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Slides about ePortfolio options delivered by Mark Marino at CCCC 2010 in Louisville, KY.

Text of ePortfolios CCCC10

  • 1.ePortfolios: alternatives
    Mark C. Marino
    CCCC, Louisville, KY
    March 19, 2010

2. [Open with a Shocking Statisticand vaguely related photo]
Over 50% of universities offersome sort of ePortfolio.
3. Do ePortfolios requireuniformity?
4. i.e.
5. Himpsl and Baumgartner (2008)
6. Mahara
7. PebblePad
8. Dont studentslong to RUN FREE on the Internet?
9. Goals
Is an ePortfolio another temporary system more for program administrators to monitor student progress than for students?
10. Netvibes (PLE as ePortfolio)
12. Helen Barretts lifelong web
13. Google Sites
14. Google Sites
15. Multimedia Learning Objects
16. Pageflakes PLE
17. All you need to know is
Students need to learn
how to create their electronic identity
in the real world not in some system
theyre never going to use again. -- David Parry
18. Elizabeth Losh, Internet Identity
ePortfolio as online identity and branding
Curating your educational experience
19. Small Pieces Loosely Joined
20. What does not go intoan ePortfolio system?
21. Convergence is a ways off
22. Multiblog Platforms
23. Ning
24. Diigo Assessment
25. What does "Good", "Bad" etc. Karma Mean?
Karma is the sum of your activity on Slashdot. This means posting, moderation, story submissions. It's just an integer in a database. The tiers are Terrible, Bad, Neutral, Positive, Good, and Excellent.
26. Collaborative Learning
27. Mark Marino
Mark C. Marino