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2. WHAT IS HORROR?Horror films aim to trigger an emotional response from theaudience. This is done by playing on the audiences mostprimal fears. 3. HORROR - NARRATIVE A conventional horror film will usually include a supernatural (the other) fulfilling the role of the antagonist. The narrative will revolve around the vanquishing of this antagonist, and there is usually only one person who can do this (protagonist). A trait featured in horror that makes it so intense, and scary is the fact that a conventional horror usually involves the protagonist confronting the other alone, as their calls for help are usually ignored. The fear of being alone is universally appealing and therefore intensifies the discomforting atmosphere conveyed in a horror when the protagonist must face the antagonist alone. Originally the end of a horror was to give audiences one final scare, but now the narratives are left open in order to make room for a sequel (e.g. Final Destination, Paranormal Activity). 4. SETTINGSThe settings of horror films are usually isolated places, anexample being the film a Cabin in the Woods. The functionof a conventional horror setting is to connote isolation, andre-enforce the atmosphere of solitude the protagonist mayfeel (which naturally makes the film more scary).This is why settings such as dark woods, countryside andfarms are often featured in horror films. An example of a filmthat heavily showcased the theme of solitude was TheWomen in Black which involves a man in a remote house faraway from civilisation. 5. CHARACTER TYPESProtagonist Victim/heroVillain (antagonist) the otherDumb bimbo This character dies during the quest todefeat the otherAfrican American The character that usually dies firstMentor/helper asked for help but usually doesnt give it dueto sceptical about idea of the otherThe expert usually an expert in the field of the supernaturalor psychology, and is the first to give the idea of the other orclarify this idea to the audience. 6. ICONOGRAPHY ANDTHEMESImagery associated with the horror genre include:BloodWeapons usually consist of Knives/axes and are not usuallyguns. (Knives and axes create more blood which is alsoassociated with horror)Blue filters, and de-saturated colourNon- naturalistic lighting