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    ANNA KONOVALOVAMCP Applicant 16.17

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    October 2012

    Joined AIESEC in Rostov-on-Don

    iGIP member

    6 RE


    AIESEC in Rostov-on-DonLC VP iGIP

    12 RE

    CC VP Experts XPBreak Point Forum


    2013 Jan-April 2014

    MC VP oGIPAIESEC in Russia

    318 RE 37% Rel. Gr. 86 Abs. Gr.


    GST Global Entrepreneurs

    AIESEC International


    MC VP GIP Opera>ons

    AIESEC in Egypt147 RE

    194% Rel. Gr. 97 Abs. Gr.


    GST Team Leader for S&SAIESEC


    2015-2016 2015-2016

    2. Top 3 main strengths and weaknesses and what would be unique contribution to the team because of who you are?

    Strengths Weakness

    ADAPTABILITYI have lived in different countries and worked with people from very different cultures. And that helped me to learn how to adapt to very diverse environment. The last 6 months of living in Egypt contributed to it immensely. I always have to find solutions in the constantly changing conditions.

    I know that sometimes getting too excited about things it takes me time to start accepting other peoples opinions. I learn to be more open by listening more and talking less and every time I discover that it bring much more productive output that by insisting on something that I thought was the only way.

    ANALYTICAL AND LOGICAL THINKINGI always try to think first in a logical way which helps to draw the patters for finding the answers. It is also very important for me to take decisions based first of all on fasts and data. While discussing any issues that need solutions it helps to have constructive dialog with other people.

    DRIVEBeing extremely excited about something gives me ability to drive other people with this excitement. It goes much easier to engage other people into something that you find purpose in. Moving people in one common direction something that comes naturally when I feel that its worth it.


    Sometimes I tend to aggressive in my communication with people when they are not performing as I expect. I m trying to put myself in the shoes of the person I talk to in order to understand how it feels for others what I might say. Unfortunately not always I think about it first before communicating.


    CLOSED TO PEOPLEIt takes me some time to open up to people. In most of the cases it makes others feel that I have zero emotions and dont really care about whats happening to them. I need to show my emotions more because it will help to connect to people easier.

    Actually my strengths and weaknesses is my unique contribution to the team as of any team member at the same time. Though I believe that to become the best version of myself I need to capitalize on my strengths, I m absolutely sure that team will push me to work on my weaknesses as well.

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    GENERAL QUESTIONS3. What is the most negative feedback you received from your teammates and colleagues?

    4. What are your values? How the way you lead people is shaped by them?

    Values The way I lead

    INTEGRITYI live my integrity by being honest with the people around me and myself included. I always strive to act according to what I say and say thing according to what I believe in.

    You dont really care about other peoples emotions. Being a logical person and the same time having hard times to open up to people makes others feel that I care only about result. The solution I see is to work more on my emotional intelligence to express what I have inside.

    I do what I say I would and I will also build the direction of the team solely based on what we believe in and aspire for.

    This value has shaped me the most as a person. I am constantly trying to improve myself and the world around. I truly believe that I can always be better version of myself and there is no finish line for excellence, it just requires to give your best best.

    EXCELLENCE As long as I know that we did all we could I am happy. And we will always continue to improve and become better. I intend to make each person in the team more powerful than myself.

    Seeking new opportunities to develop and grow keeps me consistently challenged. Constant progress of myself makes me feel alive. And I believe that people who feel alive are the ones who can make this world better.


    I would focus on personal and professional development of my teams and together we would bring it to the LCs as well because AIESEC is the place where people are learning.

    5. How do you see yourself in 2020 (country, occupation, family, contribution to the world, etc). How will your experiences in AIESEC contribute to who you are?

    In 2020 I live in Russia and I started the process of founding my own start-up. The purpose of this future business is to help young people to understand what they are passionate about and which career path they would like to pursue. When we have in our country people who are happy about what they are doing the life would be much brighter and positive. Happy people want to contribute to the world one way or another and they produce happy results and it makes them even more happy. By 2020 my experiences in AIESEC made me realize that I am able to impact others and things do not depend on someone else. I learned how to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, I found my own passion and willing to help others find theirs.

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    First of all I can say that I am a very proud Russian person. I am proud to be born in that country and call myself Russian. Our country needs very strong leaders and I feel responsibility of making it only better. Other than responsibility I feel strength that I am able to make it better. And I want all young people in our country to feel the same way. Being MCP next year is the best way for me to contribute towards that.

    In 16/17 term AIESEC and AIESEC in Russia will be going though many changes and challenges. I am the person who always takes risks and the next year AIESEC in Russia needs to take many risks in order to make the impact that we want to. I want to be a part of generation that will challenge the way we do AIESEC today and will shape the organization which can become something very big for our country and the world.

    Personally I want to gain a lot through this experience. Being a part of 2 MC teams I saw only a glimpse of challenging MCP experience can be. I am ready to go through this challenge and make myself better. I know that the team would always push my limits and help me grow as an individual. And the same way I want to contribute to their development.

    1. What drives you to continue your AIESEC XP? Why have you decided to stand for Member Committee President of AIESEC in Russia 16|17?

    2. What is the relevance of AIESEC for Russia and how will you enlarge organizational impact in our country in term 16|17?

    For the past 10 years Russia has been developing a lot as a country. And at all the times to make country better we need people who would be doing so. We are the first generation of young people in Russia who have all the possible resources and information to do great things for our country. I believe that AIESEC is the organization that makes young people care. Care about what is happening around and take responsibility for it. People who feel responsibility start taking actions, they try and sometimes fail, and they try again. They try until they make things happen. That is what AIESEC teaches us. This organization has a very specific task: to develop leadership. And these leaders will shape the country they want to live in.


    Asking students and graduates, companies and NGOs what they are happy about, what worries them and how they see their future will help us to develop our product according to what they really need.


    BIG PARTNERSHIPSWe need to understand the direction our government has towards youth development. That will help us to see how our programs can be supported. What if we access schools and universities not one by one but with the help of Ministry of Education? How can we engage companies into supporting all the exchange programs?

    DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONEverything is moving online. We need to invest our resources into moving leadership experiences online as well. How any young person in Russia can get access to leadership development through his digital experience?

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    SPECIFIC QUESTIONS3. What are the trends shaping Russia as a country now and what opportunities and threats do they represent for AIESEC? Which programs can benefit the most and how?

    Since the 1st of January 2016 the world starts its way towards Sustainable Development Goals. At the moment we are not very c l e a r h o w m u c h R u s s i a n business and government will be investing in SDGs and going on the same way.

    OPPORTUNITIES THREATSSDGsOur projects and products need to be revamped in order for us to cover the same target groups that S DG s a i m t o i m p a c t . Identifying the direction which our government and business might take can give us a huge opportunity for big partnerships.

    Our projects and products need to be revamped in order for us