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Psychological Horror

Research into horror genre

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1. Psychological Horror 2. How does the audience know it is apsychological horror? A major clue that a film is a psychologicalhorror is often that the setting would benormal and a familiar everyday event wheretragedy will occur. 3. Characters It is important to establish a character, but in apsychological horror film it is important to establishtheir traits and features slow by not revealing their faceor their opinions and beliefs at the start. Characters can also be figments of the imagination orthings which do not exist in real life, for example ghostsor hallucinations. The main hero or character is usually a women. Thisemphasises the stereotypical view that women aremore fearful than men and are more likely to reactmore to small events such as footsteps, things movingand therefore they are more vulnerable. 4. Normal characters within apsychological horror are. Young adults or a child. Mentally unstable. Emotionally unstable. Dark, gothic. A detective or other authority figure. An unsuspecting partner or friend. 5. Music and sound Music can often enhance a psychological horror. It cancreate moments of suspense through high pitched noisesor the sound of footsteps approaching the victim. It canalso be used in contrast to what is going on. Instrumental music is often used which adds to the tensioncreated by the storyline, violins and other classicalinstruments. The music usually builds up to a climax to helpentice the audience on intense part of the films. Psychological horrors also use the sound of people in painto create atmosphere. Sounds of people screaming,struggling and suffering, gun shot wounds are typicallyused. 6. Plots It is conventional for psychological horror tobe well paced also for the plot to take its time.This will keep the audience engaged on thefilm. 7. Lighting Low key lighting is used to create fear andtension, a lot of obscurity. It is used to createenigma and mystery, it also helps to createand unsetting atmosphere that builds tension. Because of this moments of bright light orcolour often are the climax. 8. Editing Fast pace editing is often used to emphasisedrama and heighten tension. Slow paced editing is also used in particularlyemotional parts. This allows moreconcentration on the character and theirsuffering and pain. Hand held camera shots make the diegeticsounds like footsteps and echoes lets theaudience fell apart of the action. 9. Iconography of a psychological horror The haunted house (forbidden chamber) Symbols of death The disfigured face or mask The screaming victim (in modern horror thefinal girl) The phallic murder weapon: knife, stake,chainsaw.