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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION You may be having a huge store at a prime location and attracting hordes of shoppers and you may think having an online presence may be a joke. However, you may fall short if your customers ask you for your website address. You would leave them with an impression of being archaic. An online Presence will give prospective shoppers information about your store timings, information about prevailing offers as well as they can check if a particular product is available or not. However, we will discuss the finer points in detail in our next slide.
  3. 3. REASONS WHY YOUR STORE NEEDS AN ECOMMERCE PRESENCE A 24x7 store A wider market reach Helps in Brand Building
  4. 4. A 24X7 STORE The internet never sleeps, and every Ecommerce store is open throughout the day all year round. So, shoppers can shop to their hearts content, without actually waiting for your store to open.
  5. 5. A WIDER MARKET REACH At your store generally people living in the vicinity or in nearby areas would come to shop. While, in an online store, you can have shoppers from all over the country or world visiting your store.
  6. 6. HELPS IN BRAND BUILDING Brand building basically means building a potential customers faith in your company or product. An Ecommerce presence not only gives prospective customers, an access to buy your products but they can also check reviews , interactions with customers and current offers available, and goes a long way in brand building.
  7. 7. CONCLUSION These are just of the few points as to why you need an Ecommerce presence. Most importantly, when todays customers have transitioned to tablets and smartphone for shopping, you dont want to be left behind.
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