Why eportfolios?

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Outlining why eportfolios are important for employability.

Text of Why eportfolios?

  • 1. Portfolios and ePortfoliosA new employability tool Career Portfolio Manitoba Don Presant
  • 2. Recognition of Prior LearningThe language of skills & knowledge RPL = a way to determine what a person knows and can do RPL can be used for: access to education (advanced standing) career planning & professional development access to employment a Portfolio is a product of RPL an ePortfolio is a digital portfolio
  • 3. James CrollVictorian Poster Child for RPL http://www.brianmicklethwait.com/education/archives/001380.htm
  • 4. Portfolio - Working Definition a collection of authentic and diverse evidence, drawn from a larger archive... ...representing what a person or organization has learned over time on which the person or organization has reflected, ...and designed for presentation to one or more audiences for a particular rhetorical purpose (NLII, 2003)
  • 5. Portfolio: key elements Links individuals skills/accomplishments to skills frameworks A record of formal AND experiential learning Claims backed by evidence Learner ownership More than a showcase; a lifelong learning tool
  • 6. Rsum vs. Portfolio (Courtesy FuturEd)
  • 7. Credentials vs. PortfolioCredentials ePortfolio Reflect time spent in class Reflects time spent learning Questionable proficiency Evidence-based proficiency Proxy for skills and Statement of actual skills and knowledge knowledge Dated Living Variable quality Systematic Formal learning only All learning valued (Courtesy FuturEd)
  • 8. Portfolio: product and process Archive of evidence Showcase: celebration & assessment of learning Education Acceptance/advanced standing, course requirement, graduation requirement Workplace Hiring, HR development, professional development, project team selectionFuturEd 2004
  • 9. Portfolio: product and process Assessment for learning Reflection, self-assessment Transferring skills, making transitions Coaching, collaborative learning Learning plans Knowledge ManagementFuturEd 2004
  • 10. Benefits of e Information Management capabilities Collecting, archiving, making different versions One to many digital shareability, links to specific pages Integration with Internet presence Online research: documents, networks Internet literacy, personal network, digital identity Collaboration Easy to add comments, edit, mentor, coach Measurement Link to frameworks, rubrics, track learning over time Integration with other ICT systems eRecruitment, HRIS Mobile access Multimedia enhancement
  • 11. ePortfolio examples Theo Ramsey Technical sergeant > manager http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT1XYjZcmck Michael Woolley Industrial mechanic http://michaelwoolley.efoliomn.com/presentation Michal Kopera Engineering PhD http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/eng/pg/students/esrgae Kevin Fisher Accountant https://www.innovatecv.com/cv/share/24/do-not-reply@innovatecv.com Sarah Stewart Nurse/educator http://sarahstewart-eportfolio.wikispaces.com/Competencies Ted Johnson - Senior VP/Chief Marketing Officer http://tedjohnson.efoliomn.com/Home Mark Farand Executive Director http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3ox9FR2iFk
  • 12. Web 2.0, social softwarePublish yourself
  • 13. Flickr Example http://www.flickr.com/photos/xinwen_zhang/sets/72057594115462151/
  • 14. ePortfolio benefits for employability Digital evidence bank Flexible, findable showcase Self-assessment, self-confidence Develop communication skills Networking environment Personal space for learning and building knowledge
  • 15. ePortfolios and Essential Skills Reading Text Document Use Numeracy Writing Oral Communication Working with Others Continuous Learning Thinking Skills Problem Solving, Decision Making, Job Task Planning and Organizing, Significant Use of Memory, Finding Information Computer Use
  • 16. One page version http://www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/infokits/e-portfolios
  • 17. United StateseFolio Minnesota, Pennsylvania, World
  • 18. CanadaEmployability, Essential Skills
  • 19. CanadaSector Councils & skills frameworks
  • 20. EmployersHuman Capital Management
  • 21. Career Portfolio ManitobaEssential Skills ePortfoliofor life