Product photography tips for your eCommerce store

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GJ=WSG"=S=JG"g;S#GNP I X C . C O MThe photographers late; the designer isbooked out; your loyal customers are eagerlywaiting for the release of new products. Theproducts are here, but there are no productimages. Sound familiar? Dont stress! Breathe! Believe it or not, itspossible to have professional looking productphotos without taking out a second mortgage.Just do it yourself! Here are our top tips onhow to take your own product images.PIXC.COMPIXC.COM{p|;;p;|ONEPIXC.COMTip: Take note of where your shadowsfall, as some shadows may hidesome details of your product. Usinga window with grills or blinds mightresult in unwanted shadows.PIXC.COMTip: Take your photo at the brightesttime of day (usually between latemorning and early afternoon)because at these hours, sunlight isat its brightest and illuminatessufficient lighting near windows orin the shade.PIXC.COMW;;|TWOPIXC.COMTip: Avoid ceiling lights because theyoften create harsh shadows.PIXC.COMNp{;|ppTHREEPIXC.COMTip: Once youre happy with yourexposure and your frame, set thecamera onto a two second timermode because it will give thecamera enough time to stopwobbling when you press down theshutter button.PIXC.COMTip: If youre taking photos of similarproducts or multiple photos of thesame product, mark a spot for yourcamera, a spot for your subject and,if youre using any artificial lightsources, a spot for each light source.This will give you consistent images.Clear tape works pretty well.PIXC.COMW;p;{p|FOURPIXC.COMTip: We recommend using fabric overcardboard for your backdrop tocreate a smooth transition from thewallPIXC.COM;;;7;p;N1J;;"p;p;{p|p;;p#N=;p;;FIVEPIXC.COMTip: If your set-up is lit well enough andyoure getting dark photos, youshould increase your aperture(lower your f-number) beforechanging the ISO and shutter speed.PIXC.COM;;;SIXPIXC.COM/;{p|SEVENPIXC.COMSp;;;pEIGHTLet Pixc take care of your product images soyou focus on running your online store. Just take a photo of your product, send it tous, and well give it a professional look with awhite background and a touch-up. You will have retail-ready photos in just 24hours, so that you can start sellingas soon as possible.TRY PIXC FOR FREE AT PIXC.COMCONTACT