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Ebanking Uzair Ahmed

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  • Introduction to EasypaisaImpact on Peoples Lives

    September 2012

  • Agenda

    Introduction Telenor & Tameer

    What is Easypaisa?

    The Easypaisa Service

    Our Accomplishments

    Branchless Banking Regulations by SBP

    The Easypaisa Journey

    Who can use Easypaisa Mobile Account?

    How You can use Your Mobile Account!

    Easypaisa Corporate Solutions

    Corporate Solutions in a Nut Shell

    The Easypaisa Advantage


  • Introduction-Telenor and Tameer

    Telenor Pakistan is a 100% owned subsidiary of Telenor ASA, Norway

    As of June 2012, Telenor Pakistan is the 2nd largest mobile operator with more than 30 million

    subscribers (Source:

    Telenor has 30 S&SC, 260 franchises and over 180,000 retailers all over the country

    Largest network in AJK & Northern areas where there is limited bank coverage

    Tameer Bank was licensed in 2005, under MFI regulations to provide micro-credit and other

    financial services on a national license category

    TAMEER distinguishes itself from other Microfinance Banks by being one of the first nation-wide,

    private sector, non-NGO transformed, commercially sustainable micro-finance institutions in


    Telenor Pakistan

    Tameer Bank

  • 51%



    Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Tameer Micro Finance Bank to introduce branchless banking for the first time in Pakistan.

    The innovative product umbrella of easypaisa gives complete convenience and empowerment to individual customers as well as corporate clients.

    What is Easypaisa?

  • Basic Financial Services in a reliable and convenient way

    Targeting the unbanked

    Over-the-counter or handset-based

    For everyone!

    18,000+ easypaisa shops in 700 cities/towns

    The Easypaisa Service

  • easypaisa is probably the model for the future, and not M-Pesa model

    Branchless banking is a milestone to substantially increase the financial services outreach to the un-banked communities

    What is unique about easypaisa is the business model. Telenor owns part of Tameer and that provides for unique advantages on the cost side and benefits in terms of product design. Second, the partnership illustrates the possible tie-ups between a MF provider and a MNO.

    Between now and the end of 2011 million of consumers are expected to directly benefit from easypaisa services

    Offering millions of people in Pakistan without bank accounts the chance to make financial transactions at the touch of a button.

    Winner of MMT Award for Best New Entrant in 2010

    Our Accomplishments


    Branchless Banking (BB) represents a significantly cheaper alternative to conventional branch-based banking that allows financial institutions and other commercial players to offer financial services outside traditional bank premises using delivery channels like retail agents, mobile phone etc.


    These regulations are applicable to commercial banks, Islamic banks and microfinance banks (MFBs) (herein after collectively referred to as financial institutions or FIs).

    Activities outlined in these regulations as branchless banking cannot be offered by any person or institution other than FIs.

    These regulations do not, in general, supersede or revoke any of the existing rules & regulations unless specifically stated.

    Branchless Banking Regulations by SBP

  • The Easypaisa Journey

  • Who can use Easypaisa Mobile Account?A



    n w






    Instant access to a bank account from phone

    Send/Receive money, pay bills, donate, online shopping & book tickets at any time

    Largest branchless network with thousands of cash deposit/withdrawal points open at late working hours and weekends

  • Easypaisa Mobile Account

    Cash Deposit/Withdrawal

    Money Transfer

    Account Statement

    Pin Management


    Transfer In/Out

    Schedule Payments

    Pay Bills


    Book Tickets

    Repay Loan payments

    Get Pension/Salary

    How You can use Your Mobile Account!

  • Easypaisa Corporate Solutions

    Easypaisa Corporate Solutions

    Bulk Disbursement

    Salary Disbursement

    Internet Payments

    Easy Pay

    Loan Repayment



  • This service offers our corporate clients to disburse funds to a large number of clients/customers in an extremely time-efficient & secure wayBulk Disbursement

    This service offers both a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for corporate clients who need to disburse salaries to employees located in remote areas or who do not possess a bank account

    Salary Disbursement

    Internet Payment is a solution offered by easypaisa to enable internet businesses to collect their payments from customers across the countryInternet Payments

    Easy Pay is a solution offered by easypaisa to enable corporate organizations to receive payments/ funds from customers across the country into its own Mobile Account

    Customers can pay via their CNIC (OTC) or their mobile accountsEasy Pay

    Loan Repayment is a solution offered by easypaisa to enable various micro finance institutions/financial entities to collect their loan repayment instalments from customers across the country

    Loan Repayment

    Ticketing is a solution offered by easypaisa to enable corporate clients to enhance their reach for instant booking of their ticketing service and collection of amounts from across the country


    NGOs can now collect donations from an enhanced donor base across Pakistan, through a hassle free, secure and time efficient easypaisa solutionDonations

    Corporate Solutions in a Nut Shell

  • Easypaisa solutions provide quick, easy, hassle free and efficient solutions

    As time is of essence for people today, our solutions ensure that the transactions are instant and there is no need to wait in long queues or be limited to banking hours

    Efficient & Convenient

    It is the need of the hour for people today to ensure data/process & transaction security

    Our solutions are highly secure as we provide state of the art security through an end to end electronic process

    Secure & Reliable

    Vast and wide spread network of easypaisa merchantsLargest Agent


    Any Telecommunication company current or new subscriber can open a Mobile Account. No prior Bank Account is needed; anyone with a SIM can avail and use this service

    Easypaisa for everyone

    The Easypaisa Advantage

  • Easypaisa

    Largest market for the unbanked

    Only 5% to 7% Pakistanis have any form of bank account

    100% to 300% more cell phone owners than the banked population

    Branchless banking is the voice of the next decade



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