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My Target Audience Research - Genre Horror

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2. WHAT I DID AND WHY?I gathered primary research by asking about 15 participants to answer aquestionnaire surrounding the genre Horror. My questionnaire consisted of 10relevant questions about horror, what would give me an overall view about who I should target my film at.The reason I carried out my primary research as a questionnaire is because questionnaires are brilliant at generalising and gathering enough informationfor me to make a clear understand at who I am going to target my film/coursework at. The questionnaire is to help me understand whatexpectations my target audience has on the genre horror and what aspectshorror uses to draw them in, in order for me to make my film successful in targeting the right audience. 3. WHO I ASKED AND WHY I ASKED THEM? After looking at secondary research I found that most successful Horror based films were targeted at both genders whom where aged between 15 andover, making most horror films consisted of a classification of 15 or 18. So inorder for my film to be successful I had took these points in to considerationand targeted my questionnaire at both genders aging between 15- 17, 18-25and 25 over, which would allow me to get an understanding of who Im goingto target my film at. The reason for asking these participants is because if I am unaware of who Iam targeting my film at then, I will not able to create a film which interests and entertains the audience making my film unsuccessful. 4. QUESTIONS I ASKED 1) What gender are you?Malefemale 2) How old are you? 15-17 18-25 25 over3) Do you like to watch Horror films? Yes No 4) If you circled NO, why dont you watch or like Horror films?..5) What interests you about the genre horror?.. 6) What type of Horror do you like?Psychological Graphical Fictional Non-Fictional Paranormal/Fantasy other If other be specific .. 7) Name your favourite Horror film?.. 8)What do you like about this particular film? ..9) What age range do you think a typical Horror film would be suitable for? 10) What do expect to be featured within a Horror film? . 5. MY FINDINGS THE DIFFERENT AGED PARTICIPANT THAT SAID YES654yes3no2 Column110aged 15-17 aged 18-25 aged 25 over 6. MY FINDING - THE DIFFERENT AGEDPARTICIPANT THAT SAID YESMy findings show that people of the age 18 over prefer to watch horror filmsthan other audience who are aged between 15-17. This could be because most successful Horror films has the classification of18 because of the use of gore, sexual nature and Graphical nature, disallowingthe younger audience to experience the genre horror to its fullpotential, resulting to them not liking horror films.This now helps me gather a greater understanding into whom I will betargeting my film at. Which will be both genders between the ages 18 and over. 7. MY FINDINGS-WHAT TYPE OFHORROR DO YOU LIKE? Sales Psychological Graphical Fictional Non-Fictioanl Paranormal/Fantasy Other 8. MY FINDINGS WHAT TYPE OFHORROR DO YOU LIKE? This question clearly shows that the majority of audience members enjoywatching the psychological based horror rather than the others. The reason for this is because the psychological horror plays with the audiences minds and acts on their worst fears, as stated in the conventions ofthe genre horror, making this interesting for the audience and entertains them.Making psychological horror the most favourite type of horror to create in order to target the right audience and make a successful film. This has enabled me to make a clear decision in what type of horror I am going to create. 9. MY FINDINGS WHAT INTEREST YOU ABOUT THE GENRE HORROR? When the participants were asked this question, the majority of themanswered that horror films are exhilarating, the use of horrific and goryscenes, and how it keeps them on the edge with the contents which scares andmakes them jump, are the main aspects in which draws them into the storyline and interests them.I had asked this question in order for me to understand what it is about horror that interests them so much and there expectations of horror which gave me an overall view of what to add within my film in order for me to successfullyinterest my target audience. 10. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO BE FEATURED WITHIN A HORROR FILM? My findings show that near enough all the people which had participated in my primary research had said that within horror films they expect to seegore, scenes of graphical murder, thrills, suspense and tension throughout alsopsychological elements.The reason I had asked this question is because it has given me an insight into the expectations of the audience within a horror, in order for to understandwhat interest the audience and allowing me to target the right audience byadding in their expectations within my film. 11. HOW MY FINDINGS HAVEINFLUENCED MY OPENINGSEQUENCE?From my findings I have found out that when coming to produce my film I am going tohave to take into consideration that I have to reach expectations of both females and males.Who are aged between 18-25, but even though of this result I feel that by targeting my filmat the younger age of 15, that my film will reach a wider rage of an audience as my storylineis relevant to people aged 15 and they are more likely to be able to picture themselves in thesame situation as my protagonist.I have found that the most popular sub-genres to horror are paranormal andpsychological, enabling me add these aspects, codes and conventions within my openingsequence. Overall this questionnaire has enabled me to make the decision to make myopening mysterious and a bit confusing in order for the audience to keep on watching andthrive to want to know what happens next. So if I was to make a whole film that it wouldreveal what actually happened at the start. 12. EVALUATIONIf I were to carry out my primary research again I feel that I should of addedmore questions to give me a more broad suggestions to add within my openingsequence. I would also make my question more detailed and collect more widerange of data, as I had found that most of my data collected was generalised thanspecific and this was due to the questions I asked. I would also add more questionsbased around character and setting in order to find out what the audienceexpectations on character and settings are, as these are the aspects of a film thatdraws the audience in and keeps them watching. I would have also chosen a morewide range of participants to give me a more wide range of data as I had foundthat most participants I asked were aged 18-25 and this could be a major reason ofwhy I am aiming my film at 18 to 25, where as if I was to ask a more range ofparticipants of different rages, this could of changed my target audience.Overall I feel my primary research was success as it has given me ideas of what toinclude in my opening sequence to reach the expectations of my target audience.