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Horror genre analysis

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This is the horror genre analysis for my A Level media blog!

Text of Horror genre analysis

  • 1. By Amy Wilkins

2. Horror Films arestereotypically set in creepy places such as abandoned hospitals, cabins in forests, and mental asylums. There tends to be a lot ofscare moments, such as jump scares and chase scenes. 3. There are a lot of stereotypes in horror movies. Hereare just a few. 4. This character is usually the protagonist, or one of the main protagonists. They are known for being brawny rather than brainy. They almost always come away as the victor. But this isnt always the case. 5. The scholar is the brains behind the protagonist. Not many people take notice of his/her presence, but they always do one heroic deed by the end of the movie. Usually, they are walked over by the protagonist, who then regrets everything by the end of the movie. 6. This character normally overcomes a lot of expectations by the end of the movie by figuring something out or managing to find an escape for the cast. They normally get blamed by the more heroic characters for any problems they find themselves in. 7. This character is the most important character in the movie. As they cause all of the protagonists/characters to encounter problems. Without this character, there would be no plot or development. Usually, they have a tragic backstory or reason they want to kill everyone. 8. There are quite a few sub-genres, which include: Psychological Horror Splatterpunk / Gore Body Horror Supernatural HorrorAll of these include some sort of violence or bodily harm. 9. Being trapped somewhere with no way out. Cursed objects. Some sort of biological metamorphosis. Based on real life events. Comedy horrors Shaun Of The Dead / Scary Movie Experimentation