCost-effectiveFast actingProven and trustedSimple to maintainDisadvantagesNo known residual effectInfluenced by certain water quality parametersSingle purpose disinfection only


  • ACCUTAB WASTEWATER TABLETSAccutab wastewater tablets are available in the following sizes:

    10lb pail (coming soon)27.5lb - pail43.5lb - pail100lb - drum

    Calcium Hypochlorite is a Hazardous Material and requires special shipping and handling proceduresNever ship via air freightCannot be repackaged for re-saleService vehicles should have copy of MSDSFollow precautions on pail for safety and handling proceduresStore in cool dry place, not confined spaces or in direct sunlightWhen in doubt contact Jet Customer Service

  • CHLOR-AWAYAvailable in two sizes:25 lb. Pail45 lb. PailSpecially formulated blend of Sodium Sulfite to remove residual chlorine concentration in wastewater system effluentNot considered Hazmat, no shipping restrictionsInstantaneous reaction to remove residual chlorine, no contact time requiredExpect 2 to 1 usage when compared to chlorine tablets

  • BIO JET-7Living bacteria; dormant in a vegetative state in a liquid solution7 scientifically developed and patented strains of beneficial bacteria100% biodegradable, non-pathogenic and non-irritatingHelps plant handle increases in BOD (organic) overloadingChanges in influent contentShock loadingToxic loadingHydraulic overload

  • ADDITIONAL BIO-JET PRODUCTSBIO-JET 7 PlusEnhanced version of BIO-JET 7 with 12 complete strains of beneficial bacteriaBIO-JET 7 Dry PacksSame great product in easy to dispense monthly dose packetsAmmonia AwaySpecially formulated to increase nitrification in onsite systemsSludge AwaySpecially formulated to reduce sludge production and digest existing sludge in onsite systemspH Fix Up Sodium Bicarbonate controls pH at optimum levels within your system


    Providing dependable and affordable wastewater treatment since 1955.ManufacturerCommercial Plants 1,500(5.67cm) to 300,000(1135cm) GPD BIO JET-7 and other biological chemicalsChlorine, De-Chlor and UV disinfectionProvide design and engineering for each project. Work with Local Engineers providing wastewater treatment solutions. Custom designs.Tech SupportPlant CommissioningOperator TrainingContinuing tech support after the saleProduct Support provided by local Jet distributor and Jet Inc. USA

  • COMMERCIAL WASTEWATERAPPLICATIONSSchoolsRestaurantsCountry ClubsFactoriesHospitalsHotelsRest HomesOffice Buildings

    SubdivisionsService StationsLaundromatsMobile Home ParksChurchesShopping CentersVacation Cottages


    Precast or Pour in place ConcreteExtended Aeration & MBBR Processes1,500 ( 5.67m3) to 300,000 (1134m3)GPD (Gallons per Day)

  • Jet Commercial Video

    Jet Animations\Jet Commercial Plant Components and Functions.WMV

  • JET DIFFUSSERNO CLOGGING!! NO MAINTENANCE!! Eliminates diffusion-system cleaning because: It diffuses air down. Orifice is up underneath downward sloping sides. Rubber diaphragm seals orifice when blower shuts off, trapping an air bubble to protect it. Liquids or floating solids can not clog orifice because it can not touch it.

    Diffuser body is constructed of high-impact ABS Diaphra