Philips unders¶kning om grooming i Norden

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  • 1. SensoTouch 3D Monika Ustarbowska Marketing Manager

2. 3. Nordic people and value share shaving & grooming category CONTROL & DUTY CONFORMING PAMPERING & RELAXATION CHANGE & SPONTANEITY ENERGIZING SOPHISTICATION People share 26% Value share 21% People share 12% Value share 12% People share 16% Value share 16% People share 12% Value share 16% People share 11% Value share 13% People share 23% Value share 21% # Express Showing competence Showing consideration Control 4. Value share of segments shaving categoryBase: All male respondents. Based on absolute figures for category spending P12M in local currency recalculated in EURO. 5. Base: All male respondents Facial hair shaving most frequent facial shaving in DenmarkHow often, on average, do you shave your facial hair? 6. Base: All male respondents Feeling after shaving different tonality of well-groomed, clean and neat across the Nordic countriesWhich of the following best describes your feeling after shaving? 7. Remove or trim other hair areas most common pubic area, followed by head hair and armpitsFor which of the following areas do you remove your body hair? Base: Those who shave body hair 8. Preparation for date most likely facial shave followed by trim nose and ear hair Imagine yourself in a situation where you're to go out on an important date with your partner or a possible new partner how would you prepare yourself? Base: All male respondents 9. Whats next?? 10. SensoTouch3D 11. 12. High quality Stand out Iconic Sleek Motion sensor Premium Wanna-have Silent and powerful Magical light effect Innovation and technology Unique Premium DesignDynamic Authentic Masculine Performing 13. TouchGyroFlex 3D Touch GyroFlex 3D system adjusts seamlessly to every curve 3 dynamic independent moving elements 14. SmoothUltraTrack Smooth: UltraTrack heads catch every hair with just a few strokes

  • 3 specialized shaving tracks:
  • slots for normal hairs
  • channels for long hairs
  • holes for short stubbles

15. Glide SkinGlide Glide: Smooth, low-friction SkinGlide to minimize irritation 1 flat surface with rounded edges & curved shaving heads 16. SplashAquatec Splash:Aquatec seal for a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shaveShaver made for both wet use with gel or foam & for dry use 17. GripEasy grip handle Grip:Easy grip handle with ergonomic grip for close control Slim handle with ergonomic shape 18. SensoTouch3D Gyroflex 3D SkinGlideEasy Grip UltraTrack Speed XL Super Lift & Cut Trimmer Aquatec 19. SensoTouch3D SensoTouch3D 20. Winning performanceKonkret test 2009, Bremen 2009, n = 212 rota/foil panel 21. 22.