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Presentation given to Manaiakalani cluster.

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  • 1. ePortfolios Nick Rate nick.rate@core-ed.net http://nickrate.com
  • 2. ePortfolios: A denition... What is your current denition of an eportfolio?
  • 3. The ePortfolio as a Container: ...uses electronic technologies as the container, allowing students/teachers to collect and organize portfolio artifacts in many media types (audio, video, graphics, text)... Barrett, 2005
  • 4. The ePortfolio as a Process: ...what is produced when persons collect, select, reectively interpret, and/or present their own evidence to support their assertions about what they have learned, know and can or should do... Cambridge, 2003
  • 5. ...ideas of what an e-portfolio 'is' are complex and to an extent the denition and purpose will vary depending on the perspective from which a particular person is approaching the concept... http://www.ickr.com/photos/darthdowney/ JISC ePortfolio Infokit
  • 6. ePortfolios: The purpose... What are you trying to achieve by implementing ePortfolios?
  • 7. ...gives schools the exibility to design and deliver programmes that will engage all students and offer them appropriate learning pathways. The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 8. Do you use... ...teaching approaches that consistently have a positive impact on student learning... http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 9. Do you have... ...assessment for the purpose of improving student learning... http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 10. Do you use... ...elearning to open up new and different ways of learning... http://www.ickr.com/photos/47899590@N00/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 11. Do you see... ...parents and caregivers as key partners... http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 12. Do you have... ...programmes that will engage all students... http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 13. Does feedback on learning... ...develop strategies for self- monitoring and collaborative evaluation of their performance in relation to suitable criteria. http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 14. Are your students... ...connected... www.ickr.com/photos/saschaaa The New Zealand Curriculum
  • 15. effective pedagogy motivation & engagement parent involvement ePortfolios effective assessment connects learners feedback elearning www.ickr.com/photos/taniwha
  • 16. Engage, motivate, create, collaborate, share, present... eLEARNING ePORTFOLIO Effective Pedagogy & Assessment: ASSESSMENT Participation, interaction, FOR collaboration, social networking... LEARNING Web 2.0
  • 17. ...assessment for learning is one of the most powerful ways of improving learning and raising standards. Assessment Reform Group, 2002
  • 18. Assessment for Learning: It is based on the idea that pupils will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, where they are in relation to this aim and how they can achieve the aim (or close the gap in their knowledge). QCA, 2005
  • 19. Good planning is essential to being clear. Absolum, 2006
  • 20. Embedded in a view of teaching and learning, of which it is an essential part. Assessment Reform Group, 1999
  • 21. The awareness of learning and the ability of learners to direct it for themselves is of increasing importance in the context of encouraging lifelong learning. Assessment Reform Group, 1999
  • 22. What this amounts to is that self-assessment by pupils, far from being a luxury, is in essential fact an component of formative assessment. Black & Wiliam, 1998
  • 23. Formative assessment does make a difference, and it is the quality, not just the quantity, of feedback that merits our closest attention. Sadler, 1998
  • 24. ePortfolios: Types... What are you trying to achieve by implementing ePortfolios?
  • 25. ePortfolios The Accountability ePortfolio The The Process Showcase ePortfolio ePortfolio www.ickr.com/photos/96dpi
  • 26. The Process ePortfolio Supports students towards achieving their learning goals. www.ickr.com/photos/viernest
  • 27. The Showcase ePortfolio Celebrates learning outcomes & shows the highest level of achievement. www.ickr.com/photos/made2serve
  • 28. The Accountability ePortfolio Documents learning for achievement www.ickr.com/photos/abbyladybug of specic outcomes or standards.
  • 29. ePortfolios: Benets... What can ePortfolios offer the learner?
  • 30. The use of multimedia tools is one strategy that involves and engages learners. http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ Barrett, 2005
  • 31. The power of student voice should not be underestimated. To hear students reecting on their own work, in their own voice, with their own intonations and expressions, conveys meaning in a manner that is simply not possible in written form. http://www.ickr.com/photos/matthileo/ Ian Fox 2008
  • 32. social networking ...the potential of the learning landscape and eportfolio-related tools are features thatfacilitate and enhance the making of connections and the linking together of people, ideas, resources and learning... Tosh et al., 2006
  • 33. ...it is the quality, not just the quantity, of feedback that merits our closest attention. http://ickr.com/photos/torres21/ Sadler, 1998
  • 34. ...supporting the general process of reection, self-evaluation and action planning for lifelong learning... MOSEP 2007
  • 35.