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04 persian empire and persian wars

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Text of 04 persian empire and persian wars

  • 1. The Persian Empire and Persian Wars Persia vs. Greece
  • 2. The Extent of the Persian Empire
  • 3. The Religions of Persia Zoroastrianism Zoroaster, a Persian prophet Struggle between evil and good, all are involved Monotheistic: Ahura Mazda Popular amongst Roman military Judaism
  • 4. Remember Cyrus? Developed a vast Persian Empire First emperor of Persia Conquered the Ionian Greeks
  • 5. Cyrus Legacies Religious Tolerance Cyrus honored local religious customs Welcomed Jews to return to Jerusalem Civility Armies did not loot conquests Kind toward conquered peoples
  • 6. After Cyrus Darius seizes throne in 522 BCE Crushed revolts Expands empire into Greece, farther into Egypt, farther north into central Europe
  • 7. Key Player: Darius Under Darius Ionian Greeks rebelled against Persia to gain independence Athens helped the Ionian Greeks by sending aid Persia stopped the Ionian rebels and wanted revenge on Athens for interfering with their personal business
  • 8. IIoonnIIaannss llIIvveedd hheerree
  • 9. As we read the selection, The Persian Wars, think about the causes of the wars, the important leaders and battles, and the effects of the wars. Youll be creating a comic strip of them afterwards!
  • 10. The First Persian War: 491-490 BCE
  • 11. Killing the messenger
  • 12. Hoplite
  • 13. Phalanx
  • 14. Pheidippides running from Marathon
  • 15. The Second Persian War 480-479 BCE
  • 16. Xerxes
  • 17. King Leonidas of Sparta at the battle of Thermopylae
  • 18. Battle of Salamis
  • 19. Battle of Plataea
  • 20. The Aftermath: Effects of the War Both Athens and Sparta claim credit for victory over Persia = led to problems Sparta was still very weak after Thermopylae Athens emerges as the most powerful city-state (bully) Athens creates the Delian League (alliance with other city states to protect themselves if Persia ever returns) Athens rebuilds their city-state better than ever, and they experience a GOLDEN AGE.
  • 21. Last Stand of the 300 Start at 1:10

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