Horror Horror By Sufia Begum 12A2

Genre: Horror

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Page 1: Genre: Horror

Horror Horror By Sufia Begum 12A2

Page 2: Genre: Horror

• The ring • Nightmare on Elm street• Final destination • The Texas chain saw massacre• Saw • Friday the 13th • Scream• Paranormal activity• The exorcist • Jeepers creepers• The grudge• The Blair witch project

Horror films

Page 3: Genre: Horror

• Scary woods• Villains or monsters• Hero• Love interests • Brutal killings• Supernatural or paranormal activity• Hero saves the day• Climax point were the hero loses hope• Dark settings – woods, creepy houses• Attack take place at night • Scary little girls


Page 4: Genre: Horror

Films that challenges the typical convention of a horror film

• Van Helsing - vampire attacks during the day.

• Nightmare on Elm St – Nancy is the hero and the soul survivor.

• Twilight – vampire fall in love with girl.

Page 5: Genre: Horror

Institution that distributes horror films

New line cinema



Warner bros

20th century fox