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E-commerce platforms have opened up portals to an invincible revolution in the way business firms operate these days. Providing a booming opportunity for both, small and big business ventures, E-commerce websites are the first step to a successful business plan.

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  • 1. Ecommerce Website Builder Create Online Store! /blog/ecommerce-website-builder-create-online-store/Gaurav Dhiman4.92/5 (98.35%) 158 votesE-commerce platforms have opened up portals to an invincible revolution in the way business firmsoperate these days. Providing a booming opportunity for both, small and big business ventures, E-commercewebsites are the first step to a successful business plan. As more and more individuals arereadily opening their wallets and shelling out lump some money at E-commerce stores, it is time for you totake a step ahead in your business and ride high on the colors of triumph. If you are still veiled away fromthe opportunity of entering the E-commerce world, then its time you stop thinking and start acting. Equipyourself with the right resources and build a website for your market now!In this post, you will be taken on a quick ride through the various aspects of an E-commerce WebsiteBuilder to get you acquainted with the basic Dos and Donts of this domain.An Introduction to Website BuilderAs you are certain now that you wish to create online store for your business, you are headed on the righttrack. Congratulations on your first achievement towards having your very own E-commerce online store.As any new business initiative requires a lot of attention and brain-storming, the same rules apply in caseof a business venture to create online store. It is important that before you dive into resource assortmentand website builder software, you have a thorough and a well-devised plan of action in your hands.Planning and organizing are the two most vital steps that form the foundation of all your efforts, and withoutwhich every other step goes in vain. So when you plan to build a website, spend a majority of your effortsand time in planning how you want your website to be from every possible facet.Steps to a Successful PlanningIt does not require the know-how of rocket science to create online store. All it takes is the correctplanning in the right direction. Here are a few steps to a rewarding online store that will take your businessto the zenith of success.Step #1StrategizeConduct an extensive research on the latest trends and technologies in the market, to ascertain that youdo not fall behind in the cut-throat competition the industry faces today. Join hands with a website builderand brainstorm the website content requirements, pictures and videos to be used, keywords to be targeted,shopping cart systems, payment methods, promotional tactics, marketing approaches and post-purchaseservices that your store will cater to. With these elementary details in hand, you can proceed to form abasic structure of your online store for a better idea on further enhancements and alterations towardsperfection. Beware of plagiarism and strict copyright laws on images & videos on internet. Timely actionagainst these can save you from shelling out heavy penalties these laws have in store for the offenders.

2. Step #2Ascertain your GoalsDifferent online stores target different objectives, depending on their specific requirements in terms ofbusiness. Take some time and make yourself very clear with what your goals are. Do you target maximumsales, maximum clicks or just the client details and preferences for personalized sales? Make sure thatyour website designs reflect your goals clearly, so that the interest of your client falls in line with yourobjectives. This approach eliminates every chance of confusion, ensuring that only the individuals that fallunder the realm of your target audience are attracted to the online store. 3. Step #3SEO Friendly LayoutSEO is a very important tool in hands of a website builder. The right SEO techniques can have thebusiness reach the zenith of success, whereas, even a small error with the SEO approaches can shred theventure to threads. Before you proceed to create online store, pay heed to its SEO prospects. The websitelayout and categorization of the online store have a direct impact on SEO. The product catalog andwebsite designs must fall in line with SEO techniques that help generate traffic on the portal. When youbuild a website, make sure that the content and information provided on the store aid the SEO techniquesfor a brighter opportunity of coming under the limelight for potential customers of your services. Hire anSEO expert, if required, to help you organize and strategize your work plans from an early developmentphase of your E-commerce venture. 4. Step #4Sketch a Rough DesignOnce your motive for the store is clear, we move to the next step of designing. Before giving the charge ofyour web design to an E-commerce website builder, it is always better that you perform a smallbrainstorming session on your own. Think of how your website should look like. It can be very annoying fora customer to enter a website and be flooded with an array of redundant advertisements one after the one.When you create online store, your visitors must first be introduced to the services or products offered.Keep these things in mind and note them down to give a website builder a clearer view of your exactrequirements. 5. Analyze the appearance of your portal, in terms of website theme, colors, drop-down menus, productcategories and subcategories, placement of text, pictures, videos, payment gateways etc. Note down yourrequirements and sketch out the basic layout of your website on a piece of paper. Draw hierarchal graphsdepicting what comes where and what leads to what. Be specific about the placement of text, menus andimages. Draw out arrows to indicate which drop down menu contains what and clicking on whichcategories displays which webpage. When you build a website, having creative thinking is a hugeadvantage. Let your imagination flow and give your portal a unique design that makes it stand out in thehoard of E-commerce websites on web. Most of the E-commerce website builder services, including ours,are open to suggestions and ideas from the clients. Have your portal custom built with novel ideas that giveyour online store an edge over the others. 6. These four simple steps will pave your way to seamless business opportunities that the E-commerce worldhas in store for you. Once these steps are accomplished successfully, the coming phases for building anE-commerce website will fall in sync automatically. Unleash your weapons of creative thinking andinnovative notions, and build a website to climb up the ladder of success.