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Conquering the Persian Empire

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Conquering the Persian Empire. Lesson 16 Alexander – Empire Builder part 5. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Alexander Empire Builder

Conquering the Persian EmpireLesson 16 Alexander Empire Builder part 5

After leaving Egypt, Alexander moved east into Mesopotamia to confront Darius. The desperate Persian king assembled an army of 250,000 men. The Persian chariots were armed with deadly scythes protruding from the wheel hubs.

The two armies collided at Gaugamela (GAWguhMEEluh), a small village near the ruins of ancient Nineveh. Alexander launched a massive phalanx attack followed by a cavalry charge.


As the Persian lines crumbled, Darius again panicked and fled. Alexanders victory at Gaugamela ended Persias power. The Macedonian army now marched unopposed into Persias wealthiest provinces.

Within a short time, Alexanders army occupied the capital of Babylon. This city yielded a huge treasure, which Alexander distributed among his army.


While Alexander was in Babylon, a Persian satrap killed Darius. The empire was Alexanders.12

Alexander then led his men to the capital of Persia, Persepolis. After a stay of several months, a fire broke out in Persepolis, Persias royal capital. According to tradition, the act was (at least in part) retribution for the Persians earlier destruction of the Acropolis back in 480 BC.