Eportfolios and WebCT

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Swinburne presentations at ConVerge 2007

Text of Eportfolios and WebCT

  • 1. e-Portfolio LearnScope PD
  • 2. background research in 2006 different e-Portfolio products with other desired software (voice tools, Learning Content management systems, virtual classrooms) 2007 LearnScope PD in Voice tools, Elluminate and WebCT e-portfolio Staff doing the e-Portfolio PD to have experience in building WebCT subjects
  • 3. how to use it? Focus on e-Portfolio use as an alternative to the paper based Swinburne Skills Passport and employability skills ssport_home.htm
  • 4. goals
  • 5. Researched the ways others are using them Framework report, UK, US, QUT, Uni New England QUT sample portfolios - http://www.studentportfolio.qut.edu.au/forstudents/samples.jsp