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Empire guide for being a successful ruler Persians

Persian Empire Guide

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Sixth grade humanities students created a guide for a future Mesopotamian ruler

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Empire guide for being a successful ruler



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My Eldest Son,

My days as a ruler are coming to an end. I am old, my strength is failing , and my days are numbered. Before I pass on, I entrust the rule of my empire to you.

You are a young man, though, and need much guidance in the ways of building and maintaining an empire. Along with the help of my scribes, I have decided to create a guide to ensure that my empire remains strong and prosperous for generations to come.

May the Gods be with You,Persians


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In Ancient Mesopotamia, public works projects are critical to your empire because they facilitated the lives of farmers and peasants and provided protection to the people in Mesopotamia. Examples of important public works projects are: warehouses, reservoirs, city walls and irrigation systems. Warehouses are large buildings that stored extra food that was harvested or traded for. They were also important because in times of famine and other plights, scribes will distribute the food that is stored in the warehouses to city dwellers. This enables others who live inside the city walls to specialize in jobs other than farming - architecture and tool making - but there are still farmers that produce crops and plant grain. Reservoirs are also very important structures in your era. In the flood seasons, reservoirs collect excess water and store it for the dry, drought season. This enables farmers to plant crops and harvest multiple times per year. Planting multiple times a year produces a larger food supply, which is more than necessary. Prior to the invention of irrigation systems, farmers only planted crops once a year. Another important public works project was the irrigation systems. Irrigation systems were beneficial for Mesopotamian farmers because they irrigated and carried water from the Euphrates and Tigris rivers to the farmers’ fields, through canals. Irrigation systems also allowed farmers to plant throughout the year with a steady supply of water. Finally, city walls were important for Ancient Mesopotamian civilizations because they protected the city-state from sudden attacks made by neighbouring city-states. Sometime a city-state built more than one city wall or gate so that if the enemy managed to climb over the first wall, there was an inner wall. Most inner walls were larger and higher than the first one. Also, city walls surrounded the city and sometimes contained towers where military armies watched and fought. There was an advantage from waiting and watching on towers, which was that you were able to see approaching armies from remote locations. In conclusion, public works projects were important for empires in Mesopotamia because they provided protection for city-states and improved the lives of peasants and farmers living in Ancient Mesopotamia. Continue building public works projects and your empire shall flourish!

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Military StrategiesMilitary strategies helped an empire conquer city-states and gain

land. First of all, siege, moving towers, and creating fear were 3 three of the many military strategies that the Assyrians, one of the biggest empires and most powerful empires, used. Siege was when armies slept outside of the city-walls, allowing no one or nothing to get out of the city-state. The armies would wake up and attack the city-state until it fell. Moving towers were also used. They would be attached to the city-state walls, and Armies would climb them to enter the city-state and attack. Creating fear was also a very clever military strategy. For example, if the Assyrians attack another city-state, the people in it would give up the city-state instead of facing them. Second of all, empires gained land by using these military strategies. The land gave them wealth and resources which made the empire grow as much as possible. As you can see, military strategies were very important for an empire.

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Food S


Having a stable food supply is important because you need to feed your armies, soldiers, and people. If you have no armies and soldiers then no one will be protecting your empire. When nobody is protecting your empire other empires will plan to attack yours, and steal all of your resources. So in order to prevent that, you will need a city wall, ziggurat, warehouse, and an irrigation system. Everyone has a different job, so if one person dies it could make a huge difference to your empire. If the farmers die, there will be no more crops so that means no food. If there is no art, it could cause depression because the people really loved art, and it kept them happy. So as you can see Food Supply was a huge part of an empire.

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Without a focused and educated class which can use writing wisely, your empire won’t work properly because scribes were the only people who actually knew how to write. Without education, there isn't much of a controlled empire because if there are no scribes, there’s no laws. For example, if boys hitting on girls wasn’t a law, the life for girls would be chaotic. Well, some people still hit their girlfriends or even wifes! I honestly think that if that law didn’t exist, girls would be considered slaves, doing anything the man wants. Without education, the empire will stop growing because since the education is poor, their isn’t good professionals for the job. For example, if you don’t have a qualified lawyer to prove your innocence, depending what crime you did, you will go to jail. And I will tell you something, jail is not fun. That’s why we need qualified people to do what they supposed to do, or else, the world wouldn’t function properly. Another example is that if you don’t find a well qualified architect, your building will fall, and it may even fall on top of you! And I will tell you something, a building falling on top of you is not fun either! That makes me think about the laws I read during the simulation. That was one of Harummabi’s codes! I remember it said that if the house falls on top of the owner, the constructor need to be killed. That’s why education in general is really important to our nation and world!

EducationName: Mathaus

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Name: Tobin MIn Rul


Perspicacious rulers were a prerequisite for creating and maintaining an empire because they could make astute choices considering their situation, which was different for each empires. And the astute choices includes many things such as making the citizens exultant, making brilliant choices in moving their army, thinking of what empire to make an alliance or attack, and etc. So, smart rulers were important because they made the decisions on the choices.

First of all, making the citizens exultant was very important in ancient city-states and empires. Making the citizens exultant could make them be more helpful to the empire. To make the citizens exultant, they had to do many things such as being fair to everyone and make the citizens feel that they are safe. To have fairness over the citizens, the rulers made rules such as the code of Hammurabi. To make citizens feel safe, the rulers of the empires would make the defense of their empire better and stronger. And that could’ve been a good factor for the empire and the workers. Also, they could help poor people when they have a debt and can’t pay it back because of a natural disaster. For example, if you see in the code of Hammurabi, the 48th part, it is written “ If anyone owe a debt for a loan, and a storm prostrates the grain, or the harvest fail, or the grain does not grow for lack of water; in that year he need not give his creditor any grain, he washes his debt-tablet in water and pays no rent for this year” And this could’ve made citizens more happy because it wasn’t their fault that they had troubles with the grains. And the citizens would try harder to get the wheat and pay the debt. And that could’ve made the citizens happy, and have a better life.

Perspicacious rulers would also be capable in making salient strategies in moving the armies to their advantage. They would efficiently attack their enemies and conquer them to expand and get more wealth. To efficiently attack their enemies, they had to have military strategies and a large amount of armies. The military strategies were important in both attack and defense, so using itely could’ve helped an empire a lot. And the large amount if armies were important because with the armies, it could’ve been easier to attack and defend. To attack, they could attack in all sides to surround the enemy and conquer them. It was also easier to defend because with many armies, the generals could send armies on many sides to efficiently defend their empire. And when attacking and conquering, they could get many resources in that place, which relates to wealth. And by gaining more wealth, the empire could improve the city with more materials and resources. Also, with alliances, the empire would also efficiently help other empires they are allied with to protect that empire and make that empire help you later. By attacking and defending efficiently, they could expand their territory and put pressure on many other empires by defending and attacking, and showing off that they are strong. As I mentioned before, they could’ve gotten help from the other empires because they helped them before, and this was a huge advantage because the other empire could help them by giving armies, food, and resources such as iron, wheat, and camel. So perspicacious rulers were very important even on military. And this can make one empire unify a big territory and have a peaceful time. With this, the citizens would feel protected and exultant.

Perspicacious rulers were in charge of making alliances considering the situation they are in today and considering the future. Making allies was very important because the allies could change the fate of your empire. During that time, people had to survive by killing and conquering, but all this were hard to do with just the power of a single empire. And there were many wars going on. So to make the people ecstatic, they had to stop the war and unify the empires. But again, it was a hard thing to achieve with just a single empire. So they had to make allies and attack together.If you’re allied empire is big, it can put pressure on other empires, and make them not attack you. And as I mentioned before, allies were also very helpful because they could send armies, food, resources, and help to your empire. So allies were very important in maintaining your empire.

So perspicacious rulers were a prerequisite in creating and maintaining an empire because they would rule the empire with meritorious abilities.

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Now you are a successful ruler!