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  • 1. Rotarys Strategic Partnership with UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water EducationDelft, The Netherlands (D1600)Rotary Scholarship Program

2. Outline of Presentation UNESCO-IHE Partnership with The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Aligned with Water & Sanitation Focus Area Packaged Grants Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals Role of District D1600 Rotary Scholarship Program 3. About UNESCO-IHE Based in Delft, theNetherlands Largest post-graduate watereducation institution Global student body 98% of graduates return tohome country; 87% still activein water sector http://www.unesco-ihe.org/ Rotary Scholarship Program 4. Why is TRF Partnering with UNESCO-IHE? Impact global water and sanitation challenges Long-term investment in water and sanitation by increasing access to graduate education Support goals of the Water & Sanitation area of focus http://www.rotary.nl/nieuws/unesco.doc/Rotary Scholarship Program 5. Packaged Global Grant:Scholarships for Water and SanitationProfessionals Rotarians will recommend 8students per year Available to students admitted to3 select MSc programs For first year, 2012-13, studentsmust be from pilot areas In 2013-14, scholarships will be available globallyRotary Scholarship Program 6. Packaged Global Grant:Scholarships for Water and SanitationProfessionals cont. Focus on building long-termconnections in the studentshome country Entire cost of scholarships fundedby UNESCO-IHE and TRF Rotary Scholarship Program 7. What happens in D1600 ? (1) Local Clubs provide support for students Each Student receives personal host-counselor Monthly activity organized for Rotary UNESCO-IHE Students Students participate and present at key Rotary-events Districts Conference, TRF seminar etc Integration with Ambassadorial Scholar social programme 2012-2013 1 Ambassadorial Scholar + 8 Packaged Grant UNESCO-IHE studentsselected, coming from Nigeria (2), Ghana (2), Uganda,Ethiopia, Kenya, Argentina, Italy, arriving mid-October D1600 Clubs involved RC Delft-Vrijhof, RC Delft-Vermeer,RC s Gravenhage-Zuid and RC Voorburg-Vliet Rotary Scholarship Program 8. What happens in D1600 ? (2) 2013-2014 Second Batch of 8 students will arrive in October 2013 New Host Counselors sought from other clubs in D1600 Expression of interest through coordinator below Selection through DRFC, DGE, DG in Q2 2013 More info? UNESCO-IHE Coordinator Henk Jaap Kloosterman (RC Voorburg-Vliet) HJ.Kloosterman@shell.com Rotary Scholarship Program