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  • Euronets eBanking Solutions for Mobile, Internet and Telephone

    Enable Self Service with Secure Anytime, Anyplace Access for Your Customers

  • Secure Financial TranSacTionS any Time, any Place


    Euronet is recognized around the world as an industry leader for providing one of the most comprehensive, fully integrated electronic financial transaction solution suites available in the market today. Our integrated software solutions are at the core of our payments hub architecture.

    Our software solutions have been installed more than 300 times in over 70 countries, and provide substantial reduction in the overhead costs associated with managing multiple delivery systems and vendor interfaces. Euronets software solutions are multi-currency and multi-language capable which provide the flexibility your organization needs to expand service offerings into additional customer delivery channels without reconfiguring or relicensing the technology.

    Complementing over 30 corporate locations worldwide, Euronets Software Division is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, with offices in Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Miami, New Zealand, Orlando, Portugal, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom. Euronet 17300 Chenal Parkway, Suite 200Little Rock, Arkansas 72223 501-218-7300

    eBanking Solutions

  • Secure Financial TranSacTionS any Time, any Place

    In todays fast-paced and high-tech world, your customers expect to have quick, easy and secure access to their finances anytime and anyplace from the device of their choice. To compete, financial services organizations must differentiate themselves by delivering cost-effective services with variety and consistency.

    With Euronets integrated, multi-channel suite of software products for mobile, Internet and telephone (Interactive Voice Response) banking you can exceed your customers expectations by offering them exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

    Euronets solutions allow you to provide the benefit of choice to your customers. Every solution in our eBanking product suite provides its own unique characteristics to accommodate the needs and preferences of your wide customer base. From performing balance

    inquiries and account transactions to making online payments, your customers will enjoy the experience and convenience of anytime, anyplace banking from their mobile phone, Internet and/or telephone.

    While serving the distinct needs of your individual customers, you can rely on Euronets more than 35 years of experience to deliver streamlined and efficient solutions that are easy to deploy and offer the richest possible functionality. Our solutions will help you strengthen your multi-channel strategy, decrease fraud, attract and retain customers, ensure optimum customer loyalty and maximize your cross-selling opportunities all at a lower cost than customers visiting your branch. In addition, with Euronets eBanking suite of products, you will enjoy high flexibility for customization, robust security features and a browser-based user interface providing a complete, single and unified view

    of your customers and their many relationships with your organization across all channels, all of the time.


    Euronet provides a robust and cost-effective architecture that allows for rapid implementation of its eBanking solutions directly into Euronets Integrated Transaction Management (ITM) environment. While ITM ensures absolute consistency and control across multiple customer touch points, our payments hub architecture creates an environment that blends your technology and business processes resulting in reduced risks and simplified systems. By utilizing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and Web Services channels with reusable service layers and components, you will benefit from streamlined processing, easier access to information and easy connection to third-party vendors.


    We believe the rise of next-

    generation mobile banking and

    payment solutions will forever

    change banks and payments

    companies. Mobility has the

    potential to enable timely,

    relevant, and actionable out-

    reach that will ignite customer

    engagement unlike any other

    channel. Ultimately, TowerGroup

    expects mobile phones will

    do for financial services what

    Apple iPods did for music - spur

    a sea of change in the way

    consumers access services and

    suppliers deliver them.

    - Virginia Garcia, TowerGroup

    Research Operations Director,


    eBanking Solutions

  • Be Competitive in Growing Market with Global Demand

    Over the last few years, the mobile and wireless market has been one of the fastest growing markets in the world and it is still growing at a rapid pace. According to industry statistics, more than two-thirds of the worlds population use a mobile phone; global user numbers passed the four billion mark in 2009 with continued strong growth in newly industrialized countries. Demand for mobile data is booming across the world.

    The ability for customers to interact with their financial services organization anytime and anyplace using their mobile phone has emerged as an essential service. For consumers, mobile phones have become indispensable tools that keep them organized and informed.

    With Euronets Next Generation Mobile Banking Solution, you can provide your customers with the secure mobile services they demand. Services that allow them to easily and conveniently transfer funds, receive text message alerts for transaction activity, check account balances and more. In addition, Euronets Mobile Banking Solution can provide the way of the future allowing your organization to grow with the evolution of this exciting technology and your customers needs.

    Meet Your Customers Mobile Banking Needs

    With more than a decade of experience in the mobile banking arena, Euronet will be your trusted advisor and help you take advantage of this emerging market now with a strategy that will grow with your organization. From account inquiry information and fraud alerts to account payment and marketing offers, Euronet provides a wide array of customizable solutions to meet your customers mobile needs.

    6 of the Many Benefits of Euronets Next Generation Mobile Banking Solution:

    Improved Security and Decreased Fraud Reduced Expenses for Call Center Operations Improved Customer Communications Increased Customer Satisfaction Increased Awareness of Account Activity Reduced Carbon Footprint


    Secure Financial TranSacTionS any Time, any Place

    Euronets Experience in Mobile Banking Dates Back to More

    than Ten Years Ago

    Euronet was one of the first software companies to bring mobile banking technology to the market in the late 1990s. Our innovative team of developers and product managers had the foresight to recognize the value, convenience and overall significance that mobile banking would have in the lives of consumers and in the business of banking. We introduced our first version of mobile banking software before mobile banking became mainstream.

    Since then, we have continued to develop and evolve the product into its current state of enhanced functionality and capabilities. With improvements in mobile phone technology, and explosive growth and consumer adaptation, the ability to provide greater functionality and expanded services is in place like never before.

    Euronet proudly offers its Next Generation Mobile Banking software; a solid and integrated solution that our customers can rely upon with the backing of an experienced and knowledgeable partner, and the depth and breadth of a product with more than 10 years of technological advancement.

    eBanking Solutions

  • Gain Significant Market Advantage with Internet Banking

    According to a report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc., the global customer base for Internet banking is projected to reach 657.2 million by the year 2015, driven primarily by the increasing adoption of Internet technology and the expanding Internet user base.

    Rising demand for online banking services from developing economies and the growing acceptance among younger, technologically aware consumers for daily banking needs are anticipated to boost the Internet banking market.

    Euronets Internet Banking Solution can help you gain a significant market advantage by acquiring and retaining the most desirable and profitable customers in your market. The cost savings you see along with the opportunity to generate new revenue make Internet banking a strategic product offering for your organization.

    Generate More Revenue and Build Loyalty

    Around the world, financial services organizations are reducing costs, generating more revenue, building loyalty and improving the customer experience with Euronets state-of-the-art, complete browser-based Internet Banking Solution. Providing 24-hour, 7-day-a-week access to banking accounts, this solution will enable your customers to perform a multitude of services including view account balances and transaction history, transfer funds, request statements, stop payment on one or many checks and pay bills online using Euronets bill payment module.

    Euronets Internet Banking Solution is a powerful tool for communicating with your customers and attracting new ones. The convenient bank mail feature provides a channel for customers to communicate with you according to their schedule, any time from any location. While enhancing customer relations, Euronets Internet Banking Sol

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