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Real Estate Professionals can benefit from the relationships they build on Facebook. Here are some tips to help you build a strategy that will make a positive impression.


  • 1. Facebook for RealEstate Professionals How to build and maintain relationships in the social world
  • 2. Why Facebook? 88% of home buyers searched for a new home online before they spoke to an agent. National Association of Realtors Over 50% of Facebook users are between the age of 25-55 Facebook users referred to businesses by friends were 2xs more likely to engage the business and 4xs more likely to use services.2012 Life Simplified 2
  • 3. New Way to ConnectBefore Facebook2012 Life Simplified 3
  • 4. Facebook = Relationships2012 Life Simplified 4
  • 5. Business or Personal Page?2012 Life Simplified 5
  • 6. Your Must Haves1. Complete Profile (About Page)2. Connect the Dots3. Commitment - time2012 Life Simplified 6
  • 7. Communicate Be Relevant Be Authentic Be Consistent2012 Life Simplified 7
  • 8. Mix Up PostsYou arent just your business so your posts shouldnt be all about your business. Mix it up. In To ro the to a fa nto. Just fin ough that tivated tree nt is agents astic group o hed speaking ould have th e oldest cul at f Who w ear Tree, th ell right behin d grab so Prudential! real estate tt P dw m N Endico ca is alive an 639! city be e lunch and ow, to fore he er i in Am ork! Born in 1 ading check to the w back. where I Another Magnificent home in the very prestigious Westwood Estates located in, the very much in demand town of, North Attleboro.2012 Life Simplified 8
  • 9. Be Engaging2012 Life Simplified 9
  • 10. What Should I Post?First Time Home Buyers RelocationTips on the process Community info/newsWhat to look for in a School info/newshouse? Local EventsFinding the right fitDownsizers Investment BuyersTips to clear clutter Real Estate statisticsTips on condo living Success storiesHow to fit into their new Tips on flipping a housespace2012 Life Simplified 10
  • 11. Connect with People Connect on a personal level first. Dont forget the obvious. Its acceptable to send a Facebook invitation or introduce them to your Facebook page. Stay connected. Not just through posts, but personally by commenting on their posts, messages, etc.2012 Life Simplified 11
  • 12. Dont ForgetEven if you decide not to use Facebook for your business, others can be checking you out.Remember Facebook is a public media, keep it professional.Your online presence (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) is part of how you market yourself.2012 Life Simplified 12
  • 13. Jen Vondenbrink jen@yourlifesimplified.com For more information check out: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Life.Simplified.Cafe Twitter: @JVSimplified LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/life-simplified Website: http://yourlifesimplified.com Blog: http://yourlifesimplified.com/Life-Simplified/blog2012 Life Simplified 13