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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 1/31</p><p>HamptHamptHeraldHeraldVol. 12, No. 13 www.ossekeag.ca February 7, 2012</p><p>Delivered free, reachingover 95,000Residents</p><p>across SouthernNew Brunswick every</p><p>two weeks!</p><p>Hampto Hrald7,353</p><p>Sussx Hrald10,794</p><p>Vally Viwr10,616</p><p>WeTde11,413</p><p>TOUGH DUCK TRUCK EV ENTTOUGH DUCK TRUCK EV ENT</p><p>35 Consumers Drive, Saint John T: 632-6000 www.downeys.ca35 Consumers Drive, Saint John T: 632-6000 www.downeys.ca</p><p>2 0 1 1 F - 1 5 0S u p e r c a b x l t 4 x 4</p><p>E ve r y N e w &amp; U s e d T r u c k </p><p>G e t s T o u gh Du c k Do w n e y J a c k e t</p><p>E ve r y N e w &amp; U s e d T r u c k </p><p>G e t s T o u gh Du c k Do w n e y J a c k e t</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 2/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 2 www..c</p><p>Your Community Connection</p><p>Tel: (506) 832-5613 Fax: (506) 832-3353 email: info@ossekeag.ca www.ossekeag.ca</p><p>ON OUR COVER</p><p>Locally Owned &amp; Operated by Debbie &amp; Mike Hickey</p><p>242 Main St. Hampton, NB E5N 5L9</p><p>Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm</p><p>For your convenience you can drop off ads andeditorial at Ossekeag Publishing:</p><p>PRESENTATION TO</p><p>BELLEISLE SCHOOLS</p><p>See Story on Page 12</p><p>Pubihd BiWN Iu: Fbrur 21</p><p>Ddin: Fbrur 14</p><p>BlaNkSo what do you do when your mind is just a blank and it istime to write a Ravings!!! A number o things are going onbut are still a little too resh at this point to write about. Teyneed to simmer and stew a bit beore serving up to the publicMany years ago (nine maybe) I was able to use a brilliant articleby an Australian writer on how to get your adult children tomove out o the house. It was very witty and unny as heck!!!Unortunately, getting good substitute writers to ll in or you ispretty hard to do. Tat Musings lady has oered to ll in romtime to time, but I wouldnt want her stu printed anywhere. So... out o desperation I called upon my best riend to see i hemight be able to help me out and being the good boy that he is he said WOOF!!! So here he is!!Hi there, my name is Te Jet, and I belong to a wonderul man</p><p>called Mikie. I also live with a strange little old lady, who hasthis even stranger liking or three at creatures that I have toshare the house with. Mikie is my best riend cause he doesntlike those at creatures either!! Mikie is so wonderul because ..Hey thats not a ull dish ... You got to put more ood in therethan that!!! You could stand to lose a ew pounds yoursel!!I he wasnt my best riend, why, I would gladly chew his leg oEven when they are on a diet, the at creatures get three meals aday and I only ever get two!! What about that, big shot riend??</p><p>Although, Mikie is a real tight wad with the kibble, he doesregularly take me or walks in the woods. I love walking in thewoods!! Hey slow poke ... why are you stopping and just lookingat trees?? I have squirrels to chase and I cant just hang aroundin one place while you snooze!! Id just leave and go o on</p><p>my own, but the coyotes might get him. More importantly, thecoyotes might get ME!! Te kibble police can look aer himsel!</p><p>Te other nice thing about Mikie is that in the winter time helikes to light res. Dont worry ... i the kibble doesnt improvethe Fire Marshall is denitely getting a call. I just love sittingright in ront o the stove with a blazing re going. I am so happythat I even let one o the at creatures share some o the spaceHey Mikie ... the re is dying down ... get over here!!My best riend Mikie would be just about perect i it wasnt or</p><p>the Strange Lady and the Fat Creatures!!!Tanks Jet. Te end!! 800</p><p>RAVINGSBy Mike Hickey</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 3/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 3 www..c</p><p>When the hottest hangout in town straddles theCanada/U.S. border, you get the best of both worlds:</p><p>strong Canadian beer at weak American prices, and thehottest entertainment on either side of the line.</p><p>68 Exmouth St. Saint John, NB Telephone 693-8720 ~ 847-2421</p><p>Call 693-8720 or 847-2421</p><p>68 Exmouth St. Saint John, NB</p><p>www.phoenixdinnertheatre.com</p><p>Boarderline CrazyBoarderline CrazyFebruary 10th, 11th 17th,</p><p>18th, 24th &amp; 25th</p><p>February 10th, 11th 17th,</p><p>18th, 24th &amp; 25th</p><p>Show DatesShow Dates</p><p>March Shows: 2nd, 3rd,9th, 10th, 30th &amp; 31st</p><p>March Shows: 2nd, 3rd,9th, 10th, 30th &amp; 31st</p><p>Call 635-8477 or contact Michelle for details 609-9722</p><p>Medical Esthetics including:Permanent Make-upNon Laser Tattoo RemovalScar CamouflageEyelash ExtensionsEyebrow Enhancement/ReplacementGel NailsFull Service Hair Salon</p><p>Medical Esthetics including:Permanent Make-upNon Laser Tattoo RemovalScar CamouflageEyelash ExtensionsEyebrow Enhancement/ReplacementGel NailsFull Service Hair Salon</p><p>Valentine PricingLashes$99.00 Taxes inc.</p><p>Reg $135.00 + tax</p><p>Eyebrow Enhancement$275.00 Taxes inc.</p><p>Reg. $475.00 + tax</p><p>Tattoo RemovalBuy first removal session &amp;</p><p>get the second one free</p><p>FabulousFingertipsFabulousFingertips</p><p>HamPtoN-PIggs Peak NeWsTank you dearly or accepting our request to help those ninedesperate students. Tank you many times. Please send our</p><p>gratitude to Hampton and your board o directors. Sam Mncina,Head eacher, Peak Central High School</p><p>Te Hampton-Piggs PeakPartnership has committed topay high school ees or nineadditional students this year.2012 will be a challenge as eesor this year have increasedsubstantially because oadditional expenses or theood program at schools;increases in the price omaterials like books andstationery; and reducedgovernment assistance.Nevertheless, the Partnership</p><p>has committed to pay 100percent o the necessary eesor all the students we selected</p><p>this year. We will continue to support all the students remaining</p><p>rom last year and, since some have graduated and a ew droppedout, a number o new students. Te criteria we use to select newstudents are threeold: need; academic ability; and dedication.Unortunately there are still many who meet these criteria butwhom we are unable to support. John Lovett recently wrote tome about 14-year old Nonjabuliso Dlamini who came to himwith tears in her eyes because she cannot attend school. Shehas proven hersel to be an excellent student in primary school(grade 1-7) but there is nowhere or her to live close to our highschools in Piggs Peak. John tells us Her mother has died, herather has disappeared and she lives with her grandmother sometwenty kilometres rom Piggs Peak and who already has veother children whom she is struggling to support.</p><p>Children like Nonjabuliso, without the opportunity o an</p><p>education, are condemned to a lie o poverty. Tey are especiallyvulnerable to abuse or at best being taken advantage o becauseo their dependency on any handout. Tese are all Gods childrenand their lives and utures are in our hands.</p><p>Mark, I despair or these kids. I lose sleep as I strive to ndsolutions or them. I just want you to know how dicult it is toace children like this every day. I am certain you would nd it</p><p>just as hard as I do.For more inormation or to make a donation, please visit our</p><p>website www.hamptonpiggspeak.ca or call me, Mark Bettle, at832-0003. 110</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 4/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 4 www..c</p><p>Small Business</p><p>Personal</p><p>Corporate Returns</p><p>E-File Available</p><p>reidassociates@nb.aibn.com</p><p>EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITYPeninsula Branch #62 Royal Canadian Legion has need of a</p><p>Legion Manager. This position requires a self-starter to takeresponsibility for the planning, development andfacilitation of events that will promote our Legion and itsmission statement. Duties will include opening andclosing responsibilities, bar audits and other tasks asrequested by the Legions Management Committee.Problem-solving abilities and computer skills are necessaryrequirements.</p><p> This is a part-time position (20 hours a week) with thepossibility of it leading into a full-time one.</p><p>If you think you have the skills necessary to ll this position,please forward a letter of interest and/or resume to:</p><p>The PresidentRoyal Canadian LegionBranch #621356 Rte. 845Clifton Royal, NBE5S 2B9</p><p>Or submit by email to: rclpeninsulabr62@bellaliant.net</p><p>Closing date for submissions of interest will be</p><p>February 15, 2012</p><p>Linda DupuisSecretarycherpets1@gmail.com</p><p>HamPtoN seNIoRs ResoURCe CeNtRe NeWsTe Hampton Seniors Resource Centre is the place to nd mostthings that you would enjoy.</p><p>Monday mornings rom 9:30am to 1:00pm the MondayMorning Cra Group is there with most any cra you wouldwant to do or to learn - come and quilt or learn to quilt, crochet,knit or rug hook. Tey enjoy a nice lunch and ellowship as wellVisitors are always welcome.On Mondays at 1:00pm the Swedish Weavers are there and you</p><p>can help or learn to do this very attractive cra.Monday evenings at 8:00pm the Hampton Hoedowners square</p><p>dance group are there; i you square dance dome and join themi not, drop in and watch the un that they are having. Lunch isserved at the end o the evening.</p><p>uesdays at 7:00pm, Bridge players are there and i you wouldlike to join them call Barry Kilpatrick at 832-5701.Wednesdays at 7:00pm Auction 45 players are there, why not</p><p>join them.Tursday mornings at 9:30 the Cra Shop down in back is</p><p>open again, come and bring your own cra or help with onethere. At 10:00am musicians gather at the Centre and there is anenjoyable two hurs o singing and playing until 12:00noon whenyou can have a nice home cooked dinner ($5/non-members and</p><p>$4/members). Te rst Tursday o each month is Pot Luck.Tursday evenings rom 7:00-10:00pm Open Mike has startedagain, Come and join them, or come and listen, the price is $2.</p><p>I you would like to rent the Centre call 832-7871 and leave amessage and your call will be returned.</p><p>I you are having a birthday or anniversary this month yourriends send Best Wishes, anyone ill or in hospital we all sayGet Well Soon your riends miss you.</p><p>Submitted by Mary Long. 11</p><p>On January 19th the president o the Hampton SeniorsResource Centre, Lawrence Furlong, presented acheque or $1,000 to Janis itus or the Hampton FoodBasket.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 5/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 5 www..c</p><p>or visit us at 14 Industrial Drive, Sussex. Promotion ends February 29, 2012</p><p>Sussex Sales Centre</p><p>PeNINsUla HeRItage meetINgGuest, Barry Ogden will present inormation on the MarcoPolo Project o Saint John at the Peninsula Heritage Meeting onTurd, Fbrur 16h 7:30 pm at the John Fisher MemorialMuseum in Kingston. Barrys presentation will ollow a briebusiness meeting o the organization, with social time &amp;rereshments wrapping up the evening.Te public is invited to join us or this meeting, or any Peninsula</p><p>Heritage meeting, which are scheduled or the third Tursdayo the month rom February to June, usually at the John FisherMemorial Museum, which is located in the basement oMacdonald Consolidated School.</p><p>Further inormation may be obtained by contacting themuseum at 763-2101 or call Beth at 763-2453. 117</p><p>HamPtoN soCCeR ClUB agmTe Annual General Meeting o the Hampton Soccer Club willbe held on Wdnd, Fbrur 15h 7:30pm in the OssekeagRoom, Hampton Arena. Te agenda or the meeting: Presidentsand Ocers Reports; reasurers Financial Statement; 2012Priorities; Election o Ocers.</p><p>Te Hampton Soccer Club has a need or many committeemembers, soccer experience is not necessary. Help us build abetter community thru sport. 135</p><p>sPRINgFIelD lsD ReCReatIoN FUNDso the residents o the Springeld Local Service District theBelleisle Home &amp; School Association receives and disburseson a yearly basis the Springeld LSD Recreation Funds. Locaresidents and community groups within the Springeld LSDmay apply or unding or recreation purposes only. Writtenapplications, speciying how the unds would be used, mustbe postmarked no later than Wdnd, Fbrur 29h2012and mailed to: Patricia Bingham, reasurer, Belleisle Home &amp;School, 3085 Route 124 Kars, NB E5 0A7.For urther inormation call 485-5937. 133</p><p>582 MAIN ST, HAMPTON</p><p>Tuesday to Thursday 9AM - 4PM</p><p>832-2367</p><p>LANCASTER MALL</p><p>Monday to Friday 9AM - 4PM</p><p>693-4056FREE HEARING SCREENING</p><p>up to$200 IN ADDITIONAL VALUEwith the purchase of your hearing aids.Book your FREE APPOINTMENT TODAY.Paul Owen BC-HIS</p><p>Linda DempsterHIS</p><p>PaNCake sUPPeR IN kINgstoNA Shrove uesday Pancake Supper will be held at the KingstonParish Hall on Fbrur 21 rom 4:00-6:00pm. Cost or thesupper is $7.50/adults and $4/children 12 and under. Te suppermenu includes: sausages, baked beans, rolls, tea/coee, dessert and lots o ellowship.See you there. 411</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 6/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 6 www..c</p><p>memoRIal CasHsPIel UPDateTe Wade Blanchard team rom Tistle St. Andrews CurlingClub won the top prize o $800 at the 11th Annual Gordon FloydMemorial Open Cashspiel, which was held on January 14th &amp;15th at the Hampton Curling Club. Blanchard and his team othird Don Ritchie, second Jim Knox and lead Bill Ayles deeatedPeter Case in the nal 6-4 on Sunday aernoon.</p><p>Other results rom the championship round: A Consolation Heidi Hanlon10, Phil Barry 5; B Section Peter Myers 7Andrew Wallace 2; C Section Don McNab 9, Klaus Klausen4; D Section Marlene Vaughan 7, Bruce Kennedy 6.</p><p>Tere was a draw to the button competition that 14 curlersqualied or and in the nal round Ellen Brennan covered thebutton to win a General Electric Wine Chiller.Special thanks to co-chairs Gordon Foster, John Barnstead and</p><p>the volunteers o the Hampton Curing Club. 406</p><p>L-R: Winning team - Tird Don Ritchie, SkipWade Blanchard, Second Jim Knox, Lead BillAyles and Sponsor, Kathy Floyd.</p><p>Ellen Brennan, winner o the Draw to theButton Wine Chiller.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 February 7 2012 Hampton Herald Web</p><p> 7/31Hpn Hrd Fbrur 7, 2012 7 www..c</p><p>*Plus TDI Taxes and Fees,</p><p>See Dealer For Details</p><p>755 ROTHESAY AVENUE, SAINT JOHN633-0833 1-888-633-0833www.aberdeenmotors.ca</p><p>Makes any other sedanfeel like, well,just a sedan.</p><p>T H E 2 0 12 L E G A C Y </p><p>Get the traction and control of symmetrical All-Wheel Drive.</p><p>DRIVE OVER 1,000 KMSPER TANK IN A 2012 LEGACY </p><p>2012Legacy 2.5i</p><p>* **** - - - - -</p><p>Well equippedplus AWD from</p><p>$23,995*</p><p>STANDARD FEATURES: Symmetrical full-time AWD 170HP BOXER engine 6-spd manual transmissionwith Hill Holder system Heated front seats Driverand front passenger front- and side-impact airbags AC Vehicle Dynamics Control system and Traction Controlsystem And more.</p><p>tHeta masteR Beta sIgma PHIIn November and December members o Teta Master soldtickets on a large pickle and jam basket to raise money or theHampton Food Basket and to give a resident at the Dr. SnowCentre a large bag o much needed items or Christmas. We alsodonated unds to the HHS Breakast and Lunch Program.We raised $795 and the winner o the basket was Rita Allaby o</p><p>Passekeag who was thrilled with her prize.</p><p>In November Teta Master donated 45 pairs o mitts and hatsto the children at the Dr. Leatherbarrow Primary School andin December pancake mix and maple syrup was donated to theFood Basket or its clients at Christmas. During the year wecollect boxes o cereal at our meetings and have delivered 30boxes a month to the Hampton Food Basket. 132</p><p>BReakFast IN BaRNesVIlleCommunity Breakast at the Barnesville Presbyterian Church(1257 Rte 820 Barnesville) is held the third Saturday o eachmonth rom 8:00-11:30am. Te next breakast wil...</p></li></ul>