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Horror genre history

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2. GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM German Expressionism refers to a number of related creative movements beginning inGermany before the First World War that reached a peak in Berlin, during the 1920s.These developments in Germany were part of a larger Expressionist movement in northand central European culture in fields such as architecture, painting and cinema. The first Symbolic German Expressionist films, The Student of Prague, The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari, The Golem: How He Came Into the World, Destiny, Nosferatu, Phantom andSchatten. The German Expressionist movement was largely confined to Germany due to theisolation the country experienced during WWI. In 1916, the government had banned moreforeign films in the nation. The demand from theaters to generate films led film productionto rise from 25 films to 130 films. With inflation on the rise, Germans were attending filmsmore freely because they knew that their moneys worth was constantly diminishing 3. GOTHIC HORROR IN THE 19 TH CENTURY Gothic fiction, sometimes referred to Three great films that were producedas Gothic horror, is a genre of surrounding Gothic Horror in the 19 thliterature that has elements of bothcentury were Frankenstein, Draculahorror and romance. Gothicisms originand Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde . All threeis attributed to English author Horaceof these films have seen great successWalpole, with his 1764 novel Theand have been remade on severalCastle of Otranto, called A Gothicstages.Story. The effect of Gothic fiction feedson terror, an extension of Romancethat was relatively new at the time ofWalpoles novel. Melodrama andparody were other features of theGothic initiated by Walpole. 4. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HORROR-1930 In the 1930s there were manymonsters and mad scientists that werecreated in horror genre films, such asLon Chaney from The Phantom ofthe Opera and also the birth ofFrankenstein and King Kong. Most of these films are titledunder Universal Horror. This isthe name given to a series ofdistinctive horror, suspense andscience fiction films made byUniversal Studios from 1923 to1960. 5. PRIMAL ANIMALS IN-1940S Wartime horror movies were purely anAmerican product. Banned inBritain, with film production curbedthroughout the theatre of war inEurope, horror movies were crankedout by Hollywood solely to amuse thedomestic audience. The studios stuckwith tried and tested ideas, wary oftaking risks that might suggest theyhad no measure of the zeitgeist, andtrotted out a series of variations on atheme. This was not an age ofinnovation, but horror movie memeswere, nonetheless, evolving. 6. MUTANT CREATURES & ALIEN INVADERS-1950S. There were a vast amount of changes The actions of WW2 had left over 40that took place between 1940 & 1950. million dead, and millions moreIn ten short years the concept of aexposed to the full spectrum of mansterrifying monster had changed inhumanity to man. Homecomingmassively. Films such as Dont step on soldiers and widows had too manyit!, Jaws, Godzilla and The Thinghorror stories of their own to have theshaped mutant creatures in horrortime to watch the big screen, Thefilms to what it has become today. world could never be the same again. 7. GHOST, ZOMBIES & SATANISM Ghosts became very popular around Zombies are also a massive popularthe 1960s-70s era, the first filmfigure in the horror industry andaround that defined ghosts was The although it wasnt one of the biggestHaunting (1963) Where the characters horror films, a film names Night of thedo not believe in the supernatural living dead (1968) and it inspired otherhauntings until it is too late to change movies to be re-mastered and remadetheir minds. Ghosts became one of theall over the world. These films mademost popular figures in horror history the films such as Shaun of the deadand have been remade into severaland Dawn of the dead, being inspiredtypes of horror films. by these types of films. 8. HAMMER HORROR Hammer Films is a film production During the late 1960s and 1970s thecompany based in the UK. Founded in saturation of the horror film market by1934, the company is best known for a competitors and the loss of Americanseries of Gothic Hammer Horror filmsfunding forced changes to themade from the 1950s until the 1970s.previously lucrative HammerThey also made Sciencestyle, with varying scales of success.Fiction, Thillers, Film Noir & Comedy. In The company eventually stopped theirtheir prime Hammer Films dominated theproduction in the mid-80s and hasfilm market, having worldwide since then been in hibernation.distributuion and financial success, butthe success with help from partnertshipstudios, such as Warner Bros. 9. SLASHER MOVIES, HORROR/GORE 1980S Slasher films are very gore filled, and The film Blood Feast was consideredcan be mistaken for thrillers too. the first Splatter/Gore film to be madeUsually there are psychopathic killers and to set off the trend.and a killing sequence of victims areincluded with tools such as knifes andaxes in a very voilent and graphicmanner. Although the slasher style canbe mistaken for other horror genres ithas its own set of characteristics whichset it apart from any other genres.Slasher and Gore films are very similarthough in that they both focus onportrayals of graphic violence. 10. FEARS AND MORAL PANICS-1980 Horror movies surrounding the 1980swere often surrounding the watershedof visual effects to glorify the goryimaginations of horror fans and themovie makers. The horror films of theearly 1980s show a new energy anddelight in the genre, as special effectscreators fell over each other to createsequences that had never beenattempted on film before. Films suchas An American Werewolf InLondon, Re-Animator, Ghostbusters, Gremlin andothers are highly associated with thisfilm bracket. 11. GORE VENGEANCE RETURN-2000S Horror films are often associated with In the 2000s the rising and falling ofgore, and under the brackets the genre Torture Porn came aboutGore-Nography there are plenty ofwith the help of movies such asfilms that are able to backup itsCaptivity, Human Centipede, A Serbiansuitable name. Films such as Film and others. Supposabley the actHostel, SAW, The Hills Have Eyes and of torture represents the ultimatemany others. Films such as these are corruption of power; as the torturer hasdeveloping the horror film the absolute dominance over theirgenre, doubling the genre of horrorvictim. They also control the amount offilms hitting the cinema of 20 up to 40. pain inflicted too, which is of far more consequence than death.