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  • 8/11/2019 Hots v14(November)














  • 8/11/2019 Hots v14(November)


    Apa Khabar i-THINKers!

    Tahun 2013 akan berakhir tidak lama lagi dan kamiingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Krismas danSelamat Tahun Baru kepada semua. Kami berharapsemua pelajar akan menggunakan cuti akhir tahun

    untuk bergembira dan membuat ulangkaji untukmeningkatkan pengetahuan dengan membacalebih banyak bahan bacaan.

    Sekolah-sekolah Showcase telah terlibat di dalam

    pertandingan Karnival Kemahiran Berfikir Aras Tinggi(KBAT) dan pemenang telah menerima hadiah wangtunai dalam pelbagai kategori yang dipertandingkan.Artikel ini terdapat pada halaman 6 hingga 11.

    Martin Bell telah menyumbang sebuah artikeltentang Kebaikan Tabiat Berguna yang kami harapberguna yang kami harap akan menjadi bergunakepada pelajar-pelajar, guru-guru dan ibu-bapa.

    Kita juga telah mempunyai pemenang bagi PeraduanHOTS. Tahniah kepada Nurul Ain Adilla Samiun. Kamiakan membawa temuramah dengan beliau dalam isuHOTS pada Januari nanti. Juga Muhammad SazroyAiman telah menerima Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 beliau

    setelah memenangi Peraduan HOTS sebelumnya. Kamiberharap lebih ramai pelajar akan mengambil bahagiandalam pertandingan ini.

    Isu HOTS ke 15 tidak akan diterbitkan pada bulanDisember memandangkan cuti persekolahan dan hanyaakan disambung pada Januari tahun hadapan.

    HOTS juga ingin mendengar pendapat p elajar-pelajar,guru-guru dan ibu-bapa dan digalakkan menghantar

    semua pertanyaan, video klip, testimoni ataupengalaman dan sumbangan lain schools.

    Terima Kasih!

    Hello i-THINKers!

    The year is coming to an end and we wish everyone

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope all

    students will use the end of the year holidays to enjoy

    themselves and also take time to revise their school work

    and increase their knowledge by reading more books.

    The Showcase schools participated in a Higher Order

    Thinking Skills carnival and received cash prizes for

    participating in various competitions recently. Read the

    article from page 6 to get the details.

    Also Martin Bell has contributed an article on Developing

    Helpful Habits which we hope will be useful to students,

    teachers and parents.

    We also have a new winner for Peraduan HOTS.

    Congratulations to Nurul Ain Adilla Samiun. We will carry

    more details about her in the January issue of HOTS. Also

    Muhammad Sazroy Aiman has received his Samsung Galaxy

    Tab 3 for winning the previous Peraduan HOTS. We hope

    more students will participate in the contest and win prizes.

    HOTS Volume 15 will be published in January and there will

    be no publication in December in view of the school holidays.

    HOTS would also like to hear the opinion of students,

    teachers and parents so after reading this issue, please send

    all inquiries video clips, testimonials or experiences and

    other contributions to


    Happy i-THINKing!

    Hot & Happening04Pendekatan KBATdi sekolah06

    DevelopingHelpful Habits12

    Pemenangnyaialah Nurul Ain Adilla14

    KRU adalahjawapan yang betul14

    PemenangPeraduan HOTS Lalu15

    The Headlines16

    Peraduan HOTS

    18 Main Mind


    Karnival KBATDalam Sejarah10

    02 03



    HOTSLihat muka surat17 untuk menyertainya



  • 8/11/2019 Hots v14(November)






    Tired of flavours available for ice cream such as chocolate-chip cookie or

    Mocha almond fudge, how does bioluminescent jellyfish ice cream sound to

    you? Ice cream entrepreneur Charlie Harry Francis, of the United Kingdom

    has developed the first-ever ice cream that glows in the dark. It was

    developed using a protein that gives the jellyfish its bioluminescence.

    Francis describes it: We have managed to synthesise a protein extracted

    from jellyfish that causes to occur. Were using a specific form of this protein

    which reacts with calcium at a neutral PH, causing the protein to glow when

    it comes into contact with calcium.

    Remarkably, the ice cream also lights up when licked. The company plans to

    market the ice cream worldwide soon.

    One of the worlds best touring exhibitions the 1001Inventions Show is in Malaysia. The exhibition has received

    more than three million visitors in London, Istanbul, NewYork, Los Angeles, Washington DC andthe Middle East.

    The 1001 Inventions: Kegemilangan Tamadun Muslim,is produced in partnership with Kuala Lumpur-based

    Science Discoveries Sdn Bhd.

    The show highlights all the pioneering men andwomen whose achievements had influencedthe world today. The Malaysian version of

    the exhibition features more than 60 exhibitsproviding visitors of all ages with a hands-on,interactive and state-of-the-art experience.

    Different zones dedicated to engineering, medicine,

    astronomy, mathematics, geography and agricultureshowcases the many ways in which Islamic civilisationhelped lay the foundations for the European

    renaissance and has had a profound impacton the modern world.

    The centerpiece of the exhibition is a 20ft-tall replica ofthe 13th century Elephant Clock, invented by masterengineer Al-Jazari, which incorporated technologies frommany ancient civilisations and pioneered the concept of


    Al Jazari also serves as the centralcharacter in the exhibitionsorientation film, The Library of

    Secrets, which stars oscar winnerSir Ben Kingsley and won morethan 20 industry awards,including Best Filmrecognition in Cannes, LosAngeles and at the New

    York Film Festival.

    Ticket prices:Adults: RM20Child: (7 to 17) RM15Families (2+2) RM60Students with ID: RM15Senior Citizens: RM15Pre-schoolers RM6

    School incentives;RM5,000 to the schoolwhich brings the most numberof students to the 1001Inventions during its tenure.(Exhibition is on until endof February).

    RM2,000 to the teacher whobrings the most number ofstudents to the exhibition.

    iPhone 5s Apples most powerful phone

    The iPhone 5s is potentially the most

    game-changing iPhone launched. Itsfeatures are its newest hardwareinclusions and upgrades, namelyTouch ID, the M7 motion co-processor,64-bit architecture and the iSightcamera.

    It was launched alongside the moreprice conscious iPhone 5C and hasmany mobile phone users amazed asits more than twice as fast as itspredecessor.

    The iPhone 5, launched last year,arrived with a 4-inch screen and

    Tour and group Packages:RM2 off ticket cost for aminimum group of 30 people.For minimum 30 paid tickets,we give two tickets free.

    Bulk PurchasesDiscounts on bulk ticketpurchases of minimumRM5,000 can be discussed.

    Call David Ohat 019-382 7723ofSabariah Daudat 019-212 9880for further informationand ticket incentivesand group packages.


    HOSPITALZONEHowIbn-Sina and Al-Zahrawaiinfluencedmodernmedicine.

    Finerunderstanding ofhuman anatomy.

    UNIVERSEZONESecretof thecosmos.

    Foundationsof modernastronomy.

    WORLDZONEAthousandyearsof exploration:

    ZhengHesJunkShips WindTunnelSimulator

    THELIBRARYOF SECRETFILMMesmerisingandinspiringintroductiontothe scientificheroesof muslimCivilsation,starringSirBenKingleya

    masterengineering, Al-Jazari.Also featurespeople likeIbnAl-Haytham, AbbasAl-Firnas, AbdulQassim Al-Zahrawi

    and MerriamAl-Astrulabi.

    ENGINEERINGZONEMechanical marvelsfrom Al-Jazari.Harnessingthepowerofwindand water.

    SCHOOLZONEMechanical marvels


    Harnessingthe powerofwindand water.


    centuryFlying Machine

    diamond cut aluminium body. As is

    Apples way with its S phones, theiPhone 5s shares the same design. Atfirst glance it looks identical, but thereare some small changes in the colouroptions, as Apple has added the muchsought after gold option, while theblack is now a lighter space grey.The silver and white are the same.

    The iPhone 5s is far lighter than mostother phones at just 112gm. A doubleLED flash is next to the camera and allbuttons are instantly accessible usingone hand without having to ever

    juggle the phone.

    Fingerprint scanning has beenintroduced to replace passcodeauthentication for unlocking thephone and making iTunes purchases,Touch ID is a new feature. The sensoris built right into the Home button andregistration of a thumb, finger or both five digits can be registered.

    Ice Creamthat Glows in the Dark

    An exhibition that uncovers 1,000 years of science and technology at Pusat Sains Negara

  • 8/11/2019 Hots v14(November)


    06 07


    Tuntutan kehidupan yang lebih

    kompleks dalam abad ke-21

    memerlukan kita mempunyai

    pemikiran yang kritis, kreatif dan

    inovatif kerana kebanyakan keperluan

    harian telah diautomasikan yang

    membuat kita kurang berfikir dan


    Tambahan lagi akses kepada Internet

    telah membuat kita hidup tanpa

    sempadan di mana maklumat dapat

    dicapai pada bila-bila masa dan

    di mana-mana sahaja. Ol