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  • UPDATE UNESCO-IHE | DEC 2009 JAN 2010 | 1

    magazine unesco-ihe institute for water educationdecember 2009 january 2010


    InterviewProfessor Andrs Szllsi-Nagy

    Education100th PhD degree


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  • 2 | UPDATE UNESCO-IHE | DEC 2009 JAN 2010

    Rajasthans rural revolutionRajasthan, India - Women working on a rainwa-ter harvesting project near the village of Paladi Bhopatan. The women work digging channels for underground aquafers to direct water if/when it rains. The area has been suffering from a severe drought for the last eight years.

    Photo: Panos/Robert Wallis

    contentsCOLOPHON Editorial BoardAndrs Szllsi-NagyJoop de SchutterErwin Ploeger

    Editorial CommitteeJan Herman KosterAnn van GriensvenHenk LubberdingMarco SchoutenLindsay Beevers

    Editor in ChiefAlida Pham

    Sub-editorTheresa Stanton

    Graphic DesignPeter Stroo

    PrintPrints & Proms/Rotterdam Editorial ContributionsBerta Fernndez lvarez, Cecilia Tamara Avelln, Jan Bartacek, Maarten Blokland, Anne van Dam, Larry Elchuck, Abraham Mehari Haile, Erick de Jong, Lenneke Knoop, Ewoud Kok, Laura Kwak, Pieter de Laat, Piet Lens, Branislav Petrusevski, Christina Reed, Bart Schultz, Maria Sorrentino, Klaas Schwartz, Assiyeh Tabatabai, Stefan Uhlenbrook, Raymond Venneker, Zoran Vojinovic.With special thanks to Richard A. Meganck, former Rector of UNESCO-IHE.

    About the magazineUNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education produces a biennial mag-azine called UPDATE. We print 12,000 free copies per issue, which is sent to our counterparts across the world. UPDATE features institu-tional information related to water education, research and capacity building activities undertaken by UNESCO-IHE, alumni and partners. We have tried to make this issue of UPDATE Magazine as eco-friendly as possible. The paper, Cocoon Offset, is a high-quality uncoated off-set paper. The range is produced using ecological technology at the companys Greenfield S.A.S. mill in France from 100%-recycled and FSC-certified de-inked pulp. The plastic that is used to cover UPDATE Magazine is made of environmentally biodegradable polymers by the company A.V.I. B.V. in Volendam, the Netherlands.

    About UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water EducationUNESCO-IHE is the largest international postgraduate water educa-tion institute in the world and the only institution in the UN system authorised to confer accredited MSc degrees and promote PhDs. The mission of UNESCO-IHE is to contribute to the education and train-ing of professionals and to build the capacity of sector organisations, knowledge centres and other institutions active in the fields of water, the environment and infrastructure, in developing countries and coun-tries in transition. Since 1957, the Institute has provided postgradu-ate education to over 14,500 water professionals from 162 coun-tries, the vast majority from the developing world. Currently over 80 candidates are registered PhD fellows, and numerous research and capacity building projects are carried out throughout the world.

    Published by UNESCO-IHEPO Box 30152601 DA DelftThe Netherlands

    T +31 15 215 1715F +31 15 212 2921E info@unesco-ihe.orgI www.unesco-ihe.org

    In UPDATE there is freedom of expression and opinion. Opinions need to be expressed complete and clear content wise. It should also be clear whose opinion the article represents. The Editorial Committee reserves the right to refrain from publishing articles, editorial contri-butions and letters to the editor or to publish them in consultation with the author. The Editorial Committee encourages editorial contributions from readers. The Column, Op-Ed, and Report from the Field sections are intended to provide a platform for such contributions. Please note that editorial sections are subject to change.

    UPDATE Magazine is interested in hearing more from the insti-tutes alumni, especially about the projects they are currently working on and the organisations they are attached to. Please send your updates to the editor, Alida Pham at: a.pham@unesco-ihe.org.

    SPOTLIGHT 4 TheWaterChannel.tv

    COOPERATION 5 Guiding US investments in water

    COLUMN 7 Biofuels

    INTERVIEWS 8 Andrs Szllsi-Nagy

    16 Annemieke Nijhof

    19 Iris Frida Josch de Kosak

    HIGHLIGHT 21 St Maarten flood risks

    EDUCATION 12 100th PhD degree

    ALUMNI 18 Refresher Seminar Kenya

    BACKGROUND 24 A pinch of salt

    E-LEARNING 28 New eCampus


    RESOURCES 30 Online Water Resources

    32 Publications

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  • UPDATE UNESCO-IHE | DEC 2009 JAN 2010 | 3


    30 Poo


    Editorial Adapting to Changes

    12 100th PhD degree

    8Andrs Szllsi-Nagy

    Welcome to the first issue of UPDATE Magazine, the first 32-page magazine produced by UNESCO-IHE to keep you up-to-date with institutional informa-tion related to water education, research and capacity building activities undertaken by UNESCO-IHE and its alumni and partners. Redesigning a magazine and moving its informa-tion and ideas into a new form feels like building a new home and moving, was said by Mark Winz in Folio, the Magazine for Magazine Management. Loyal readers are familiar with former editions of UPDATE that previously appeared in a newsletter format. The reason we chose to redesign UPDATE, starting with this December 2009 issue, is to commemorate and celebrate a series of events: the arrival of our new Rector, Professor Andrs Szllsi-Nagy, the celebra-tion of our 100th PhD degree to be awarded in 2010 and a change in editorship among many other rea-sons.

    We hope to have sufficiently shared with you that this new design was driven by editorial concerns, not by design alone. The Magazine now provides an increased opportunity to share with you the institu-tional developments, thoughts and announcements by the board and management, news from alumni and partners and our perspectives on emerging is-sues in the water and development sector. Beyond this, we aim to encourage global discussions on water issues through relevant opinion pieces, provide in-spiration, encourage public spirit amongst UNESCO-IHE counterparts and offer an UPDATE where one can read about water issues from a different perspec-tive, thereby maintaining a vast and expanding net-work in the international water sector and beyond. We very much welcome your input and hope you enjoy reading this issue.

    On behalf of the Editorial Committee,

    Alida PhamEditor in Chief

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  • 4 | UPDATE UNESCO-IHE | DEC 2009 JAN 2010

    TheWaTerChannel.Tv makes a wide range of video material available for a large public to create awareness and encourage de-bate. To this end, TheWaterChannel.tv team seeks various initiatives with other organisations. Recently, a DVD with a collection of videos from TheWaterChannel.tv was produced for educational purposes to be used in the project: Strengthening Ethiopian Universities in Integrated River Basin Management Programme commissioned by the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education (NUFFIC). Possibilities to further develop such thematic DVD productions for other organisations is currently being explored.

    Theme siTes Currently online is the www.thewaterandclimate-channel.org, a theme site developed as part of TheWaterChannel.tv. The site shows the vital links between water and climate change through videos and documents. In addition, the Arab Water Council and TheWaterChannel.tv developed the thematic site TheArabWaterChannel. This online resource is meant to be a window on water in the 22 countries that make up the Arab World. It aims to support education and awareness raising activities on all levels with re-gard to water management in the region.

    heTWaTerK anaal , is a Dutch spinoff of TheWaterChannel.tv and is a Dutch interactive platform for videos on water related topics in and about The Netherlands. This Dutch version of the concept was de-veloped in cooperation with TheWaterChannel.tv and will be launched through the website in the coming month. TheWaterChannel team encourages readers of UPDATE Magazine to upload quality visual ma-terial on water related topics to ensure it finds an audience. As a special service, VHS tapes can be sent in for digitalisation and uploading.

    thewaterchannel@metameta.nlW www.thewaterchannel.tv and subscribe to the newsletter.

    spotlight | TheWaterChannel.tv


    unesco-ihe hosts un libraries meetingThe UNESCO-IHE Library and Information Ser


    hosted the annual United Nations Inter-Agency

    Meeting on Knowledge Sharing and Information

    Management (UNKSIM) at the end of September.

    Around 40 Participants from various UN agen-

    cies attended the meeting to build and develop

    Knowledge Management networks and programmes.

    Among other topics, special attention was given to

    the development of intellectual property issues.

    Patricia Darvis, p.darvis@unesco-ihe.org

    SHORT NEWS | Waterpass Foundation

    mou waterpass foundation UNESCO-IHE signed an MoU with the Waterpass Foundation. This foundation was newly established by Jan Stuit, the former Chair of the Royal Bank of Scotland in the Netherlands, with the aim to sponsor UNESCO-IHE MSc fellowship extensions to allow excellent UNESCO-IHE students to write a publication or develop a business proposal (i.e. for use in their home coun-tries). The foundation pledged an initial 23,000 and will raise more funds.

    SHORT NEWS | Changes

    board members IHE Delft Founda