Is your ecommerce store making some mistakes

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Is Your Ecommerce Store Making Some Mistakes?www.kudobuzz.comhttp://www.kudobuzz.comhttp://www.kudobuzz.comWhat is the most important thing to your ecommerce store?Sales right?But how can you get sales pouring in?Catch your customers at every point of the sales cycleAttention phaseDo you have a high SEO ranking?- Use keywords in your title and page description Use between 40 and 70 characters in the title and at most 150 to 160 characters in the description Use unique content. No copying, pleaseAttention phaseInterest phaseIs your site easy to navigate?-Interest phase Use a simple and neat layout Have a clear and concise product description Dont have too many pop-upsPreference phaseCan you win your customers trust?-Preference phase Proudly display reviews from customers Ensure that reviews are genuine and look itPurchase phaseHow easy is it to make payments on your site?-Purchase phase Use just enough security checks. Not too little, not too much Dont have unexpected costs at checkout Make membership before purchase optional Have a mobile-friendly checkout Error-proof your payment integration. Payment should never decline Repurchase phaseWould they remember you and run back to you?-Repurchase phase Get the shipping right Drive engagement on social media Send a few relevant emails per month. No spam pleaseTakeaways Have a high SEO ranking Make your website simple and clear Proudly display your reviews Have a friendly checkout process Work hard at customer retentionDrive sales with a purposeful rather than a distracting websiteCheryl Dzifa Tetteh@tdzifa_www.kudobuzz.comwww.seodoctorapp.comhttp://www.kudobuzz.comhttp://www.kudobuzz.comhttps://seodoctorapp.com