Erifili Davis 2014 - Eportfolios without tears - platform agnostic eportfolios using Evernote

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Evernote is free form note taking app which does not even begin to describe its power and flexibility. During this workshops, participants are encouraged to BYOD and explore design of eportfolios in Evernote in formal assessment, capturing informal learning and sharing eportfolios.


  • 1. Workshop presented byErifili

2. Evernote is a freemium,free form note takingapplication. It is referredto as platform agnosticbecause it is availableacross many platformsincluding Mac, PC, iOSand Android as well as aweb-based 3. organise your notesin notebooksand collect relatednotebooks in your ideas innotes..photosvoice memosreminderslinkslistsclipsattachments 4. yournotebooks.E.g., DesignSamples, PD.Add yournotebooksto a stack.E.g., TrainingPortfolio.Add yournotes. Dontforget toadd tags!DesignSamples TrainingPortfolio 5. Erifili DavisIm a self-confessed edtechnerd. As well as Evernote, myfavourite tech at the moment areGoogle Apps for Education andPinterest. Im currently working forWestern College in Dubbo as Designand Innovation