Facebook for Real Estate

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From Wolkia.com, June 2011 presentation for Alpha College of Real Estate. Includes: Facebook pages, advertising, branding, engagement and other tips for using Facebook in the real estate industry.

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  • 1.Facebook for Real Estate
    Advertising, Branding and Engaging on the #2 Most Popular Website in the World*
    *Per Alexa.com 6/1/2011.Facebook logo used in accordance with Facebook brand permissions.

2. People on Facebook
Over 500 million active users
50% of active users log on every day
Average user has 130 friends
Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
Source:Facebook 6/2011
3. More Stats
70% of users are outside of U.S.A.Facebook is translated into 70 different languages
Average user creates 90 pieces of content/month
10,000 new websites integrate with Facebook each day
There are over 250 million mobile Facebook users and they are twice as active as non-mobile users
Source:Facebook statistics 6/2011
4. Content Sharing
5. Start with a Branding Goal
How do you want people to find you?
Will you use your name or something else?
How much time are you going to invest each day?Each week?
Is your goal to replace another strategy?Supplement an existing?
6. Facebook Marketing Plan
7. Friends
Real (IRL) Friends
Colleagues/Business Associates
8. Separate Friends Into Groups
9. Advantages of Friend Lists
Helps you separate your tailgating buddies from your business colleagues
Helps you control privacy by setting privacy filters to each group
You can assign friends to multiple lists
You can assign friends to lists when you send/receive a friend invite
10. Using Friend Lists in Privacy Settings
11. A Few Friend Tips
Its better to have 200 friends that you engage with than 2000 you barely know
It you want to keep your privacy settings open, consider only friending people you know and trust
Be considerate of (as well as consider) the privacy of your friends and family
12. Facebook Pages
Per Facebook, profiles are for individuals, pages are for businesses
If you use your profile for business, your account may be disabled for violating Facebooks TOS
You are limited to 5000 friends on your profile, but can have unlimited fans on your page
13. An Easy Fix
As of March 2011, users can convert their personal profile to a Facebook Page
All pictures are transferred to the page and all friends become Likes of your page
Be sure to download your other info if you want to hang onto it!
Conversion is not reversible
Then, set up a new personal profile and do it correctly!
14. Creating a Custom Facebook Page
A Facebook Page is a website it has a unique URL, is indexed by search engines and can easily be tracked
While easy to set up, the challenge with a Facebook Page is how to use it well
Keep in mindyou do not own your content on a Facebook Page; Facebook does
15. 5 Essential Elements of a Page
Contact information for the brand visible and easy to find
Image eye catching, clear, unique
What will you offer users?Make it clearor they will leave
Call to action; perhaps Like this page
Links back to your other sites, profiles, etc.
16. Some Ideas for a Real Estate Page
Community Events Tab
Allow visitors to make an appointment to see a home
Homeowner Tip of the Week
Have a contest for example a Before and After Remodeling Photo Contest and let visitors vote
17. FB Page - DIY or Hire an Expert?
Remember, a Facebook Page is a website. It needs to be optimized for search as well asaesthetically pleasing
There are many companies that specialize in custom Facebook pages.Prices can range from $40 - $4000
Dont forget your required disclosures!!!
18. How to Create a Facebook Page
Choose your category (Local Business or Place)
Fill out the details in the drop-down menu
Make sure its complete before publishing your page
19. You Have a Page, Now What?
Invite friends to fan your page
When friends take the time to become a Fan of your page, thank them, welcome them
An easy way to manage Facebook only visit your personal profile before/after business hours.Use your business page during business hours.
20. Create a Marketing Plan for Your Page
Use a real estate specific application such as Roost, Trulia, Zillow, Altos, etc. to include listing and real estate market information
Add feeds from your blog, Twitter stream, etc.
Determine what to post and how often
Budget for advertising both on and off Facebook
21. Engagement
Inviting people to Like your page and then not engaging with them is akin to having a party, inviting your friends and then ignoring everyone
If youre not going to commit to engaging with others, then dont use FB for business
Abide by traditional rules of etiquette and always use proper disclosures
22. Advertising on Facebook
Facebook is about relationship marketing more than product marketing
Create small, target markets for advertising (not, everyone on FB who lives in Virginia Beach)
Know your market who is your typical client?
Budget for weeks/months 1 week isnt going to bring results
23. Types of Facebook Ads
Promote an event
Link to an external website
Promote a Facebook page
Add a Like button
24. Bid for Your Ad
25. Monitor Performance
Advertising Performance:up-to-the-minute details on clicks, impressions, etc.
Responder Demographics & Responder Profiles:detailed information on the types of users who are clicking your ad
Schedule reports and adjust ad campaigns
26. Tips for Facebook Ads
Do not write a FB ad like a print ad
Ask a question, offer a benefit
Write for a small, target group to gain the power of friends and word of mouth marketing
Monitor, revise, monitor, revise, monitor, revise
27. Thanks for Attending!
Twitter:@tinainvirginia, @wolkia
Web:tinamerritt.info, wolkia.com