EST Booklet - AIESEC for Afghanistan - 16.17

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Text of EST Booklet - AIESEC for Afghanistan - 16.17

  • AIESEC for Afghanistan


    Entity Support Team Booklet

  • - MC & EST Structure

    - General Profile

    - General Expectation

    - Knowledge and Experience

    - Application Process

    - General Questions

    - Specific Questions


  • MCP




    MC & EST Structure

  • The main role of national support body is to be a strong and professional support of AIESEC for Afghanistan 16.17 goal

    achievements and national strategy realization.

    - EST shares the vision of AIESEC Peace and fulfillment of humankinds Potential and support the MC to

    achieve this vision.

    - Acts as liaison and primary communication channel between MC and LCs

    - EST works specifically with at least one MC department on a group of or certain sub are- as of the department

    - Assists respective MC and LC departments in achieving the organizational and annual goals.

    - Gets tasks and assignments from the MC, specifically the respective MC VP.

    - Oversees certain LC activities, as specified by the MC VP.

    - Supports MC, specifically the respective MC VP, in performing tasks as requested by MC or MC VP

    - Works temporarily as the MC VP, in unexpected circumstances and official leaves, under supervision of MC and the request of respective MC VP

    - Actively joins MC meetings, by affirmation of respective MC VP, in reporting, discussion, debates and planning


    - Holds no right to vote at any MC meeting or decision, unless officially authorized by MC VP and the MC in

    general as proxy

    General Profile of an EST Member

  • Self-awareness: Having a balanced and honest view of one's own personality

    Strategic and Analytical Thinking: Being able to understand the bigger picture and not getting lost in details while delivering. Seeing the connections and interdependencies between processes and elements in order to reach the overall goals. Being able to create strategies and directions with a strong connection to the needs and opportunities coming from the current state and trends. Effective communication: Clearly conveying and receiving messages (feedback, opinions etc; written/verbal communication, etc.) to meet the needs of all parties involved. Stakeholder focus and relationship management: Identifying key internal and external customers; working with them to understand their requirements and concerns in order to generate value based partnerships, relationships.

    Flexibility: Being able to adjust easily to changes and new conditions, in order to be able to perform in diverse environments.

    Behavior and Punctuality: Right behavior with the members and accomplishing the responsibilities before deadline.

    General Expectations from EST

  • English knowledge: Being able to communicate and negotiate in English on an intermediate level.

    Having knowledge on the current state of AIESEC in Afghanistan both on local and national level (basic).

    Functional overview and experience (basic) on all area: Knowing the concerned functional area, and having

    practical experience on the area.

    Having successful team performance and individual performance in the past and at least 6 months of experience at AIESEC.

    Knowledge and Experience

  • The application package which cannot exceed ten (10) pages, shall include: The RESUME, 1 LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION and application questionnaire. (RL from family members are not allowed.)

    If the candidate is from another AIESEC member entity, their application must include a signed letter of support from their home MC.

    Application package terms:

    Language: English All ingredients of the application package should be valid and submitted. Not submitting any of them will result in rejection of application package, entirely. Send all your files in .PDF Format: Free to create own design (graphic style and color usage)

    Submission terms:

    Send application package via email attachment to Monib Najafizada (MCP 16.17) at The Application Package preferably be in ZIP/RAR file with the following format [Full Name]_[Applying position

    EST]_AF_16/ You will receive the confirmation within 24hours and further election steps information.

    NO LATE SUBMISSION is accepted

    Application Deadline

    26th June 2016 at 23:59, GMT +4:30

    Application Guide and Requirements

  • Before filling the application, please read the criteria, process and submission rules.

    Your application will be considered carefully so please try to be specific with concert answers.

    You have the choice to apply for many positions at the same time. If you want to apply for two positions,

    you should answer the questions of both departments separately and rank the preferred one first.

    Application Guideline

  • 1- Mention your full name?

    2- How do you describe yourself in 3 words?

    3- Share one moment which you felt leadership in yourself?

    4- What would be your unique contribution as an EST?

    5- With which type of people you can work very well in a team?

    General Questions

  • OGX: 1- Why are you applying for this position?

    2- Which universities you plan to have exchange partnership with?

    3- How will you track partnership and also to ensure co-delivery?

    4- Which countries you will be looking ahead to have exchange-delivery partnership with?


    - # of University Partnership delivered

    - # of Country Partnership delivered

    - # of Exchange

    Specific Questions

  • TM & OD:

    1- What makes you a better candidate for this position?

    2- What is the importance of OD in AIESEC for Afghanistan for the term 16.17?

    3- What are the steps that can be take to make the expansions more sustainable?


    - # of Partners

    - # of Product developed

    - # of revenue received through national


    - % of Satisfaction of National Partners

    Specific Questions

  • BD:

    1- Describe your priorities as BD Manager?

    2- Mention and describe two strengths and two weaknesses of BD in AIESEC for Afghanistan?

    3- In order to develop BD in AIESEC for Afghanistan, what strategy should be implemented?


    - # of Partners

    - # of Product developed

    - # of revenue received through national


    - % of Satisfaction of National Partners

    Specific Questions

  • Take a CHALLENGE

    Take a NEW STEP

    BE AN EST!