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  • 1. Analysis into Chosen Genre (horror) By Nicole McClelland Scream 4

2. First we start off with an inset in the beginning suggesting its a follow on. Diegetic sound is herd of a phone ringing which is typical of a scream movie. Voice over along with a black inset is used whats your favourite scary movie? this again is a quote that is infamous in these movies. We then hear another diegetic sound of a scary boom sound which is set out to automatically scare the audience and keep their attention. This is then followed by the scream character in his black costume and scary mask launching towards the camera which can be extremely scary if you havent seen any of the previous movies and werent expecting it. This, straight away tells the viewer that it is a horror movie.This is followed by a straight cut with non-diegetic sound of a line being disconnected. Arial shot of the location of a school is then shown on the screen; this suggests that the characters are going to be of school age.Point of view shot is then shot through the video recorder, another straight cut is seen met with a two shot which is ironic as there are two girls playing around prank calling someone asking what their favourite scary movie is, and this again suggests a little bit more on the main characters in the film. Costume and lighting are normal as youd expect from two teenage characters. 3. Inset now a new generation suggests to the audience that theres more added from the last movies and more of the story to tell.Non-diegetic music with the voice over of a reporter, which then turns into diegetic. Within this report the reporter is saying that it is the anniversary of the murders in the town. This is then ironically met with a high angle camera climbing up slowly show mini figures of the scream figure.Over the shoulder shot is seen in the location of a school corridor. Teenage boy asks another what his favourite scary movie is, this then changes into a reverse shot as he says ill show you in a very intimidating manor, this could lead the audience to arise questions as to whether this intimidating character has any part of the murders later on. Inset narrative is about to meetDepth of field is used in the next part of the trailer when we see Sidney who has returned to her home town. The use of this makes the audience aware that she is a very important character within the movie. After this we are then shown a point of view shot as she looks up at these hanging scream figures. 4. This special effect used here could resemble a possible flash back or a bad essence that Sidney knows something is up and unusually creepy about her return home. An inset again Is seen a ghost from the past this is very ambiguous to the audience as they could be contemplating whether scream is really going to come back as a ghost or as a copycat.Going into the house we are met with a humorous zoom in on the closet, after scream phones another main character saying hes in the closet.Diegetic sound of the telephone when Sidney answers is obvious whos on the end of the line to the audience which in some cases may emphasis the suspense. Scream then says in his terrifying voice welcome home Sidney Then we come into some interesting editing/ special effect on the trailer. Is could be seen as a bright flash of light which then fades into a long shot of a old scary house in the night light. Diegetic sound of the telephone when Sidney answers is obvious whos on the end of the line to the audience which in some cases may emphasis the suspense. Scream then says in his terrifying voice welcome home Sidney Then we come into some interesting editing/ special effect on the trailer. Is could be seen as a bright flash of light which then fades into a long shot of a old scary house in the night light. 5. Leading up to this take, the audience are again on edge with the diegetic music lead up, but after this and the girl opening the closet to find nothing there makes the audience feel at ease, like they can have a quick break from the jump part of the trailer. This is another common trait in a horror film creating a big lead up to a scary, jumpy aspect, but then it being humorous because you built up that much suspense and nothing scary happened. A close up on the girls face emphasises the terror on her face, but at the same time a sense of relief.Here is the part where the short takes and action of the trailer come into play. We are again met with a bright white inset, this to the audience can be seen as their life flashing before there eyes before watching the next bit. Then these fantastic insets are included, this has obviously been done as a trade mark for Wes Craven. Just before this is on screen we hear the non-diegetic sound of a woman screams again reiterating that it is a horror movie.A straight cut then shows a close up of scream pop up stuns the audience. Followed by the screaming of another woman who then starts to run with the camera behind her. This could be used to show it as scream being behind her because straight after this we see short takes and reverse shots and the woman gets killed, the close up of the woman's face has a direct effect of fear on the audience because her expressions are more in your face.Diegetic sound of a door being kicked open and a low angle of a full shot of the killer, scream makes him look ever scarier and a lot more in control and intimidating especially with his prop of the knife in his hand. 6. To take us to the next part of the trailer we see a white flash inset, leading into a black and white shot of a wall, written in what is blood saying whats your favourite scary movie?An establishing shot is used of 3 characters sitting down the girl in the middle says its time for someone new to die here the audience pre-empts that something is going to happen to her, this is confirmed in almost a millisecond. A short flash of light with the straight cut followed by the same character screaming with an over the shoulder shot of scream striking a knife down but you cant see who which makes the audience wonder. This part also has a scary diegetic sound when the knife is struck to emphasise the killing.Straight cut into a close up of the main character with a voice over. After this we see a green title of stab this makes us feel like its a movie within a movie.Voice over of 2 school guys saying whats different with the new killer. A low angled shot of a character under the bed is automatically scary, but then we see part of the feet of scream, this makes people prepare for him to pop out.An inset saying someone has reinvented the game the non-diegetic sound changes to an upbeat sound. 7. We then have some humour when the voice over says and virgins can die now a straight cut takes us into a interview room with the blonde character saying does that mean I'm not going to live as long as these two? flicks back to the 2 guys in the classroom and reply's with clearlyShort cuts then follow to create suspense as we know that someone clearly bad is going to happen. Again is confirmed when scream is seen through the computer of the male police officer outside in the car, the close up shows that he cares for this woman. He shouts Gail, behind you! as soon as this is said we have a kind of depth of field and can see over the actors shoulder the killer.Flash inset White inset then changes to black. another voice over of the guys explaining the killer. Location changed into a barn like setting with a mid-shot of a woman character. She on her own makes her vulnerable. Point of view shot, looking through a video recorderShort takes of different parts of the movie, music become more consistent and up beat, this means were coming to the end of the trailer. 8. An inset with the short takes of different scenes of girls screaming emphasis the fact that this is a horror movie and is going to be jumpy and scary. Films title We then see a fade, music and suspense dies down. We go back to the character in the low light area on the phone with the expression of distress. Tells the audience, in a way, that shes next. Scream then says down the phone none of the above met with a sudden black inset and a sudden piece of non-diegetic music, this leads the audience into wondering whether she got away or not, very ambiguous.Shots vary in the last part of the trailer with 2 police in their car, the audience are supposed to feel safe as they should with the presents of the authority, but the uneasiness of the police themselves do not give off that safety. We then suddenly flick to another part of the movie of screaming groups of people with a high angled shot of a woman falling from above onto a van.Then we go back to the police in the car. One of the police that have left the car looks into to find his colleagues head on the steering wheel, looking dead, he reaches out and it turns out to be a practical joke making the audience jump in the process. Low to high angled shot is shown. The last part of the trailer a show scream taking the last strike suggesting to the audience that he hasnt been caught and leaves us to question this which then as a result makes us want to watch the movie. The last inset tells us when the movie comes out, directly addressing the audience.