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pro credit bank kosovo e-banking

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ProCredit Bank Kosovo

Introduction to the e-banking user manualDear Users, This e-banking User Manual will guide you on a step by step basis, on how to use and operate with our ebanking service. The manual is designed so as to guide and teach you on how to use our ebanking service through all of the screens that will appear when using the e-banking service. If you should find any difficulties in using our e-banking service do not hesitate to contact our call center (038/555555 and 049 555; [email protected]) with your remarks, issues or questions.

ProCredit E-banking team

Table of Contents 1.General description of the service 1.1.User profiles 1.2.User guidelines for E-banking ... 1.3.Payment order with E-banking 1.4.Execution of transactions ordered with E-banking 1.5.Fees and commissions 1.6.Responsibility 2.Instructions 2.1.Log-in 2.2Account summary 2.3AccountActivity 2.4.Transfer order 2.5.Institutional transfers within PCB branches 2.6.National Transfers 2.7.International Transfers 2.8.Orders option 2.9.Change Password 3.Exit the system 4.Technical requirements 5.Security 6.24Hour Help desk 7.Glossary of terms 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 8 15 16 21 27 38 41 42 43 43 44 44


1.General description of the serviceE-banking is a service that provides ProCredit Bank's clients with access to their bank accounts and ability to operate with them through the Internet With the Internet Banking System every client can make use of the following banking services: a. Operations with accounts: Institutional Payment executions within PCB Branches National Payment executions for other local banks in EUR currency International payment order for commercial transactions b. Information about accounts: Account movements and balances Daily account statements Viewing your recent orders made through e-banking Viewing all orders you made through our bank

1.1. User profiles'User' as per the Internet banking system is any physical person who is authorized to operate with the bank accounts held with ProCredit Bank and is given a unique user name and password to access Ebanking. The user can access only his/her accounts of that to whom he or she is


1.2. User guidelines for e-BankingAccess to the Internet Banking System is allowed only for those client that has applied for ebanking service at the ProCredit Bank branches. To gain access, all you need is to open the secured and certified ProCredit Bank Kosova web page

1.3. Paymentorder with E-banking1.The Bank receives orders made through E-banking constantly - 24 twenty-four hours a day. This time is deemed relevant if misunderstanding arises between the parties. 2.E-banking automatically does note execute orders with incorrectly filled fields or orders when account balances are insufficient.

1.4. Execution of transactions ordered with E-banking1.The Bank processes the received payments orders from Monday to Friday between 8.30 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. (except all Kosovar official holidays). a) Institutional transfer orders are processed from 8:30 a.m. till 6.00 p.m. with the same value

days.b) National transfer orders are processed with same value date from 8.30 a.m. till 2.00 p.m. c) International transfer orders are processed with same value date as per Correspondence Banks Cut-off times see under Terms & Conditions Correspondence banks 2.The orders are checked for account balance sufficiency by their order of receipt. They are executed one by one until their aggregate sum exceeds the current balance on the respective



1.5.Fees and commissions:To use the services offered by E-banking you owe the Bank fees andcommissions in the amount set by ProCredit Bank's terms & conditions, price list. The Bank has the right to change the Terms and Conditions, price list at any time with prior notice to its clients as the Bank considers proper.

1.6.Responsibility1.When executing client orders the Bank sees to the lawfulness of the transactions. 2.The client is responsible for all consequences of a wrong or inaccurate order. 3.When executing a client order with errors the Bank is responsible in the general manner. 4.The Bank is not responsible for unlawful actions by third parties, which are detrimental to the client as a result of using E-banking, as well as for failure to execute the client orders due to technical reasons outside its control. 5.The users have the duty to keep in a safe and proper place the active RSAIDSecure token. 6.The users have the duty to keep secret their codes and passwords for access to E-banking. It is not recommended to write down the codes and passwords. 7.The Bank is not responsible when finding out passwords, codes of RSA IDSecur token by third parties.



When you select our e-banking service you should log-in. In order to log-in please select the language, enter your username and your password and then enter the six digits which are currently in your token (RSA Secur ID), which you have taken from the bank. After you have entered all needed information you should click on Log-in button and you will have possibility to view your account. Below the Log-In button you have three links: 1. Terms and Conditions 2. Price List, and 3. User Manual By clicking any of these links you will have possibility of reading more information on how to use our ebanking service, whereas the User Manual is the same document which was handed to you when applying for ebanking.


2.2Account summary

The first screen you will see is your Account Summary. This page shows a list of your accounts (e.g. Current Account, Savings Account, Time Deposit Account) and also your Credit cards/Overdrafts held with ProCredit Bank Kosova and its summary.


-Printable version

If you want to print your accounts statements you should click on Printable version and the pop-up will appear in the screen.


This pop-up is prepared in the way your account statements to be printed in formatted form for filing purposes. Please click Print button if you want to print or if you want to close the printable version you should click the Close button.


2.3AccountActivityIf you want to check you previous activities with our bank you should click on the AccountActivity in the left side of your screen. Entering the option Account Activity following screen appears:

Please first choose the account you wish to review and click on Confirm button to confirm the account. Choosing dates for a period selected from the calendars, follow the steps below for completion of this option.


When you have selected the account you should specify the period for when you wish to see the detailed transactions. By clicking in the small calendars there will appear a pop-up where you should select the dates. When you select the dates you should click the Enter button and the dates will appear in the screen.




The selected dates are shown in the field Statement for Period , see below

When you select the account and the dates you should click on Submit button and your account statement will appear in the screen (as follows)


You also have the option to select your account statement for the last 10, 30 or 90 days. When you select the number of days you want to view you should click on Submit button and your account activity will be in the screen.


If you would like to view another account you should select the account, click Confirm button then click the Submit button again.


-Printable versionIf you want to print your accounts statements you should click on Printable version and the pop-up will appear in the screen.


This pop-up is prepared in the way your account statements to be printed in formatted form for filing purposes. Please click Print button if you want to print, or if you want to close the printable version you should click the Close button. You also have the possibility of extracting this list in the Microsoft Excel sheet by clicking To Excel button.


2.4.Transfer orderThere are following kinds of transfers that you can give the order through E-Banking: Institution- between and within PCB branches in Kosova National- to other local banks International- to banks outside of Kosova The research and the statistical department of BPK started from 01st September 2005 the so called International Transaction Reporting System (ITRS) project for International Outgoing Payment Orders. The ITRS project has been developed in compliance with UNMIK Regulation 2001/24 and the BPK Amendment Rule XI and the purpose is statistical for BPK. The International Transactions Reporting System (hereinafter ITRS) is a system that is being implemented explicitly for statistical purposes, for the compilation of balance of payments (hereinafter "BOP") of Kosovo, which is a statistical statement that systematically summarizes the economic transactions of an economy with the rest of the world over a specific period. The ITRS Codes are requested to be completed exclusively and only for payments of EUR 10,000.00 or more, or equivalent in other currencies between resident and non-resident t

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