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ePortfoliosAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auePortfoliosWhat is an ePortfolioExamples of ePortfoliosRPL & ePortfoliosWhat is digital evidence?Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWhat is an eportfolio?An ePortfolio is a digital collection of information, evidence and examples of your interests, skills and achievements and your reflections on these over time, from which you can publish presentations for different audiences.Source - http://cms.jcu.edu.au/careers/JCUPRD_034893

An e-portfolio is a learner-driven collection of digital objects demonstrating experiences, achievements and evidence of learning. E-portfolios provide learners with a structured way of recording their learning experiences and work history. Source - VET E-portfolio Data Protection Assessment Consultation Brief, 2009

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auE-portfolios for Lifelong Learninghttp://youtu.be/6B3tujXlbdkAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWhat does an ePortfolio do?

Source: ePortfolios for supporting learning and assessment - Alison MillerAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auExamples of ePortfolio platformsMahara Open source ePortfolioElgg Open source social networking platformPeeblePad Propriety ePortfolioDesire2Learn Propriety LMS/ePortfolioSkillsBook Self Assessment Tool

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auYou dont need a dedicated platformAn ePortfolio is about capturing the learning process & is student centeredIt may traverse qualifications, educational institutions, employersThere are numerous social media/networking services which could serve as a eportfolio

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.au

CC licensed flickr image by Sarah M StewartAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auSarah Stewart shows us her eportfolio approach using a wiki space and a blog sitehttp://youtu.be/-t2dXPb9Wc8Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWhy use an eportfolioLife long learningCurrent Course ParticipationFor efficiency & time savingsRecognition of Prior LearningProfessional CurrencyE-portfolios connect the pieces of our lives!

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auBenefits of an ePortfolio for studentsValuable self assessment through the reflection processself esteem and self-confidence will be enhanced as they take control of their learningThey will learn and begin to practice a process that will be used in life long and life wide learning pursuits.Personal learning record for the futureCredit for informal and non-formal learning as well as formal learningFeedback from teachers, peers & employersPortable, flexible and connects with their social networksSource: Stable Transitions, 41 Benefits of anePortfolio, January 8, 2010Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auBenefits of an ePortfolio for employersHave a more complete picture of the skills of their employeesManaging individual learning plansEmployees can bring all of their learning to their daily job challengesFostering a learning communityAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auBenefits of ePortfolios to RPLUtilising templates to structure the presentation of RPL evidence combined with ways to organise and find content helps streamline the assessment process

reducing the need for paper based, hard copy evidence and limiting excessive evidence collection

developing and strengthening information and communication technology (ICT) or digital literacy skills

Offering flexibility for students to gather, store and manage their contributions

Allowing students to communicate & collaborate around their recognition processFast-tracking RPL process Source: E-portfolios for RPL Assessment: Key findings on current engagement in the VET sector, March 2009Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWays an e-portfolio supports the RPL processFacilitated self-assessmentSelf assessment tools ie. Skills Express or Skillsbook may be used in conjunction with an ePortfolio to structure the process of matching competencies and evidenceSupporting communicationBest practice skills recognition involves facilitated discussion and conversational style of RPL assessment. ePortfolio have tools such as forums, blogs and media tools to assist this process.Presentation and validation of evidenceStreamlines the process of gathering and validating digital evidence. Material can be re purposed to multiple audiences and contexts. Makes validation by third parties easier.Assessor tools EPortfolio platforms have a range of functionality which can assist the assessment process. From capturing live activities with audio, video images to collaborative tools so support team assessment and assessment validation.

Source: E-portfolios for RPL Assessment: Key findings on current engagement in the VET sector, March 2009Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWays an e-portfolio supports the RPL processManaging the RPL processRegular access, communication and feedback via a candidates e-portfolio by the skills recognition assessor provides ongoing support to aid the management of the RPL process. This assists in keeping the candidate engaged and on track with the process.Source: E-portfolios for RPL Assessment: Key findings on current engagement in the VET sector, March 2009Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auRPL & E-portfolio enablersStudents / RTO/ assessors / employers need to understand benefits/function of e-portfoliosassessors need to understand digital based evidence and e-portfolio technologyStudents need to understand what constitutes evidence and learn to reflect on their practiceGather evidence as you go not after the fact

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auRPL & E-portfolio enablersConsider how to integrate other tools (eg paper based) if at all?Consider which units lend best to e-portfolio assessmentAssessor must continue to guide throughout processStructured vs unstructured e-portfolios

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auFindings from the 2009 E-portfolios Implementation Trialshttp://www.flexiblelearning.net.au/e-portfoliosblog/?p=70Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auGood Practice RPLA good practice RPL model includes facilitated self-assessment, links to units of competency and qualifications, evidence validation (not gathering and collection), use of a variety of evidence forms that corroborate the individuals competence and a conversational approach to assessing.

Source: E-portfolios for RPL Assessment: Key findings on current engagement in the VET sector, March 2009Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auRemember the RPL basics

Principles AssessmentValidityFlexibilityFairnessReliability

Employability SkillsRules of EvidenceValidityCurrencySufficiencyAuthenticityAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auEvidence typesObservationQuestioningWork samplesThird party feedbackSimulations, role playsPresentationsSelf assessmentDocuments

VideoPhotosAudio filesQualificationsAmbition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.auWhat makes evidence gathering different for e-portfolios?E-portfolios increase the range of evidence that can be providedShould be reduced emphasis on paper based gathering of evidenceShould be increased use of naturally occurring evidence (Perry 2009)

Ambition in Actionwww.sit.nsw.edu.au