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2. Genre Sub-Genre Hybrid Genre The method of film categorisation based on similarities in the narrative elements from which films are constructed Identifiable sub-classes of the larger category of main film genres, with their own distinctive subject matter, style, formulas, and iconography. The elements from two or more classic genres combined to create a film Match the definition to the key word 3. TASK List all of the sub genres of horror that you can think of For each of the sub genres that you have found list the conventions that are specific to that genre and the rules that the sub genre have to follow e.g. Vampires are killed by a stake to the heart. 4. Defining the Horror Genre - Genres can be confused by hybrids and franchises - Genres evolve and change over time Just look at the timeline showing the changes in the horror genre!What factors do you think influence changes in the genre? 5. Generic Conventions of Horror Films TASK List all of the conventions of the horror genre that you would expect to see. These are general conventions that would appear regardless of the sub-genre 6. Audience Expectations As an audience of a genre film we expect certain things from the film. Film makers can however play on this assumption. For example before Scream we would expect that the apparent female lead we are introduced to at the beginning of the film will survive throughout the film, she is however killed in the first scene. Before Scream this was unconventional but this was repeated in the subsequent sequels and has now become a convention of many horror films. 7. Horror films are set in an irrational, supernatural world. This setting distinguishes films from other genres which exist in a believable world. This setting also differentiates the horror film from the thriller which has a rational explanation of events (e.g. if people die in a thriller they stay dead; in a horror film they could come back to life.) Despite taking place in an irrational world the horror film is governed by rigid rules - Vampires can only be killed by a stake to the heart and a werewolf by a silver bullet. 8. There is little moral certainty in the horror film; the audience may be encouraged to identify with or feel sympathy for the 'monster' and enjoy the deaths of innocent victims. there are certain conventions which the sub-genres share - the isolated setting, the indestructible monster, the themes of forbidden pleasures - but it is also the case that each sub-genre has its own definable conventions. 9. Why Do Audiences Like Genre Texts? Genre texts are reassuring to audiences due to their familiar promise of pa erns of repe on and varia on They know what to expect They easily understand and relate to the texts They develop a proficiency in reading texts within a genre which leads to their pleasure being heightened as they recognise familiar elements in a new framework 10. Why do production companies like genre films? Genre enables produc on companies (whose priority is to make a profit) to exploit a winning formula and minimise risks Media producers rely on our ability to recognise genre when they promote new films, to arouse interest, expecta on & an cipa on Genres can provide a shortcut which saves audiences & producers me in developing a new set of conven ons each me they consume a new text within a par cular genre 11. TASK List as many different types of monsters from horror films as you can. I want you to list the TYPE not to name them e.g. Vampires NOT Dracula 12. Monsters in Horror The Monster in horror films can be a representation of the fears of society at that time. This could be a reason why the horror genre remains so popular is is constantly evolving. 13. In the 1950s the cinema was filled with mutant monsters and aliens The giant ants from Them and the arachnids from The Black Scorpion are metaphors for the danger of nuclear war, a dominant fear of the time. 14. These are the top 10 grossing horror films of 2013 What monsters were most popular this year? 15. Task On your PowerPoint/Prezi make 5 slides on horror monsters Each slide should be for a different monster it should contain: The name of the monster An image An explanation of the monster An analysis of what social fear you think the monster is representing. 16. The Zombie Zombies are humans that have come back from the dead. Humans become zombies from either catching a virus or being infected by another zombie by being bitten or coming into contact with their blood. Zombies can represent many fears such as: The moral breakdown in society Resident Evil The fear of a Military lead society Mass of intellectually dead people EXAMPLE 17. TASK Now map the key points in the horror genre over time. Create a timeline that leads up to the present day. Consider why the changes have occurred and why Try something like this http://wrhsasmediastudieshorrorfilmha.blogspot.co.uk/2010/ 03/timeline-for-horror-films-from-1980s.html 18. REFLECTION How will you use this research into the horror genre to plan and create your own film opening?