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Horror genre analysis

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This is the horror genre analysis for my A Level media blog!

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Page 1: Horror genre analysis

By Amy Wilkins

Genre Analysis:horror

Page 2: Horror genre analysis

Horror Films are stereotypically set in ‘creepy’ places such as abandoned hospitals, cabins in forests, and mental asylums.

There tends to be a lot of scare moments, such as jump scares and chase scenes.

Page 3: Horror genre analysis

There are a lot of stereotypes in horror movies. Here are just a few.

Character Types

Page 4: Horror genre analysis

The Athlete• This character is usually the

protagonist, or one of the main protagonists.

• They are known for being brawny rather than brainy.

• They almost always come away as the victor. But this isn’t always the case.

Page 5: Horror genre analysis

The Scholar

• The scholar is the brains behind the protagonist. Not many people take notice of his/her presence, but they always do one heroic deed by the end of the movie.

• Usually, they are walked over by the protagonist, who then regrets everything by the end of the movie.

Page 6: Horror genre analysis

The Fool• This character normally

overcomes a lot of expectations by the end of the movie by figuring something out or managing to find an escape for the cast.

• They normally get blamed by the more ‘heroic’ characters for any problems they find themselves in.

Page 7: Horror genre analysis

The Antagonist

• This character is the most important character in the movie. As they cause all of the protagonists/characters to encounter problems.

• Without this character, there would be no plot or development.

• Usually, they have a tragic backstory or reason they want to kill everyone.

Page 8: Horror genre analysis

There are quite a few sub-genres, which include:

Psychological HorrorSplatterpunk / GoreBody HorrorSupernatural Horror

All of these include some sort of violence or bodily harm.

Horror Sub-Genres

Page 9: Horror genre analysis

Being trapped somewhere with no way out.Cursed objects.Some sort of biological metamorphosis.Based on real life events.Comedy horrors – Shaun Of The Dead / Scary


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