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Budrewicz cognitivism

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  • 1. Cognitive Learning TheoryBy Alexandra Budrewicz

2. Table ofContentsWhat is Cognitive TheoryWho is InvolvedHow do Teachers Implement it How do students use it Personal Views on Cognitive Theory 3. What is Cognitive Theory?Cognition is defined as the mental action or processof acquiring knowledge and understanding throughthought, experience, and the senses.This results in perception, intuition and sensation 4. What is Cognitive Theory ContCognitive theory is how and why people learn bylinking these to cognitive activity.It began in the 1950s as a branch from behaviorismbecause it was said that behaviorism neglectedcognition.It moves beyond behaviorism because is proposesthat how one thinks effects how they behave whichmoves beyond thought being defined as behavior. 5. Who is Involved First up is Kurt Lewin September 9, 1890 February 12,1947Known as The Father of Organization Development He earned this title for forming aresearch group at MIT that createdchange theory, action research andaction learning. T This lead to the psychologicalequation that links behavior toenvironment. This allowed the theory that thinking is not just abehavior but a product of it. 6. Who is InvolvedcontRobert Gagne Identified 8 levels of intellectual skills These outlined that there aredifferent levels of learning andeach must be taught differently. 7. Who is involved contBenjamin Bloom February 13, 1918- September13,1999Creator of Blooms TaxonomyDescribed domains of learningsplit up into 3 categories Cognitive (intellectual) Affective (attitudes,values)Psychometer(motorskills) 8. Who is involved contR.C. AndersonCreated the Schema theory of learning.The theory organizes knowledge as mentalstructures and these structures represent a personsunderstanding of the world. 9. How do teachers implement it A teacher implements Cognitive learning theory intohis or her class without technology by: Identifying different learning styles Creating a lesson plan that implements more then onelearning style 10. How do teachers implement it contA teacher implements Cognitive learning theory into hisor her class with technology by: Creating games on the internet that connect the lesson to different aspect of their minds Power point, connecting information to visuals such as pictures and videos Using Excel, Microsoft and Inspiration to create graphs organizing information 11. How do students use itStudents use Cognitive Learning Theory withouttechnology by:Doing activities in class as set forth from the teacher.Understanding how they learn and expressing it whenneeded.Doing an assignment in order of how they learnmentally. 12. How do students use itContStudents use Cognitive Learning Theory withtechnology by:Creating power points that tie visuals to informationWeb searching, gathering information at their ownspeed.Organizing that information using excel andinspiration to bridge knowledge and understanding. 13. Personal Views onCognitive TheoryI do believe that how we think affects how we act.And I believe that every teacher should implement asmany different teaching strategies to ensure thatevery learning style is addressed. 14. Personal Views onCognitive Theory ContI believe that it is the teachers responsibility to do asfollows: Identify the different learning styles in their class Create a lesson plan that addresses those styles Uses more than one teaching strategy to implement more than one aspect of the brain Be able to do all of these things regardless of technology

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