7 must haves for your ecommerce store

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When you are building or redesigning an e-commerce web site, there is so much to consider. From datafeeds to automation, email marketing to shipping, today’s web stores need the latest and greatest in features to propel their growth. Learn what you can add to your site to make it the best for both you and your buyers.

Text of 7 must haves for your ecommerce store

  • 1.7 Must Haves for Your Ecommerce Store
    Alex Hackbart
    Miva Merchant

2. 7 Must Haves for Your Ecommerce Website
Good Product Photos & Descriptions
Professional Design
Email Marketing
Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
Social Media
3. 1. Analytics
A website without analytics is just a hobby.
If you cant see out of your windshield,
how do you know where youre going?
4. 1. Analytics Purpose
Analyze Customer Entry/Exit Points
Customer Habits
Paths They Take to Checkout
Drop-off Pages/Funnel
Learn How Users Interact With Different Elements on the Page
Conversion Rate Optimization
5. 1. Analytics Google Analytics
Unique Visitors
Track Custom Goals
Traffic Sources
Ecommerce Sales
Keywords Used in Search
Top Pages
Goal Funnel Visualization
6. 1. Analytics Google Analytics
7. 1. Analytics Crazy Egg
Heat Map Visualization
Track User Clicks Anywhere
Easily Find Distractions or Wasted Clicks
Easiest Data Visualization
$9/month Plan
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
8. 1. Analytics Crazy Egg
9. 1. Analytics KISS Insights
Real Answers from Real Customers
Real-time Feedback
Answers to Questions Data Cant Answer
High Response Rate
Custom Messages & Timing
Free Plan (with branding)
10. 2. Quality Product Photos & Descriptions
Users Know Exactly What Theyre Purchasing
Establish Trust With Customersby Looking Professional & Knowledgeable
Good for SEO
Answer Questions Customers Have About the Product Before Theyre Lost
11. 2. Quality Product Photos
Not Good:
12. 2. Quality Product Photos
13. 2. Quality Descriptions
Not Good:
14. 2. Quality Descriptions
15. 3. Professional Design
Instill Trust
Look Established & Professional
First Impressions Are Important!
16. 3. Professional Design
17. 3. Professional Design
18. 3. Professional Design
19. 3. Professional Design
20. 3. Professional Design
21. 4. Blog
Great for SEO
Consistently Adding Fresh Content
Become an Authority in Your Field
Gain Links
Connect with Customers via Comments
22. 4. Blog
23. 4. Blog
24. 5. Email Marketing
Stay Connected with Past/Potential Customers
Provide Valuable Content Relevant to Your Industry
Develop a Trustworthy Relationship with Customers by Providing Valuable Information
Promote to Past Customers for a Higher Return Rate
25. 5. Email Marketing
26. 5. Email Marketing
27. 5. Email Marketing
28. 6. Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
Remove Unnecessary Steps
Remove Distractions
Only Ask for as Much Information as Needed
Always Have a Clear Callto Action
29. 6. Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
30. 6. Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
31. 6. Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
Bad Checkout Practices
Prompting Users to Login
Forcing Users to Register
Too Many External Links
Asking for Too Much Information
Too Many Required Fields
32. 7. Establish a Social Presence
Connect With Customers or Potential Customers
Establish Yourself as an Expert in the Field
If Youre Helpful, Youll End Up With the Sale
33. 7. Establish a Social Presence
Create a Company Page
Ask Friends to Become a Fan
Add Like Links to Your Site
Run Contests
Connect With Fans/Customers
34. 7. Establish a Social Presence
Create a Company Page
Search for Relevant People
Engage in Conversations with People Who Talk About Related Subjects
Dont Give Up!
35. 7 Must Haves for Your Ecommerce Website
Good Product Photos & Descriptions
Professional Design
Email Marketing
Good Usability/Optimized Checkout
Social Media