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Ebanking book

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    Setting you and your customers free

  • We believe eBanking security can be a business enabler, a way for banks to differentiate from competition and to build stronger customer relationships.


  • Beyond just being secure Gemalto eBanking security solutions allow you to anticipate

    attacks, adapt the security level depending on transaction

    specific risks and evolve with your needs. Its also a way for you

    to meet current and upcoming regulations.

    Best practice implementationsGemaltos best practice has been developed from hundreds

    of rollouts to over 90 million bank customers at leading banks

    globally. Take advantage of our experience in choosing the

    right solution, making it easy to use, integrating it with your

    other systems, rolling it out smoothly to all your customers and

    keeping your infrastructure up to date over time.

  • Freedom for youGemalto eBanking security is about giving banks all the options.

    We help you protect yourself against the most relevant threats,

    solve your most relevant business challenges and target the

    right segments with the right solutions. With Gemaltos Ezio

    Suite, you can combine back-end, devices and apps from one, or

    many vendors, freely.

    Freedom for your customersThe only secure solution is the one your customers enjoy using

    made available, in the channels of their choice. With Gemalto

    you can provide them with full service eBanking, protected by

    devices and apps that work for them in their everyday lives.

  • 5 PM, May 1st, 2013Central ParkNew YorkTransferring money

  • Increase efficiency Move your customers online and reduce the cost of a

    transaction by up to 80 percent. With a strong security

    solution in place, reduced fraud means happier customers

    and a relief for customer support as well as IT and security.

    Boost growth Start offering new services and enhanced possibilities online.

    In a world of fierce competition, improved and secure eBanking

    services can enhance and differentiate you as a bank actions

    that are proven to increase loyalty and boost frequency of

    contact. By introducing new and secure touch points across all

    channels, your customers will drop by more often providing

    you with an enhanced direct marketing channel.

    Stay ahead of the curveIncreased security makes each customer more profitable

    and enables a greater uptake of new online services. It allows

    branches and call centers to focus on high-value relationship

    banking and services. Keep a strong brand image by providing

    services your competition is only dreaming of, and leverage

    the full potential of the mobile channel. With strong security

    as the foundation - everything is possible.


    Meet the Ezio Suite and Services

  • Implement eBanking security your way with the Ezio Suite and Services.


  • Ezio eBanking Security SuiteEzio protects your customers against the most relevant threats,

    solves your most immediate business challenges and helps

    you target the right segments with the right solutions in their

    preferred channels.

    Ezio just works. No matter what legacy servers and devices,

    country regulations or authentication standards you need to

    comply with.

    In short, the Ezio Suite allows you to implement eBanking

    security your way.

  • Ezio ServerThe world is changing fast with new standards, new threats and

    new consumer behaviors.

    With Gemaltos Ezio Server you have an off-the-shelf server

    appliance that is open to your needs, as well as to your different

    customer segments. Neutral to which tokens you wish to use and

    ready to face the challenges of today as well as the possibilities of

    tomorrow. Simply, its a server open to your way.

    Ezio Devices and Apps

    Ezio devices and apps are designed in accordance with usability

    standards to assure high customer acceptance. Supporting CAP,

    OATH and PKI, they range from OTP and transaction signing

    tokens, smart phone apps and on to EMV and/or PKI card readers.

    Supported technologies are Sign-What-You-See and more

    advanced transaction verification methods such as Dynamic

    Signatures and Secure Domain Separation. Technology that allows

    banks to adapt the security level based on risk in each transaction.

  • 3 PM, April 30th, 2013St Gaudy CafBerlinPaying wages

  • Ezio ServicesThe Gemalto eBanking Professional Services Team have

    extensive experience from hundreds of global eBanking security

    implementations. Were here to help you.

    Evaluation services help you define the requirements and

    collect information needed for deployment

    Usability services help you ensure youve chosen the right

    solution a solution that your customers enjoy using

    Software integration services help you design your solution,

    implement and validate before going live

    Roll-out services help you roll-out within set timelines and

    budget while maintaining the right service level

    Optimization services help you operate the chosen solutions

    and evolve as your needs change

  • Ezio Server Other Server Ezio Toolkit

    PKI OATH CAP Proprietary



    Tokens Readers USB Display Card Mobile Tokens Software Other vendor

    Mobile TabletPC Phone




    Corporate Retail Private


    eBanking eCommerce



    The Ezio WayThe Ezio Way is about making choices, or choosing not to

    choose. Its up to you. Pick, choose and combine as you see fit.

    The Ezio Way is Your Way.

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