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  • 1. HOTSOFF THE PRESS 2011This is a magazine containingcontributions from children and youngpeople being taught by EdinburghsHospital and Outreach Teaching Service.These children and young people might be: in the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in the Young Peoples Unit, Tipperlinn Looked After (and Accommodated) part of the Gypsy Traveller Teaching Group excluded from school taught at home due to their medical condition taught in one of our Education Groups part of the Young Mums UnitWe have produced magazines before, but this time wedecided to go for a more professional look. For this, manythanks to the Learning Publications Unit especially TraceyMorrisey and Jackie Henrie.We hope you enjoy the magazine.Any feedback is always welcome.Thank you and well done to all our contributors.
  • 2. Chloe Sudden she was out of the You havent been yourself She sat down at the dinner vicinity of her house. It didnt recently honey. You know table and stared at the mixture take her long to realise where you can tell me whats up, of foods merging together on she was. They had taken her to her mother whispered the china plate. The pop of where they had first met, truly sympathetically before pulling the bubbles rising to the topBy Rachael Temple- met, not in the way they had her in for a tight embrace. of her glass from the fizz ofSimpson for the last few months. She Chloes entire body tensed stiff her juice seemed louder than stood on the pavement and with fear. Her tight fists made usual.Chloe pressed hard against looked at the small shops on her nails dig into her palms sothe side of her head trying to the other side of the road. The that when she released them Its a trick! Cant you see? Shebarricade the taunting Voices signs that read Eighty-two there were four pink crescents has only made your favouritefrom entering her ears. Her sleeps till Christmas! looked on each. meal so that you eat it. Itshead pounded, heart raced peculiar next to the Halloween poisoned! The eldest maleas she looked around her decorations. She remembered The figures were taking said smugly. He was still fairlydark empty room. The severe this all too well. She watched control, now making her young, in his late teens. He leantsilence of the dark December a girl in worn jeans and a frightened of her own mother. against the wall, his lanky armsnight urged the Voices to get grey woollen jumper, her They told her that she would crossed against his chest andlouder and louder. With each locks neatly tucked inside the hurt her too, just like they had. legs stretched out.syllable the volume seemed to hood with one escaped wisp Chloes mother and father dugheighten. Before long Chloes of brown hair blowing in the in to the meal in front of themhead throbbed, heavier and fresh October breezes. She started to creep for a good few minutes beforeheavier with the Voices getting down the hall but her father realised his daughterlouder as they started to talk Chloe noticed a group of five had not touched her plate.over each other. The friendly slowly appearing out of the as she turned herVoices she once knew had darkness. Her heart started head the Voices Thought this was your of anxiety as suppertime breathing quicken and her to creep up her throat. It felt favourite? Not hungry? Dontmerged into one monstrous approached. She hated eyes squeeze shut as if it were standingbeast. strange as she shouted out like it anymore? Goodness, leaving the confined space would make her disappear. her own name Chloe! Run! behind her. kids these days change theirPlease! Leave me alone! of her room, rediscovering The Voice was unusually kind she shouted across the street. mind every five minutes!What do you want? Chloe everyday that she was the only to her, Why are you hiding It wasnt just a girl, it was her. Chloe shook out of her mothers Raymond, Chloes father,screamed through sobs one they talked to, the only from me? I wont hurt you, not Nor were they just five people, hold, trying not to notice the chuckled nervously. He knewwithout parting her lips. one that could see them, she me, the woman whispered they were the Voices. Chloe hurt on her face. Come down something was wrong but was the one that was different. soft as slowly falling snow. cried, trying to run towards for your tea then? Siobhan acted his usual, joking self as ifShe felt the impact of the Chloe fell into the cunning herself as she realised that asked flatly. She left the room everything was fine.cold fist travel through the trap of the female figure and the headphones blaring with first and Chloe whisperedback of her head. There was a The Voice was slowly opened her eyes. She music were preventing her Please, leave me alone, at Chloe could see the strain onmomentary silence. unusually kind to looked at the face in front of hearing the warning of the least until after supper. She his face attempting to keep his her where she could see no Fives acts of destruction. pleaded before following her false appearance of happiness her, Why are you mother. She opened the doorShut up. Dont make a scene. eyes, no nose, no mouth, just Though her legs were moving and stop his swirling worriesThey wont listen anyway, hiding from me? a dark face. She felt strangely she seemed to become further just a crack and as fast as escaping.the smallest Male Voice safe in the company of the away from herself until she she could, slipped out her ofgrowled down at her sitting The Voices began to let her Voice. The grip of the Voice was back in the corner of her room and shut the door tight Dont trust him. Its noton the floor. The Voices were know they wouldnt make this started to slowly cha